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New research from an undisclosed lab in a Fredrickson employee’s basement points to a possible new frontier for corporate training. 

“Sleeping with a book under one’s pillow has long been theorized as a possible means of knowledge transfer,” says every kid ever. “As it turns out, the issue is not a question of possibility, but of efficiency. Books just don’t have the information density to produce noticeable results.”

Since the turn of the century, hard drive storage capacity has progressed at an astonishing rate. Now consumers can purchase a five terabyte external hard drive for a little over one hundred dollars - unthinkable even ten years ago. This advance in technology has opened new doors in a variety of industries, and L&D may be next.

A lead researcher at the Fredrickson lab, who wished to remain anonymous, states, “We know there has been a high demand for learning in the flow of work. Giving learners just-in-time learning, at their point of need, has been a real focus of the training industry. However, we think technology has reached the point where we can bypass this entirely. Turns out, instead of figuring out how to seamlessly deliver information and build skills in real-time, we should have focused on doing it in sleep-time.” [Continue Reading]
Most of us are familiar with the concept of “learning styles”. Well, apparently a research group has discovered that a number of new learning styles have emerged as a result of life during the pandemic.
We thought it would be fun and educational to share this video with you, which was produced by that research group, the National Institute for Training While In Transition (NITWIT).
When it comes to employee demands for workflow learning, microlearning just isn’t cutting it these days. Back-to-back-to-back virtual calls are happening more and more frequently. You may be asking yourself, when can training even happen?

That’s why Fredrickson Learning is pleased to announce a new learning modality to match your pace of business. We’re calling it nanolearning. When the bite-sized chunks of learning that microlearning delivers are just a little too big to swallow, why not try something a little... smaller?

By creating laser-focused, highly precise bursts of 1.1 to 2.7 seconds of learning, we can help you create training that is guaranteed to keep your learners completely engaged from start to finish before you can say, “Merrill's Principles of Instruction”.

Arm your employees with training that can be integrated so seamlessly into their workflow that not even you will realize whether they are using it or not. In a robust study that will surely hold up to any level of peer review, we tested nanolearning in a pilot sales training event. Participants reported that while on the phone with customers, when the need arose, they could complete the training mid-conversation and comfortably account for the time by saying they were looking for the unmute button.

Compared to microlearning, you can give your employees 10% of what they need to know in just 1% of the time! You just can’t beat that level of efficiency. “The math checks out”, says a neighbor who was properly compensated for her time.

Interested in hearing more? Call Fredrickson Learning, and let’s see if nanolearning is right for you. 
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