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Mayor's Message
  "A Resident's Thoughts and Comments"

My daughter Rebekah and I went to the new Orem Recreation Center on Saturday. As I walked in, I noticed that the parking lot had lots of cars in it. The Center was busy. The multipurpose room had an art class on one side and a family birthday party on the other side. All the basketball hoops and racquet courts were in use. Someone was going down the adult slide. People were using the body weight straps to exercise and others were running around the track or running on the treadmills looking out the windows at the beautiful views of Mt. Timp.

We went to the pool to go swimming, which was remarkably busy, along with the children’s pool. While in the pool, I had two retired gentlemen swim over to talk to me. They commented on how great the Recreation Center turned out and what a wonderful addition it is to the city. They love how it looks and how it brings in so much natural light. I thanked them for their comments, and I mentioned that the city now needs a new City Center building to meet the needs of a growing city and the safety of its employees. One gentleman remarked that it was funny that I brought up the City Center building, as he was in the building a couple of weeks earlier. He said that as he walked in, he looked around and had a bad feeling about the building, feeling that something is wrong with it.

The City Center building houses the city’s legal, accounting, IT, HR, engineering, zoning and planning, development, 311 and utility billing, and city administration departments. It is an important government building that is the nerve center of the city. If an emergency occurred, the building would need to be functional afterwards to take care of the city’s response and to meet the issues at hand. The city recently commissioned a study of the worthiness and safety of the City Center by Method Studio. These are the same people who designed the new Recreation Center building and the new Orem City Library Hall. The study was presented to a city council live stream session on March 9, 2021. It was also reported to the Daily Herald newspaper on March 10, 2021. The study was planned to determine if the 50-year-old building should either be remodeled or replaced with a new structure to meet the immediate and future needs of a growing city, as well as meet the required building codes and standards.

The study found that the existing building has a fire alarm system in a constant state of trouble due to ground faults that cannot be traced. The building does not meet seismic codes and has extensive unreinforced masonry bricks for walls. The current building does not meet all ADA codes, though some renovations are in process. The existing elevator needs to be replaced. A new fire sprinkler system is needed. The HVAXC system needs replacement to meet current energy codes. The electrical system needs new panels, power, lighting fixtures, controls, data and communications systems. New utility connections are necessary for code compliance, safety, and adequate service.

Their finding was that “the current building is deficient structurally and will need extensive work…to bring City Hall to current code standards. A remodel of the current building “with the goals of meeting current seismic, life safety, ADA, building and energy codes” would cost 2.4 million dollars more than constructing a new building, according to the study. Method Studio’s conclusion of the study is that “it is recommended that the current building be demolished and replaced with a new structure. With the current and future growth of Orem, a new building would help the city government meet the needs of the people, infrastructure, businesses, and future endeavors. A new building would include fewer risks, a more efficient use of space and layout, and provide a better return on the monetary investment.”

I feel that as a city we have an obligation to provide for the safety and protection of our employees who work in the City Center Building and the residents who visit there.
Thank you.

Mayor Brunst
Message from Councilmember Jeffrey Lambson
Some News you will APPreciate
We have all heard the saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. It could also be said that the road to Heaven is paved with good intentions. Here are two helpful Apps that will help you achieve your goals in these two two areas.

First the Orem Rec App... With the launch of the new Fitness Center, we've also launched a new app. Just search your preferred app store for "Orem Rec" and you find the FREE app. It's a great way to sign up for classes, to see what is available, to see how many people are at the facility, and so much more.

Second is the Recycle Coach is Orem's free app for both iPhone and Android that provides simple reminders for your trash pick-up day, how to recycle pretty much anything, and monthly tips on how to be a recycling all-star. Just search for "Recycle Coach" in your app store.

-Councilmember Lambson
Spring Clean-Up is almost here! A reminder that you should be receiving your 2021 passes in the mail, which is good for one pickup truck or single-axle trailer of mixed household trash. Loads should be stacked up no higher than the sides of the vehicle bed or trailer. For larger loads, this pass will only cover the first of the $11.00 of the station's fee and the user must pay the difference. This year we will not be accepting passes from previous years.
The 2021 Household Hazardous Hazardous Waste Collection Event was cancelled due to the COVID19 pandemic.

REMEMBER: You can ALWAYS dispose of household hazardous materials at either county waste station! Many items are FREE disposal, such as paint, oil, gasoline, pesticides, and cleaners. Electronics, trash and some other items have a fee. Please contact either waste station for information or any questions.
The new Orem Family Fitness Center is now open Monday - Saturday, 5 AM - 10 PM. Come visit us at 575 W. Center Street!

Our annual memberships are the best deal, but if you're not ready to commit to a full year yet, try daily admission or buy a monthly EFT pass. For a limited time, we're waiving the usual $40 initiation fee for the EFT passes so all you'll pay is the monthly charge.
  • Scera Pool Punch Passes are on sale now - 20% off in April and 10% off in May, and even bigger discounts for Fitness Center members! Click here.
  • Registration for Summer Swim lessons opens Monday, April 5
  • Registration for Summer Rec Swim Team opens Monday, April 26
  • Check out our new aquatics Jump Start programs to get ready for the summer rec swim team programs! Click here.
  • The new Fitness Center is hiring for several positions! Click here to apply.
Resident Resources
The City of Orem understands many area residents are struggling to meet basic needs due to job loss and other effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our webpage includes resource flyers in English and Spanish, as well as information on rental and utility assistance, food assistance, employment, mental health, and more.
Resident Resources Highlight:
Need help with rental assistance? Click here.
UTA is making it easier for people to get to vaccination sites.

On the day of your appointment show your confirmation via paper or mobile and your fare will be FREE, through June 30, 2021. The free fare is valid on all UTA modes, including TRAX, FrontRunner, S-Line, bus, Ski bus, Paratransit, UTA’s On Demand service, and PC-SLC Connect. Spread the word!
Home Improvement Help from the Building Safety Division
Questions about permits as related to home repairs, such as water heater installation, air-conditioner replacement, electrical or plumbing changes? We've got the answers! For this month's highlight, click below to learn more about dealing with power outlets.
Everyday Strong Tip
Everyone wants to feel that they belong to SOMETHING, especially children. While children belong to a family and a community, another way to feel a sense of belonging is to be a part of something that they are passionate about like music, chess club, video game club, art, or a sport.
Help your child find something that they love to do by encouraging them to try different things and allow them to quit activities they aren’t interested in. Focus on helping them find something they love even if they aren’t the best at it. It may take some time for a child or teen to find their passion, but your support could mean the world to them.
When a child feels like they belong to something that they care about, their needs for individual connection can be met.
Neighborhood Corner
Spring is coming! Learn more about pruning roses by n by clicking here.

The Central Utah Water Conservancy District is offering free landscaping classes, as well as classes for children and youth. Landscaping classes cover growing fruits and vegetables, sprinkler classes, planting bed design classes, and much more. Click here.

The Fuller Center for Housing of Utah County helps low-income homeowners make needed repairs to their homes. You can learn more here.

Utah County residents can now apply for down-payment and closing-cost assistance through Provo's Loan to Own Program. Click here.

The Property All-Star award program recognizes homeowners and landlords who have improved their once-blighted properties and have brought them up to a community standard or beyond. More information can be found here. Nominate someone today!
Orem Business Alliance
Do you run a business in Orem? Are you tuned in to what's happening with the Orem Business Alliance? The OBA currently holds webinars and regularly sends out informative emails about funding sources, trainings, and other important information to help Orem Businesses. Check out last month's webinar titled "Tips to Fortify Your Business Against Crime." Also, sign up here to receive emails and get the inside scoop!

Recycle Coach
Sometimes all we need to do the right thing is a simple nudge. When it comes to being a good recycler, we've got a FREE app that will provide all the nudges you need.

Recycle Coach is Orem's free app for both iPhone and Android that provides simple reminders for your trash pick-up day, how to recycle pretty much anything, and monthly tips on how to be a recycling all-star.

Just search for "Recycle Coach" in your app store.
The City of Orem is Hiring
We are hiring for multiple full-time and part-time positions. To view a list of available job openings and to submit an application, follow the link below.
Know somebody with a great yard? Nominate them for one of our beautification awards. Just click here.