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2021 Updates
VINA by the Numbers
VINA Patient Spotlight
V4V Patient Spotlight
Spring Auction
Thank You Carol
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How You Can Help
2021 Updates
We are excited for 2021 and all that lies ahead. VINA has grown a lot in the last year and we are eager to discover what the remainder of 2021 has to offer as we have adjusted to our "new normal."

Some good news this year:
Early this year, VINA upgraded to a digital x-ray system, making an outstanding difference in the quality of patient care and safety.

Another exciting milestone is all of VINA's staff and most volunteers are vaccinated and continue to follow all COVID precautions to continue welcoming patients safely.

We're ready for the rest of 2021 and thankful for the dedication of all our wonderful supporters. We could not do this without you and are proud to have you in VINA's corner.
Patient Spotlights
Molly had a crown that wasn't seated properly and causing her discomfort and pain. When she saw the dentist at VINA, they determined removing the crown as soon as possible was the best option to help Molly. She was referred to Dr. Bonine, the oral surgeon who works with VINA patients. Molly was extremely nervous and scared of oral surgery and going to an unfamiliar office with people she didn't know.
The outside of Dr. Bonine's front office.
After her treatment at VINA and Dr. Bonine's, Molly said "Everyone was so nice and they listened to me and did their best to make me comfortable. I was never treated like a second-class citizen because of my income. It was the best experience, it was the best dental procedure I've ever had.”

Since having the procedure, Molly always has a smile on her face, saying, “If it wasn’t for VINA, who knows how bad that tooth would’ve gotten. I wouldn't have been able to afford it and could have been in much more pain or had a serious infection. Everyone there is a godsend.”
Henry struggled to find dental care as a veteran. He couldn't get dental care through his local VA since dental isn't covered for veterans unless they had a jaw or facial injury during combat. He went to the University of Michigan School of Dentistry for dental care but that quickly became too expensive for Henry to keep up with. He had gaps of many years between seeing dentists until coming to VINA in 2019. He needed regular maintenance and upkeep in addition to needing fillings and crowns. Once the Victors for Veterans (V4V) program started, he started receiving free dental care. He says the V4V program has had a positive impact on his quality of life and everyone at VINA is very pleasant and treat him very well. 
Miguel is one of the veterans in the Victors for Veterans program receiving free, comprehensive dental care. He was in need of new dentures, as his were nearly 10 years old and they didn't fit well and had chips. The American Dental Association recommends replacing dentures every five years. His old dentures caused problems when he was eating, as he could only eat foods that were soft and easy to chew. Now, he has a brand new pair of dentures and says he is most excited about smiling and being able to eat a rare steak. He says he is treated excellent and "couldn't ask for better service if I was paying for it." 
Thank You Carol
One of VINA's very first volunteers, Carol Glenn, is moving on to the next chapter of her life. Carol's last day at VINA was April 14, marking more than 12 years of service to VINA and those we serve. Carol has been with the clinic since its inception and even did the intake for VINA's very first patient in 2008. She has seen VINA grow and change for more than a decade and has remained dedicated to helping those in need in Livingston County. She volunteers at the front desk of VINA, serving as first and last point of contact for patients, which is fantastic as her kindness is infectious to all she encounters. VINA patients, staff, volunteers and all who have met Carol over the years will miss her dearly.

She says she will miss the patients and people she met along the way. Carol has too many favorite memories and stories to choose just one, but says she loves seeing patients smile after appointments. Carol plans on gardening, crocheting, knitting, making stained glass and spending time with family.
Spring Auction
VINA's Spring "Out of Quarantine" Virtual Silent Auction ran from April 14, 2021 through April 17, 2021. Auction items included fun experiences, trips and staycation packages all across Livingston County, Michigan and the country!

Thank you to everyone who participated, donated and helped spread the word about the auction! VINA is looking forward to an in-person Golf Outing and Tailgate later in 2021. 
Get Involved
You can help VINA by volunteering at the front desk, fundraising events or in the clinic. Or you could donate, buy a sponsorship or participate in one of our three fundraising events every year. You can support VINA when you shop at Amazon or Kroger by signing up to support VINA through Kroger Rewards/Amazon Smile. Even spreading the word to your friends and family about VINA helps get us new patients and new supporters! Every little bit helps and we are grateful for anything you can do to help those in need in our community.

We especially need hygienist volunteers, as the University of Michigan hygiene students are unable to come to VINA this summer, causing a backup in VINA's hygiene appointments.

Visit or call (810) 844-0240 for more information about volunteering, donating, fundraising events and any other ways to help.
How You Can Help
VINA needs your donations.

There, I said it in the first sentence rather than beating around the bush with all the reasons we so depend on our donors.

But the truth is that we do depend on YOU.

As we are seeing through 2020 and into 2021, events are precarious and not dependable partners in fundraising. Our events net income went from $87,900 in 2018 to $102,600 in 2019 to $58,700 in 2020 to an anticipated $52,000 in 2021.

Similarly, grant income is an annual battle of changing rules, changing dynamics and recently changing opportunities combined with fierce competition for limited dollars. Though we were blessed in 2020, we are seeing diminishing opportunities in 2021.

We would have been in a tough spot now had it not been for PPP Loans (100% forgivable) in the first two stimulus packages and YOU, the steady donors who carried us through the events drought.

Are we destitute and looking at our last dollars? No.
Are we concerned as to where we might be as we head into summer and fall? Absolutely.

If we want to maintain our quality service and not turn any in need away, we must continue to be vigilant in our asking and your giving. With all this in mind, please prayerfully consider sending a check to VINA (400 E. Grand River Ave., Brighton MI 48116) or visit the VINA donation page here.

- Jim