April 2021 Newsletter
Dear LCAC Familia, 

As I sit to write this April newsletter, I look across my yard and it is snowing. Again. 

If you are from Colorado, you are used to these unpredictable weather patterns. It reminds me that progress moves to the tune of nature. Change comes from growing, freezing, thawing and melting as part of a complex cycle. Life is not always greenery and flowers. It can also be cold, harsh, and isolating. 

Luckily, we have traditions across the cultural arts that we can draw on as a source of inspiration for imaginative excellence, cultural courage and collective impact. The LCAC and our supporters are emerging from the pandemic stronger than ever for having taken the time to reflect and address our losses through our Ofrendas programming. We are regaining our sense of imagination and forging even deeper partnerships new and old, near and far.

We are pleased to launch our innovative artist-scholar residency called Popul/Arte. Our objective is to bring higher education to the public at no cost through art workshops. The inaugural class brings Dr. Michael Wilson-Becerril from Mexico City together with an artist collective, Negráfrica, from Brazil to explore decolonial approaches to environmental justice. 

To learn more about how Popul/Arte will break down barriers to the university with 8 free public workshops starting next month, visit: bit.ly/popul-arte

Join us in giving Dr. Wilson and Negráfrica a big LCAC welcome! 

Yours Truly, 

Alfredo & The LCAC Team
Latest News/ Upcoming Events
Registration is Now Open for the Four-week Virtual Workshop Series Launching May 18
The Latino Cultural Arts Center presents Popul/Arte, an Artist-Scholar Residency that merges the talents of activist-scholar, Dr. Michael Wilson Becerril, and the Brazilian artist collective, Negráfrica, for an international workshop series that combines art and research to break down barriers to higher education. As the world faces mutually intensifying crises, we invite you to imagine a better future. 

Popul/Arte will offer two weekly virtual workshops over four weeks, launching May 18th, 2021, at 6 PM, that are free to the public. 
Inaugural Artists + Scholar
The LCAC is proud to announce Michael Wilson-Becerril, Ph.D. as the inaugural scholar. Michael is an activist-scholar from Mexico City, Mexico. His organizing and academic work specializes in political ecologies of violence, resistance, and peace, with an emphasis in Latin America. 

We are likewise pleased to announce Mayara Smith, Camila Parreiras, Dailey Gonçalves, Jéssica Goés, Leticia Moreno from Negráfrica, as the inaugural artists. Negráfrica is a Brazilian artist collective specializing in different mediums such as comics, photography, painting, drawing and poetry. Their art is focused on investigating identity, race, and their experiences as Black women.

Together, Michael and Negráfrica will focus on the themes of “Peace and Conflict in Latin America: Violence, Resistance, and Social Justice”—creating eight workshops this Spring on how to make change, from everyday artivism and grassroots organizing to institutional and international advocacy. 
You Have 10 Days to Submit Your Application to Contribute to the 2021 Ofrendas Mercado
Ofrendas is a multi-faceted celebration of the ancient native Mexican, contemporary Mexican and Mexican American traditions that makeup Día de los Muertos. It is an invitation to co-create with local and international artisans while honoring all of those that have come before us through virtual content and customizable, hand-made Ofrenda-kits. These altars, dedicated to the deceased, tell stories of loss and resilience. Through art and mental health, we bring family and community together to collectively learn, heal, and celebrate life. 
En Comunidad
Cinco de Mayo - Peace & Pride Westwood 2021
Saturday, May 1, 2021 @ 11 AM – 6 PM
3742 Morrison Road, Denver, CO

Attend Westwood's first annual Cinco de Mayo celebration. Enjoy a showcase of authentic Mexican and Mexican American culture in one of Denver's truly unique neighborhoods. There will be a car show, authentic Mexican cuisine, vendors, Aztec dancers, Ballet Folklorico, live music, art and much more!
LCAC Denver \ Colorado