Portals, Portals, EVERYWHERE! Why do we need them?
This applies to all States
Those of us who have been in this business for a long time recall fondly picking up the phone to call in for eligibility, benefits and an authorization request for a patient coming into the facility. These days we are pushed to the “portal” and it feels more like a black hole or a portal to another universe if we are uncomfortable with these new processes. 
Here is what you need to know and why it’s important to get on board with the portals. Many insurance companies are giving you access to do benefits/eligibility verification, authorization requests, clinical updates and billing through portals. Benefits of utilizing the portals can include faster response time for authorization requests, having your request, as well as, the response in writing, and having one place to complete many tasks! Some portals, like Availity, allow you access to more than one insurance company on that platform- one registration- access to multiple insurance providers! Sign up here: availity.com/provider-portal-registration. Navihealth is being utilized by United Healthcare for their Medicare Advantage line of business for authorizations and clinical updates. Find registration information here.
Some insurance companies have their own portals as well. If there is a provider you work with often that does not use Availity or NaviHealth you may want to get access to their portal as well. Check your MCCFL grid or reach out to your MCCFL Liaison for assistance.