Squam Lakes Conservation Society | April 2021
Photo: Benjamin Wymer, SLCS Land Protection Associate

It is beginning to look more and more like spring - the ice and snow have melted, leaves are peaking through their buds, bears and amphibians alike are awakening from their hibernation, and seasonal lake houses are being prepped for summer!

This month we are excited to announce a virtual community event! Read below for the details. We hope to see you there!


The SLCS NextGen Committee
Growing the West Squam Rangeway
A winter wren perched on a branch at West Squam Rangeway.
Photo: Benjamin Wymer, SLCS Land Protection Associate
At the beginning of April, SLCS closed on the purchase of a 112-acre property that will permanently protect the western flank of the Squam Range. This property and two of its neighbors (both of which SLCS owns) have now been combined into what we are calling the West Squam Rangeway.

Collectively, this 148-acre property sits along Route 175 and stretches up to the ridge that continues north forming the Squam Range. From mountain streams that course through walls of granite, to wetlands, and to mature mixed forests, the West Squam Rangeway has rich wildlife habitat that is crucially connected to thousands of acres of conserved land to the north, all of which SLCS and its partners continue to steward.
You're Invited!
Please join your hosts at the SLCS NextGen Committee for a mixology hour with Steve Zyck from Wood Stove Kitchen! Connect with Squam friends, support SLCS, and shop local.
When: Friday, May 21, 2021 from 8pm-9pm EST

Where: From the comfort of your own computer!
How does it work?

During the hour, Steve will teach us how to mix drinks with his local, natural mixers. The team at SLCS NextGen will talk Squam and Summer to keep things fun!

  • Three mixers: Sangria Mixer, Blueberry-Lavender, and Grapefruit-Rosemary
  • Purchase all three drink mixers for $45 or one for $19
  • Use promo code SQUAM at checkout for free shipping
  • $5 of each purchase will be donated to SLCS
  • First 25 orders will receive an SLCS steel pint cup!

Invite your Squam friends, brothers, sisters, cousins, and family! Purchasing a mixer is not mandatory, but a big part of the fun. Please look for the instructions in the box on what ingredients you’ll need to prep beforehand (mixers do not contain alcohol).

Orders must be received by Friday, May 14th.
What's Happening Around the Lake:
The events below are co-sponsored by the Squam Lakes Conservation Society, Squam Lakes Association, and Squam Lakes Natural Science Center:
Virtual Science Pub Series
Zooplankton: Free-ranging Lake Cattle & Defenders of Water Quality

Tuesday, May 11

Be transported to the miniature world of zooplankton, where experiences are altered and unexpected from a human perspective, where water turns to molasses, species live in an upside-down world, and predators “talk” with their prey using a language of chemicals.

Squam Speaker Series
The Hubble Reef: Cohabitation Among the Waves of Squam Screening + Q&A

Wednesday, May 26

Among the waves of Squam Lake exists the Hubble Reef, a diverse ecosystem of fish, birds, dragonflies, mink, and humans alike. Every year in early summer the reef bursts with activity as Red Belly Sunfish, Pumpkin Seed Sunfish, Brown Bullhead Catfish, and Small Mouth Bass enter their mating season.

Squam Photo of the Month
Sunrise over Piper Cove: Photo by Tom Beale
This newsletter is brought to you by your SLCS NextGen Committee Members:

Corinna Beale, Emily Landry, Kat Armstrong, Mike Evans, Polly Grube, Amy Nordblom, Ben Wymer, and Sam Tracy.