April 6, 2021
April 2021
Palapa Society News
An Adventure in Art with
Mark Gabriel
Place Your Final Bid’s, the Mark Gabriel Online Auction is Ending!

We are now in the final days of Adventure in Art with Mark Gabriel. Over the past few weeks, he has taken us along with him to watch his creativity. It has been incredible to watch the blank canvas transform.

Join us on Friday, April 9th at 3 pm for the conclusion and the reveal of the lucky auction winner. Bidding will end at 4 pm, winner will be announced during this special live stream via The Palapa Society’s Facebook page. Don’t miss out, it’s going to be a whale of a time! Also, we hear that the artist himself may play us some live music.

Please make sure you follow The Palapa Society’s page for live updates and information. You can also learn more by visiting the Todos Santos Open Studio Tour website.
Title: To be determined
Size: 36” x 48”
Estimated Value: $4,800 USD
Current Bid: $2,700 USD
Painted on prepared wood panel
Acrylic and mixed media… Finish Varnish

All proceeds for this special online event will be used to help provide scholarships for The Palapa School.
New Episode Today at 4:00 PM MT Time
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Drawing Dreams
The students from the eighth grade, as a part of their Spanish class, attended a workshop called "Literary Cafe" in which they explored and developed reading and deep reflection skills. In this part of the course they read “The Old Man and the Sea” by E. Hemingway.

The activity was to focus on a scene in which the character expressed his dream while observing life in the sea. The student had to express in a drawing their own dreams to achieve, taking the example of reading and making a brief explanation of the drawing. 
Student Spotlight:
Serena P.
This month we have Serena in the Spotlight, she tells us that the decision to enter La Palapa was made as a family so that she had new academic challenges. Serena is in 8th grade and what she likes the most is seeing her friends at school, learning and challenging herself. Her favorite subject is chemistry, and she likes math the least. What excites her most about next year is the great change that awaits her and the new challenges, as she will be entering high school (preparatoria).

At first distance learning was a challenge but over time it became something that she liked and that she dominates every day. What has caught her attention for over a year is psychology, but she knows that perhaps it can change in the years she has left in school before entering college.

Let's help Serena to realize her dream!
Teacher Spotlight
Ana Castillo
Maestra Ana shared a bit of her experience at The Palapa School and this is what she told us:

 It is my third year working at the La Palapa School. In these years, the school has grown and we are close to having completed middle and high school. Now the construction of a second floor in the main building is nearing completion. The Palapa School is different from others because there is a lot of openness and flexibility to try new innovative learning methodologies such as project-based work. Furthermore, we teachers are young and the relationship between colleagues is very collaborative.
We encourage students to learn beyond academic knowledge, we guide them in how to make decisions, how to communicate assertively, how to create proposals for change and we try to develop in them healthy habits such as good nutrition and caring for the environment. What I like most about the School is working with the students, being with them every day, feeling their energy and enjoying the day by their side, seeing them interested and motivated with their work and discovering the incredible person that each one of them is. For this reason, this stage of distance learning has been especially difficult for me: not being able to see their faces, or see their reactions during classes, not being able to see their smiles, hear their jokes and I even miss seeing them being distracted in class with their classmates! ! We know that both they and their families have gone through difficult times and, although we have adapted to distance classes, I am convinced that this system is not as efficient as face-to-face and even implies more work for us teachers.
What I have learned is the value of being together, the importance of coexistence in our development as human beings and how important it is to be flexible and have a facility to adapt to change quickly. I appreciate working with talented and sensitive people, willing to do their best to cope with challenges and I appreciate the patience of our students and the team of teachers, their flexibility and how quickly we have managed to adapt to the new conditions by learning together a different way of working and I thank their families who have made a great effort to create and maintain the necessary conditions for the students to continue learning.

*Photo of Teacher Ana and Class is pre-pandemic.
Beca Success Story
Marisela Guadalupe Estrada
My name is Marisela Guadalupe Estrada Amador. I am 22 years old, originally from the beautiful town of Todos Santos, Baja California Sur and currently a beneficiary of Palapa Society Scholarships. I have been supported for 6 years from the second year of high school to today. I finally finished my studies for a primary education degree with a 4-year career, graduating with happiness and honor of my own.

Having this support from high school has helped me during this formative process at different moments in life. It has allowed me to be able to cover expenses that have arisen in these years of study in terms of covering the semester cost of tuition. It has also personally taught me to value the effort that is made every day to continue with my studies despite the fact that, at times, the path is complicated. But even so, I have managed to emerge victorious in the most complicated situations that have come my way.
In some moments of my life I thought about not continuing with my university studies for fear of not being able to cover the expenses that arise for everything, especially to pay school tuition. However; I continued to count on this support from Palapa scholarships which covered the amount to be paid every semester. Thanks to this, I continued with the desire of studying for a degree in primary education at the Meritorious Urban Normal School, Prof. Domingo Carballo Félix. I am proud to have been selected to be a student of this school, which gave me more strength to continue my path towards teaching. Since I started with the support of the Palapa, the payments were very punctual and favorable. For this I delivered my payment receipts and my ballot, always presenting good grades.

I trust and totally believe that just as Palapa helped me in my studies, it will help more young people who are in situations similar to mine. In the same way they will know how to value this support and know how to be grateful with good grades that are released every six months and know how to give continuity to their studies.

I feel very grateful and proud to see my studies completed with the Palapa Scholarships, and have received my Bachelor of Primary Education.

*Please note the photo with the students is pre-pandemic
Biblioteca Elena Poniatowska
April Update
The Biblioteca Elena Poniatowska and Children's Library remain closed to visitors. Books can be returned and/or donations received every Monday 10-1pm drop off only, no library entry will be allowed.
A Special Thank You for
Our Recent Book Donation!
A huge thank you to Isabel Jirash, her husband, Gabriel Diaz, and their daughter, Sol Diaz, who donated 150+ books, all in Spanish to our library. Many are priceless art books which we in turn gave to Juan Diego for the preparatoria art classes - he was thrilled! Nothing is wasted as reading is never a waste of time!
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