Volume 31 | Apr 2021
April 2021 Spiritual Message
Suzanne Hunt, Clairvoyant, Healer, Spiritual Teacher
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Trusting your true self
Hello spiritual friends!
As you may know, our beloved minister at Althea Center for the Spiritually Engaged, Dr. Jonathan Ellerby has left to accept an exciting new adventure in California. We have mixed feelings of loss and at the same time know this is his true path to bring his message to a broader audience.

At this time, the board of directors for the center will be inviting different speakers for the weekly meetings each month. I am pleased and very honored announce that I was invited to provide the spiritual message this Sunday, April 11th at the center here in Denver!

My topic for this Sunday is Honoring Your True Self. I'm going to share a little from the talk in this spiritual message, and hope you will join us! Three ways to attend: 1) in person, 2) on Althea's Facebook Live or 3) AltheaTV on YouTube to hear the full presentation and the delightful musical guest. See information below about connecting in.
Here is an excerpt from my talk:

Trusting your true self
Think about your space of intuitive awareness and spiritual wisdom. The energy center or 6th chakra center is in the center of your head. Sometimes we think of it as the third eye center, our intuitive eye.

Unfortunately, society teaches us that someone else has better answers for our questions and problems. We may have people in our life who invalidate our ideas, thoughts or solutions. These kinds of memories and thoughts can cause us to doubt ourselves.

If doubt comes up for you, notice where it comes from. Is it from a painful experience? Or does it come from someone else? If that sense of doubt isn't yours, then just let it go.

There are other ways we might be invalidating our inner voice. Sometimes we expect our intuitive wisdom to look a certain way. And if it doesn't, we discount it. We brush it off. A great way to open up this space is to notice when you discount an idea or inspiration.

Our intuition is like a muscle. We have muscles all over our body and our intuition is an energetic muscle. We exercise our intuition by trusting our inner voice. Are you exercising your intuitive muscle to make it strong?

  • Check to see if that doubt is really yours.
  • Examine your insights before brushing them away.
  • Exercise your intuitive muscle by.
  • Trusting your inner wisdom.

Hope to see you on Sunday!

Blessings to each of you on your journey,

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Althea Sunday Message by Rev. Suzanne Hunt
Healing Meditation Module 1 - Energy Awareness
Healing Meditation Module 4 - Empowerment
Free Aura Healing Clinic (Center for Inspired Action)
Body Mind Spirit Expo in Colorado Springs in April
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Sunday, April 11th, 10:30 am
Join Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality for our In-Person Sunday Gathering. Rev. Suzanne Hunt will provide a message of Honoring Your True Self. Irish band, Potcheen, will be our amazing musical guest. All are welcome to join! 

Three ways to join!
Althea Center for Spiritually Engaged
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Healing Meditation 1 – Energy Awareness
Thursday evenings for 7 weeks, 6:30 pm to 8:30ish pm MT – over Zoom!
Apr 29 – Jun 10 
Facilitated by Rev. Suzanne Hunt
Energize your spiritual path. 
Learn empowering concepts and tools.

Enter a journey of self-discovery. Open up your self-awareness, live from your own truth and create space for the growth and change you desire. Class is taught through instruction, guided meditation and discussion. Great for empaths, healers or anyone looking to expand their capacity to manage energy!

Starts Thurs, Apr 29 – over Zoom
      Connect with like-minded souls in a small group limited to 8 people
      Wed evenings for 7 weeks, 6:30 pm to 8:30ish pm MT
      Apr 29 – Jun 10 
      Early registration $99 until Apr 22 ($125 on Apr 23)
      Facilitated by Rev. Suzanne Hunt
Program topics include:
·       How to ground and clear the energy body
·       Open and expand your intuition
·       Learn about energetic boundaries and chakra centers
·       Release what doesn’t support and create more of what does
·       Manifest your goals and dreams
·       Connect with your own spiritual guidance
·       Learn to receive and give spiritual healing
·       Expand your horizons with growth inspiring concepts

What previous students are saying about Healing Meditation:
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Healing Meditation 4 – Empowerment
Wednesday evenings for 7 weeks, 6:30 pm to 8:30ish pm MT – over Zoom!
Apr 21 – Jun 2 
Facilitated by Rev. Suzanne Hunt
Discover more freedom. 
Enjoy more personal power.

Create more permission with tools to increase your personal power. Clear energy from your space that may limit your capacity for freedom and growth. Spiritual study of competition and ways we tend to invalidate ourselves. Learn to raise the vibration in your home, office or any space. Class is taught through instruction, guided meditation and discussion. Module 1 and 2 or equivalent training is a prerequisite.    

Starts Wednesday, Apr 21 – over Zoom
    Connect with like-minded souls in a small group limited to 8 people
     Wednesday evenings for 7 weeks, 6:30 pm to 8:30ish MT
     Apr 21 – Jun 2 
    Early registration $145, until Apr 14 ($170 on Apr 15)
     Facilitated by Rev. Suzanne Hunt

Program topics include:
·       Learn more ways to create neutrality for greater self-understanding
·       Activate your personal power
·       Release limitations
·       Spiritual study of competition and invalidation
·       Set a healing vibration for any space
·       Create permission for more spiritual freedom
·       Receive healing and guidance from ascended masters
·       Continued work with spirit guide for healing

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Every Wednesday 6-7pm CT
Aura Healing Clinic
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Every Wednesday! at 6 to 7 pm Central Time
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Feeling a bit unsettled? Need some energy clearing and grounding? Pop in for a FREE aura healing session from the students at the Center for Inspired Action. Each session takes 10-15 minutes.

Our students will focus on your individual energy system, otherwise known as your aura and your chakras, and clear blocks that keep your energy flowing at your own, individual vibration. It is a fun way to introduce yourself to energetic healing!

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Body Mind Spirit Celebration
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Body Mind Spirit Celebration in Colorado Springs! ALL readings and healings just $25 for 20 minutes. Come explore the expo with our incredible selection of the nation's finest psychics and mediums, the best in alternative health, wellness tools, products and resources. Enjoy free speaking sessions every hour daily, covering a range of topics from past lives to animal communication, healthy diets to tarot 101; featuring industry-leading experts in their fields. You’ll find just what you need at the Denver Body Mind Spirit Celebration event.

Colorado Springs,
April 16-18, 2021
Opening Hours
Friday 1-9, Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

Colorado Springs Event Center,
3960 Palmer Park Blvd,
Colorado Springs, CO.
Admission $7

I am available to schedule clairvoyant reading and healing sessions. Click on the scheduling link below.

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