The WTCA General Assembly (GA) is the association's premier global annual event, gathering representatives from member World Trade Centers (WTCs) and their business networks. In 2021, the WTCA welcomes a larger GA audience with a 100% virtual, week-long event, featuring three days of mainstage programming and three weeks of B2B networking opportunities across all time zones, via a complimentary Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered matchmaking platform. The exclusive roster of attendees includes leaders from business, government, academia, media and international organizations, reflecting the WTCA's diverse global footprint. With the theme of "The Power of Our Community," the 2021 GA promises to be a unique and engaging event, demonstrating the strength of the WTCA network and offering opportunities for businesses to learn from leading experts and connect with the entire WTCA network. 



April 2021 Updates
We often talk about the value of the World Trade Center Delaware’s connections to 320 Centers in 100 countries with over 15,000 employees, and over one million company members. Wouldn’t you like to be able to connect with all of them at one time, and for free? Welcome to the 2021 World Trade Centers Association virtual General Assembly! No matter your industry, type of organizations, or agency, you will be able to “meet” companies from across the globe.  

This year, the World Trade Centers Association virtual General Assembly will be open to World Trade Center members, our Partners and their members. In addition, the virtual Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered B2B Networking Component of the 2021 WTCA General Assembly (GA) Week, extended through Friday, May 14, means that you, our WTC Delaware members, Partner Organizations, and members of our Partner Organizations, have an opportunity to meet with businesses, government agencies, international financial institutions, academic institutions, and not for profit organizations from all over the globe for three full weeks. It will be the world’s biggest trade show, all from the comfort of your home. For a full listing of our Partners, please visit our website:

This opportunity is open to the public including all WTCA Members, WTC Network Delegates and other businesses who are interested in connecting with business prospects around the world.  Tickets for World Trade Center Delaware members and members of our Partner Organizations are FREE. Be sure to register as a WTC Network Delegate. Please note, you will be asked to identify which World Trade Center you are affiliated with on the registration form. Just mark World Trade Center Delaware. Tickets for Non-WTC Network Delegates, businesses and organizations without a World Trade Center affiliation are just $50.00   

Take this opportunity to become a member of the World Trade Center Delaware before registering for the General Assembly and you will be able to register for the entire event, for free. Sign up by Friday, April 30 to take full advantage of this innovative offering. I look forward to welcoming you as the newest World Trade Center Delaware member and introducing you to the world.

We also are happy to announce that this year’s International Business will focus on science and technology. From Claymont and New Castle in the north and east, Newark to the west, and Seaford to the south, innovative science and technology companies have found a home in Delaware. Legacy companies such as DuPont, W. L. Gore, Astra Zeneca, and Agilent and our educational institutions have been joined by home grown start-ups and new-to-Delaware biotech, manufacturing, renewable energy, computer and software companies and more. Take advantage of the special offering from Delaware Business Times to reach potential customers, suppliers, funders, and partners around the world. For additional information, see the details below.  

Carla Sydney Stone
WTCDE Premier Members
Port to Port International Corporation

We are looking for an Operations Manager who will be responsible for the daily operation of service. This person will supervise, coordinate, and manage the daily yard and warehouse operation.

This role is responsible for the day-to-day operation of 2 facilities in the US (DE and FL) and all logistical operations carried out in 4 countries in Central America.

Essential Functions:

  • Constantly coordinates with ocean carriers and necessary personnel to obtain enough containers on a timely fashion for weekly sailing.
  • Negotiates directly with trucking companies to bring containers to yard.
  • Makes sure containers are loaded daily in the amounts necessary to finish the loading of weekly targets.
  • Arranges with steamship companies the transportation of loaded containers back to the Port.
  • Manages and updates inventory.
  • Direct all warehouse operations and ensures it is organized for maximum production.
  • Keeps the link with Customer Service Department to solve any problems.
  • Ensures company is in compliance with OSHA regulations.
  • Responsible for crew supervision, training and discipline.
  • Responsible for the stocking & purchasing of supplies to make sure that there is always enough material to keep production without interruptions.
  • Oversees the security of the premises.
  • Reviews and approves operations expenses.
  • Interpret and understand the concept of logistic services in order to solve problems.
  • Performs administrative activities, including reviewing and processing time sheets or other work time documents.
  • Conducts employee observations to ensure safety and productivity procedures are being followed and documented. Discusses results with employees.
  • Understands, implements, and maintains safe work practices.
  • Hands-on attitude to solve problems.
  • Keen to engage in projects, even when these are related to business areas other than operations.
  • Expert matter for large data analysis supporting business decision making and statistical analysis.
  • Ensures that Operational KPI’s are achieved.

Please contact Anabel Panayotti at  or Jimmy Avendano at for more information.
Learn more about Port to Port International:
STAT International
So you have decided to establish an office for your business – congratulations! One of your biggest challenges will be to determine what kind of office best suits your business needs. A traditional office will take time and money to establish. A virtual office is inexpensive and very flexible, however, it is important that you understand the benefits and limitations a virtual office provides to you.

Among the biggest benefits are the low-cost options which are available. You can have a prestigious address and local telephone number, projecting the image of a traditional professional office, while dramatically reducing overhead. A virtual office can be up and running in one day, which is simply not possible with a traditional office. You can establish yourself as a local presence in a particular market, thus complying with government regulations.

A virtual office can grow with you as your business model expands or contracts. You can add or delete services as needed. Some functions are optional and can be used on an as needed basis as well such as conference room usage.

A virtual office gives any company the ability to level the playing field by projecting a big business image at an affordable cost. The flexibility offered is a tremendous asset in today’s business environment. STAT International is your affordable virtual office provider.
Learn more about STAT International:
Delaware Business Times
Learn more about Delaware Business Times:
Thanks to Our Renewing Members
Securitas Global Risk Solutions 
Securitas Global Risk Solutions Renews Its Membership with WTC Delaware

Thank you to Securitas Global Risk Solutions, a trade credit and political risk insurance brokerage firm, for renewing its membership with the World Trade Center Delaware.

Securitas works closely with its clients to understand their financial goals and business objectives to develop risk mitigation solutions which help them succeed, negotiating on their behalf with the nation’s top insurance carriers and working with them through the process of application, claims, and renewal.

From finding coverage for difficult credits to making sure claims are paid in a timely manner, they collaboratively work to protect clients’ businesses from unexpected credit losses. Their mission is to protect clients from credit losses, help them increase sales, and gain access to working capital, and their services include Trade Credit Insurance, Political Risk Insurance Brokerage and Consulting.

“I value being part of a group of people that are oriented around exporting and helping US goods and services get to foreign buyers and new markets, which helps our economy and helps create jobs,” said Peter Seneca, co-founder of Securitas Global Risk Solutions. “What I like about being part of the World Trade Center Delaware is that they are always looking to help their members and make sure that people ultimately get connected, recognizing that we’re all better together, and that making new connections and sharing ideas we can all make something good happen.”

Peter heads the Credit Solutions department of Securitas, which provides innovative structures that mitigate solvency risk. Prior to Securitas, he was a Vice President of Euler Hermes ACI, the largest mono-line credit insurer in the world. Prior to this, he spent seven years as a commercial lender and credit analyst with First Union National Bank where he designed and delivered complex financing solutions.
Drone Workforce Solutions
Drone Workforce Solutions Renews Its Membership with WTC Delaware

Congratulations to Drone Workforce Solutions, (DWS) one of the world’s premier global staffing employment and placement companies for drone operators and virtual reality photographers, for renewing its membership with World Trade Center Delaware. DWS was founded by Theophilus (Theo) R. Nix, Jr., a member of WTC DE’s Board of Directors, and his wife Suzanne E. Nix.

DWS is a global technology and strategic business solutions company that provides solutions for businesses and organizations requiring drones and its applications, as well as virtual reality photography. DWS also has a state-approved drone education and training school (DWS Drone School) and a global drone employment and staffing company. DWS may be the only company that fully trains, educates, certifies and vets FAA commercial drone pilots for Corporate America.

Although headquartered in Delaware, DWS Drone School has multiple locations in the United States and is also branching out into doing business internationally. Theo says the company’s membership in World Trade Center Delaware has been instrumental in its growth worldwide, especially in Africa, where Nix said his company is “laser focused” on providing drone and virtual reality training and employment through its partnerships with American companies. “The World Trade Center, and in particular, (President) Carla Stone have been very helpful in providing us with connections in Africa where we plan to teach the citizens these technologies and then find them employment in the same industries we do here in America.”

Those industries include public safety and emergency management, law enforcement and security, insurance, energy and utility, cable and Telcom, real estate and construction and agriculture, among others. In addition, according to Nix, the DWS Drone School is the only US training school designed to help train and educate and then employ US veterans both across America and overseas.

Nix is an accomplished attorney and has worked in corporate and business law for many companies, including a Fortune 100 global company. For the last decade, he had led a Global Procurement Project allowing him to oversee and manage a Global Employment Staffing Initiative valued at $120 Million annually and has negotiated multi-million-dollar global mega construction projects.
World Trade Center Delaware Gala


Hotel DuPont / Gold Ballroom


Secretary of State 

“Lessons Learned from the EVER GIVEN” Online Event Featuring Senator Tom Carper to Be Hosted by World Trade Center DE May 18

World Trade Center Delaware is hosting a virtual live event titled “Getting Your Goods from Here to There: Lessons Learned from the EVER GIVEN” May 18, 10:30 to 11:30 am to feature keynote speaker U.S. Senator Tom Carper and a panel of distinguished guests to talk about international shipping and trade issues and challenges coming out of the pandemic and how we can best move forward.

The grounding of the ship the EVER GIVEN in the Suez Canal and the subsequent halt of traffic illustrated that the ease of movement of goods is critical to the success of international trade. This year, shipping lane and port congestion issues highlighted an already difficult transportation capacity situation brought upon by the pandemic and the years of increasing international trade. The event will feature a discussion of the ripple effects of the EVER GIVEN’S grounding on international trade, and the lessons we have learned and the steps we can take, as importers, exporters, and logistics operators, to reduce the risk of the rising demand for shipping capacity.

The panel will include Michael Ford VP, Government & Industry Affairs, BDP International, Dennis Rochford President, Maritime Exchange for the Delaware River & Bay and Anabel Panayotti President, Port to Port International, and the event will be moderated by World Trade Center DE President Carla Stone.

“For the first time during the pandemic, many small businesses served international customers as foreign buyers and found their products on e-commerce web sites,” said Carla Stone about the significance of the EVER GIVEN and the changes that have come about. “Now, they too need to learn how to deal with shipping disruptions, something that they did not have to deal with when operating a strictly brick and mortar store.”

Registration for the event is now open to all and the cost is just $35 to WTC DE members and $45 for non-members.

To register, please click below.
“Fearless” World Trade Center Women Leaders including WTC Delaware’s Carla Stone Give Panel Talk on Managing Life and Work in Unprecedented Times  

New Castle, DE, March, 2021—A spectacular lineup of World Trade Center women leaders from around the globe presented an online panel discussion on what it means to be “Fearless Leaders” and strategically manage the most considerable work-life shift in world history recently to a worldwide audience in honor of International Women’s month.
World Trade Center Delaware President Carla Stone was one of the panel speakers, joining WTC Savannah’s Jesse Jenkins, WTC Trieste (Italy’s) Christina Sbaizero, WTC Winnipeg (Canada’s) Mariette Mulaire, and host WTC Dublin (Ireland’s) Maureen Pace and WTC Arkansas’s Denise Thomas.  
Topics discussed ranged from being proud to be authentic as women leaders to balancing work and life during the COVID pandemic. Carla Stone addressed the latter topic saying she and the First State’s World Trade Center have met increased challenges during the pandemic by “embracing technology and expanding our partnerships” by inviting speakers from other World Trade Centers around the globe to give virtual presentations and workshops such as the recent events they hosted in partnership with WTC Kabul (Afghanistan) and WTC Pune (India). She added that women tend to be more open to asking for help and was commended by the other panelists as a leader who doesn’t hesitate to reach out to pursue these partnerships and thus provide WTC Delaware members with valuable knowledge, resources and connections.
The panel discussed how women have been negatively affected by the pandemic, particularly in Europe where “social inequity is magnified” with increased unemployment figures, stated WTC Trieste’s Christina Sbaizero. However, she added that there is hope on the horizon as the WTC looks for ways to partner with the city’s government.
All of the leaders on the panel encouraged all business leaders worldwide to overcome their fears and set goals and objectives, and to reach out to them for guidance and help if they need it. The one-hour Fireside Chat provided an enlightening conversation that also covered business mobility perspectives, cultural nuances and similarities, challenges and rewards and personal experiences, teaching all business executives how to equip and guide their own organizations during turbulent times.
WTC Delaware provides a full range of international trade-related services with an in-depth focus on export/import of services and manufactured goods.

FRANCE: WTC Brest (France) Seeking Potential Distributors for Radiology & Mammography Solutions on behalf of Medecom

Medecom has been developing Software Solutions for Radiology & Mammography since 2000. We count more than 4500 solutions installed over 30 countries by a strong distributor network and OEM partnerships. Medecom is ISO 13485 certified, and our solutions are CE marked, and FDA approved for the diagnostic ones. All our software solutions are based on DICOM, HL7 & IHE standards to offer the best interoperability experience between any modalities of the environment where they are installed. To respond to the radiologists’ challenges, Medecom offers to our distributors Webinars, training, updates and high technical support. Our range of solutions covers: 1/ Acquisition Solutions: Flat panels and acquisition software for easy upgrade of analog system to digital, for Human & Vet applications. 2/ Diagnosis Solutions: Mammography & radiology Workstations, stitching, tomosynthesis, MPR, CAD modules available. 3/ Archiving & Communication Solutions (Mini PACS): Secured web-based interface with remote access 24/7. 4/ Gateway for paper printing Our solutions are very powerful as they offer multimodality support, they are vendor neutral, stable & scalable, and fit challenging radiology environments. Lean on us, on our expertise and experience to provide the best solutions to the radiology centers, hospitals, private clinics… independently from any equipment manufacturers and with a minimum investment.

For additional information:
Sebastien CANN
Manager, World Trade Center Brest
Telephone: +33 2 98 00 38 71


ALGIERS: Pistachio Production

World Trade Center Algiers Seeking experienced company in the field of Pistachio production on behalf of one of their member companies.

For additional information: 
Mahmoud Nedjai
International Relations Manager, World Trade Center Algiers
Telephone: +213 (0)555029295

STANDARD - $475 (1-49 employees), $825 (50-99 employees), $1,375 (100+ employees)

PREMIER - $2,675 

STUDENT - $100
Click here to learn more about the benefits of being a member of World Trade Center Delaware. 
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In Perform Due Diligence, you'll find the following resources to help you minimize risks in your global business:

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  • Key Expert 3: Horticultural Value Chain Expert, Azerbaijan
  • Bridge Engineer, Philippines
  • Business Development Lead - Health Practice, South Africa
  • Road Engineer, Civil Engineer for Interdisciplinary Infrastructure Projects, Denmark
  • Key expert 1: Team Leader, Vietnam
  • And more!

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International Delaware Magazine Released by World Trade Center Focuses on FinTech in the First State

The World Trade Center Delaware has released its fourth edition of International Delaware Magazine which focuses on Delaware's growing FinTech industry.

“Little did we know when we first discussed the theme for this issue just how timely this edition would be,” said World Trade Center Delaware President Carla Stone. “The use of IT and e-commerce exploded during the past eight months as people sought to limit contact with others in an effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. It is clear that financial technology services, or FinTech, is here to stay and will only grow in the future.”

The foundation for FinTech in Delaware was laid in 1981, when then-Gov. Pierre S. du Pont IV signed the Financial Center Development Act, legislation designed to increase employment in the banking and financial services sector by attracting out-of-state institutions to establish subsidiaries in Delaware. Today, Delaware, despite its tiny population, is one of the world's great financial centers. Over 75% of all FinTech investment in the Philadelphia region is found in Delaware and it has the highest concentration of financial services employment in the entire country according to a study by Delaware Prosperity Partnership. The study, "Delaware in a FinTech Future," reported that Delaware ranks No. 1 per capita for the number of FinTech patents issued over the past ten years in the U.S. and No. 5 overall. 

Discover Bank, this issue's presenting sponsor, is making a significant contribution to Delaware's FinTech future. In partnership with the University of Delaware and Delaware Technology Park, Discover is building a new 100,000-square-foot center for FinTech innovation on the university's Science Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) Campus that will combine the prowess of academia, government, and industry to support and grow FinTech's future in Delaware. “We thank Discover and all of our partners who have made this issue of International Delaware possible,” Stone said. “Tens of thousands of readers around the world will learn what we already know: FinTech is the future of commerce and Delaware is its home.”

To read/download your copy, please click the image above.
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