I wandered lonely as a cloud that floats on high o'er vales and hills,
when all at once I saw a crowd, a host, of golden daffodils;
beside the lake, beneath the trees, fluttering and dancing in the breeze.
William Wordsworth

Spring is in the air! The crocuses, a symbol of cheer and happiness have come and gone, promoting a general spirit of hope and positively. I feel that and know you do too. Our “host of golden daffodils” follows as a sign of rebirth and new beginnings, which is also a pertinent message for all of us slowly easing out of COVID’s grasp. Once the hyacinths appear, we are ready for sport and playfulness, which is their meaning in the Language of Flowers. Also heralds of spring: tulips, the classic flower of love, happiness and peace.

We have made it through an odd and lonely year, but we will be back together soon. We planned on meeting in person for our May 11th General Meeting, but GCA’s Annual Meeting will be available to everyone on Zoom that morning. Speaking at the meeting will be DBG’s own Brian Vogt, so I know many of you would like to be there. Please be sure to register! We will have a short May General Meeting that morning on Zoom, during a break, so we can enjoy all the Annual meeting has to offer. If you have never attended an Annual Meeting, you are in for a real treat! Meanwhile, we have a busy April planned with fun workshops, and don’t forget GCA’s Virtual Floral Design Conference.

The last stanza of this sweet poem by Miss H.F. Gould in The Poetry of Flowers, an old Victorian collection, is guaranteed to make you smile.

As rays of the sun from their focus;
I from the darkness of earth shall emerge,
A happy and beautiful Crocus!
Many, perhaps, from so simple a flower,
This little lesson may borrow,
Patient today, through its gloomiest hour,
We come out the brighter tomorrow.

Hope for a brighter and COVID-free tomorrow, all from an unassuming bulb that grows into a beautiful flower. That’s simply good stuff, isn’t it?