Volume 22, Issue 8 | April 2021
Kristen Normann, President
Olya Katsman, Vice President
Michelle Chi, Second Vice President
Millie Chiem, Treasurer & Parliamentarian
Fonny Chandra, Corresponding Secretary
Ruth Zhou, Recording Secretary
Katherine Valdez, Membership Secretary & Referrals Chair
Grace Cheng, Director
Gloria Ho, Director
Maria Ehlert, Director
Karen Wolff, Director
David Ross, Director & Student Recitals
Lu Huang, Director & Website Administrator

Sandy Fong & Maria Ehlert, Hospitality
Sr. Andre Marie Fujier & Ruth Zhou, Historian
Carmencita Aspiras, Sunshine
Lu Huang, Composer Today
Olya Katsman, MSSL Community Outreach
Dr. Jiang Wu, VOCE

Gloria Ho, CM Chair and North Region Chair, (Piano, Strings, Woodwinds and Voice)
Grace Cheng, CM South Region Chair
Millie Chiem, North Region Honors Recitals
Karen Wolff, South Region Honor Recital
Katherine Lee & Ruby Cheung, Theory Site Coordinators
MTAC - SACB Board Opening
If you are interested in serving the board, please email Kristen Normann at or text at 510-517-3790
Important Dates
April 22 (Thu)* (new date)

April 20 (Tue)
  • Deadline to apply for the Scholarships (Senior Scholarship, YAG Scholarship, and the Regina Mastrantonio Community Music Service Recognition Award)
  • Check the flyer below for more details

April 24 (Sat)
  • Virtual Student Recital
  • Time: 4:00 pm

May 8 (Sat)
  • Virtual Scholarship Ceremony at presenting the Senior and YAG Scholarship, and the Regina Mastrantonio Commmunity Music Service Recognition Award recipients.
  • Time: 4:00 pm
  • Click here to join:
  • Meeting ID: 845 1643 3421

May 23 (Sun)
  • Senior Award Recital
  • Time: to be announced (maybe around 3:00 pm or 4:00 pm)
MTAC - SACB website
password: mta1
Come and Chat Event
Short Exam Pieces
Thursday, April 22nd, 2021* (date changed)
10:00 - 11:00 am
Meeting ID: 871 2332 7638

Do you need ideas for last minute short exam pieces? Do you want to share your experience on picking up last minute short exam pieces? Or you just want to chat with your fellow teachers? Then this event is for you! Please come to our next "Come and Chat" session. Please think of some short exam pieces you usually use for your students and bring them to our "Come and Chat" session! Can't wait to see you all!
Scholarship Opportunity
Student Zoom Recital
Note from CM Chair
July 2 to July 5
  • Virtual Convention 2021 - Unity Through Music

Dear Teachers,
The state has not sent me any certificates or seals or medals for seniors yet. I am currently setting up individual excel spread sheets of your students scores. I will send them out to confirm the number of branch honors ribbons you get for your students. Once I am ready, I will send each of you, IF you have students that earn branch honors, your excel spreadsheet. If I do not hear from you, I will assume my number is correct and I will give you that many BH ribbons.

If you are a makeup student, you will not get one as make up students usually make up their testing after BH recitals. So the excel spreadsheet that I am sending you will not include make up scores. ALSO some ribbons are green, some are rainbow. I have 270 green ones left so everybody will get both. If you have a very small number of ribbons, then you will only get green. My suggestion is to give the green ones to your first timers.

The state is going to make the certificates with the seals already on it, at least that is what they told me so far. So I don't have to do them. STILL WAITING.

Getting ready for Summer! Just spend a week in Oregon in Silver Falls State Park, where there are 11 waterfalls to hike to! IT was 10 miles of up and down hills!

Gloria Ho
Cm Chair
Senior Award Recital
For teachers who has senior/s this year

There will be a senior award rectal on May 23 online with Zoom. If your student is interested in participating, please send me their name, piece, op#, movement, key, and composer. This will be a live recital, no recordings. I will make a program and send to the teachers online, and you will send them to your students.
Time: to be announced, but it will be in the afternoon, maybe 3 pm or 4 pm.

I am going to pick up the plaques next week and then have them at the doors of Jeanne Fisher, Grace Cheng, or me, for pick up. It would be nice if the teachers were there at the zoom recital to celebrate their student's achievements, say a few words, present the plaque.

I have no medals however, as the state has not sent me any yet, but if they do, I will make sure to send it out as soon as possible.

Gloria Ho
CM Chair
Hello everyone!
Music Students’ Service League (MSSL) is a student-run group of volunteers with the mission to promote happiness achieved through musical entertainment as well as developing musical appreciation for the underprivileged members of society, especially our elderly citizens. Despite the ongoing pandemic, we still host recitals by pre-recording performances and send them to senior living centers to brighten up our elderly’s day. We are planning to host monthly recitals in this coming year via online or in-person if permitted by health experts.

If you’re interested in joining us, please print, fill out, and follow the directions on the form:

Students of all skill levels are encouraged to join! Not only is this opportunity a great way to fulfill your service hours requirement, but you also get some well-needed practice for recitals and competitions!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Brooke Zheng (, Erin Yu (, or Andrew Gao (
Technology Corner
  • Gooseneck iPhone holder from Amazon, which can be attached to the piano lid to provide a top down view of the keyboard
  • New online platform:, better sound quality for online music teaching. Must use Google Chrome to have the best experience. You also can book a free demo to experience the sound.
  • Free video service, Flipgrid, is helping students to record online easily. Some school uses it, because it is super user friendly. Once you sign up, you create a topic (for example CM piano recording 1) and add verbal instructions, create an example video, etc. Next, set the parameters, for example, how long the video could ne, which students can access it, and send a join code to the students. They don't have to create an account. On their side, they open the video, click record and viola! (*Tips from Maretha Davel)

Have more ideas you would like to share? Please email Fonny Chandra at
Piano Tuners' Corner
Robin Whitehouse
Phone: 831-247-0043

David Amendola
Steinway Concert Technician
Phone: 415-250-0724

Linda Kay
Phone: 510-910-0283
Accepting New Students
David Ross
Phone: 510-586-9163

Alice Huang
Phone: 510-709-8293
Location: Castro Valley, CA 94546

Julie Chang
Phone: 510-366-2193
Address:716 Solstice Court, Fremont, CA 94539

To put your name on (or take your name out of) the list, please contact:
Fonny Chandra at: