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Online Book Clubs
By Jenny Elder Moke
Isabelle Kirklees, daughter of Marien and the absent rogue Robin Hood, finds herself arrested by royal soldiers for defending innocents. Targeted by the King and his right-hand man, the Wolf, she sets out on a mission to find her father in hopes that he can help her. As new enemies arise and old grudges show themselves, Isabelle, now surrounded by all manner of outlaws, is forced into a battle against the Wolf--an action that could spell salvation, or result in her death and that of everyone she loves.
Anxious People
By Fredrik Backman
When a failed bank robber breaks into a viewing for an apartment, he takes a group of strangers hostage. The eclectic group includes fixer-uppers, a banker, and a young couple expecting their first child, as well as an octogenarian, a determined real estate agent, and a mysterious man who locked himself in the bathroom. As the authorities and media surround the premises, these individuals set into motion a strange chain of events no one would have expected.
Get to Know Your Library Staff
Featuring: Christine
Christine is one of the library associates you can find at the front desk. She really enjoys helping patrons find their next read. She assists in ordering and billing. You can also find her searching for books in the stacks, as she always seems to find them when other people missed them!

In her free time, Christine likes to spend time with her dog, Ellie. When it comes to reading, she prefers to read young adult and middle grade contemporary fiction.

Unofficial Title: Resident Book-Finder
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