April 2022
Location Highlight
Sequoia Park Complex, Eureka,
Humboldt County
April's newsletter is few days late so we could get some up to date photos for you. Luckily, a passing rainstorm gave us a textbook wetdown for our zoo photos that any DP would be proud of...now on to the details...

Sequoia Park is a 67 acre facility next to Sequoia Park Zoo (an additional 5 acres) that features walking and bicycle trails through the redwood forest, meadows, duck pond and two small creeks. The park includes two playgrounds, open turf grass, picnic tables, a restroom, group picnic area and a gazebo bandstand. Just outside the zoo’s northern perimeter is the Sequoia Park Garden, a gorgeous collection of dahlias and other colorful blooms. The garden also features a wishing well and gazebo seating area.

The land of Sequoia Park was donated to the City of Eureka in 1894 by Bartlin and Henrietta Glatt as the last large stand of redwood trees in the city. Although logging did occur within the park, some of the original 40 acres of old-growth forest is still standing in the park gulch areas.

Sequoia Park has designated parking locations, an accessible sidewalk to picnic sites, an accessible restroom and a total of over a mile of wheelchair and baby buggy accessible asphalt paved trails. One trail is the old maintenance road that runs through the forest behind the zoo and the second is the Sequoia Creek Trail that heads west from the Duck Pond through meadows and loops back along a forested creek.

The park and zoo are currently receiving upgrades to the playground areas, lawns, and a
brand new bear exhibit.

The newest addition to the zoo portion of the complex is the Redwood Sky Walk, a canopy walkway through our beloved redwoods. The self-guided experience starts at a gateway that leads to a 360-foot-long ramp ascending into a network of nine platforms, each with a different perspective of the forest. The total out-and-back path is about 1,104 feet, making it the longest skywalk in the western U.S.

As you can see, the City of Eureka has a crown jewel of locations all nestled in its heart. From getting shots that look like you're miles into the redwood rainforest, playing in a unique city park, visiting the oldest zoo in California, or touring the canopy of the tallest trees in the world, Sequoia Park complex will not disappoint.

Let us know if you need to see more photos (there way too many to put in this newsletter!) from our database, want to scout to see more, or start working on permits for your project...
Production Notes
Permit- Easy

Parking- Available on-site (and nearby)

Catering- Nearby

Accommodations- < 3 miles

Nearest Resources- < 1 mile

Nearest HWY- HWY 101- 2.2 miles
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