2022 Acceptances
We are beyond proud of our students and happy to report that everyone has been accepted to a school that is a great fit for them.
To our seniors, congratulations for working so hard. We continue to be impressed with your resiliency and ability to embrace uncertainty. We wish you the best of luck and know that you will all be assets to your future colleges! Below is a partial list of colleges to which CBM students were accepted. We are so proud!
2022 Admission Trends
The pandemic continued to disrupt college admissions in ways that will have long-term effects. Let’s look at what happened this year:

Test optional is the norm. Most schools were test optional, and many will continue to be for the next few years or even made this a permanent decision. As a result, more students applied to the most selective schools.
Yieldability is the new buzzword. Colleges use data analytics to determine the “yieldability” of a student, deferring, waitlisting, or even rejecting students who were using it as a safety. Students freaked out by being deferred and applied to more schools!
More virtual visit options. Colleges created numerous opportunities for students to engage virtually, increasing access to underserved and low-income students. More students applied to more schools!
Colleges are accepting more and more students early decision. Because colleges want strong yield rates, they are accepting more students early decision. For example, Tulane said yes to approximately 55-58% of their students ED, and Boston College said yes to more than 50% of their students ED.
This led to the lowest ever acceptance rates at most schools and an increase in waitlists. The chart below from Harvard illustrates what's been happening. They accepted a record-low 3.19% of applicants to the class of 2026:
What's on Our Minds
Why to Maintain Hope When on a Waitlist

Evan Forster takes a deeper dive into what it means to be waitlisted, and why there's still hope! CLICK HERE to read the full article.

And if this is you, we encourage you to be proactive! If you haven't already, please meet with your mentor soon to schedule a time to discuss your approach.
What We're Reading
What's Next

We are proud of you and enjoyed working with you through this process. We are available to meet to help you make your final decision. Please let us know your results.

If you haven't already, please contact us to schedule a meeting to create resume/activity lists.

If we haven't already met, please contact us to develop a plan for the coming year and discuss some potential summer options.  
You bring your friends, we provide the info. If anyone is interested in setting up a free interactive workshop on how to maximize students’ high school years leading up to college, please reach out to stefanie@collegeboundmentor.com
Follow the journeys of eleven students as they navigate the college application process and search for the right fit schools. Getting into their heads as they make decisions about which extracurricular activities to pursue, which schools to apply to, and which topics to choose for their essays will help you think about your own process in a more strategic way.