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With summer just around the corner, a lot of us are starting to plan all of the activities we’d like to do. Days at the pool, traveling, and barbeques are just a few weeks away. After months of being cooped up inside, it’s nice to enjoy the spring weather, and picture the summer months ahead. 

There’s a myriad of possibilities for the summer, so it’s important to prioritize the things you definitely want to do so they don’t fall by the wayside. Set specific goals for the summer, whether they be personal or professional, and take the time to plot them out on your calendar. Summer goes by way too fast, so make it count and have a great time!

  • Covid Policy Update We are now hosting in-person meetings with clients that have been fully vaccinated with a booster shot. We will continue to conduct meetings via Zoom as well for those clients that prefer it. Please make sure to indicate your preference for either a Zoom or an in-person meeting when scheduling.

  • AFP Website Webinars Page – The March webinar is now available for viewing on our website. You can view all of our previous webinars on this page, and all future webinars will be posted here as well. Click here to view.

  • AFP April Webinar – The AFP April Webinar will be held next Friday at noon (April 29th) and the topic is Investment Basics with an Eye on Inflation. This webinar will cover important information on investing in an inflationary environment. The webinar will be hosted using Zoom and due to the limited size of Zoom meetings, the webinar links will only be sent to those who confirm their attendance ahead of time. We'll send a reminder email on early next week and the Zoom link will be sent out on Friday morning. If you would like to attend, please either reach out to Erik Danielson ( or reply to the webinar email you were sent previously. If you know anyone who would like to attend or could benefit from this information, we encourage you to pass along this newsletter or the webinar email to them.

  • Spring Client Program – We will be hosting our Spring Client Program on Tuesday evening, May 17th, at Our Lady of Victory Church in the Grandview Heights area. We plan on hosting a round table event focused on different issues related to your home or real estate. Stay tuned for further details.

  • 25 Years – Our firm is in its 25th year of providing advisory services and we wouldn't exist without our remarkable clients. Thank you all! Stay tuned for news about a 25th anniversary celebration later this year.

  • Free Covid Tests – Every household in the US is eligible to order up to two sets of free at-home Covid tests. Each of these sets contains four at-home testing kits. You can order these by either visiting or by calling 1-800-232-0233.

  • Information for the Real ID – Due to the pandemic, the Department of Homeland Security has extended the REAL ID enforcement date to May 3, 2023. Beginning on May 3, 2023, every air traveler aged 18 and older will need a REAL ID compliant driver’s license or identification card (or another TSA-acceptable form of identification) for domestic air travel and to enter certain federal facilities. Click here to learn more.

  • Knudge – We’ve had some questions from our Wealth Management clients regarding Knudge, our financial planning to-do list tracking tool. The tool is intended to help track your progress on your to-do list and helps us reduce administrative time spent tracking your to-dos. You are not required to register with Knudge, however registration does offer additional features. Regardless of if you choose to register or not, it would help us immensely if you could please mark your Knudges completed.

  • Orion Portal Reminder – If you cannot access your Orion Portal, contact Tracey to request a password reset. The Orion Portal requires a password reset every 4 months (120 days) and becomes Inactive after 8 months (240 days).
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+ Teri's World
April has been an interesting month. Much of my time this month has been spent inside at work. My son and I did get to one Metro park, Heritage Trail Park, on a very cold and windy Sunday. I had never been to this park and it would be a great one for a bike ride as well. I was also excited to get the first mowing done, only to look out the window two days later and see snowflakes!

Easter evening was spent in the ER at OSU addressing an issue with Gene’s shoulder, and this was followed by surgery the next day. He is now home and on the mend. That was followed by a trip to the orthodontist to get braces on some of my lower front teeth. This is needed to correct an issue that has developed as a result of a bike accident (hit and run) a few years ago. Hey, there is a 3rd time for everything! I sure know how to have fun! Hopefully, May will be a bit more uplifting. I am looking forward to taking some time off soon and exploring things outside.
+ What About Bob
We welcomed our third grandson, Charlie Christopher Worch, to the family on Monday April 11th. He was 20” long and weighed 7lbs 5oz. Since both he and Brittany are home, we had a chance to visit them Easter Sunday afternoon. There is nothing like holding a grandchild for the first time to make your day. Of course, I then had to have a good rough housing match with Logan. It’s a Papa’s job to get him all riled up before his nap!

We had Easter dinner at mom’s with the whole family, all 28 of us. It was a great time and we did miss dad, but his presence was certainly felt.
Baby Charlie
+ Tracey's Time
We enjoyed our spring break RV trip even though we traveled over 2,000 miles. We knew the plan was aggressive, but surprisingly, it was not overly exhausting. Our first destination was Memphis and touring Sun Studio where Elvis first recorded. We took a walk down Beale Street, but skipped Graceland due to lack of time. A reason to return later.

We made a beeline for NOLA and spent two days wandering the French Quarter and eating the local fare. Cayleigh had her heart set on Café DuMonde beignets and coffee. The wait was a bit long but the food didn’t disappoint. The coffee was refreshingly frozen as the day was warm.

We drove to Natchez, MS and headed north on the Natchez Trace Parkway. We detoured to Vicksburg National Military Park, Stones River National Battlefield, and Shiloh National Military Park. Walking these fields and considering the Civil War is a sobering experience.

Ultimately, we drove the entire Natchez Trace Parkway from Natchez to Nashville, stopping at several waypoints along the way, interacting directly with American history. Seven Junior Ranger badges were earned including a Bark Ranger badge by Coco, our canine companion. Another checkbox on our Bucket List completed!
Cayleigh and Coco
Sun Studio in Memphis
+ Erik's Exploits
The word of the month for April is hockey. The partial season ticket plan we have for the Blue Jackets was incredibly back-loaded, and we have tickets to a game every week this month. Even though we’re well out of the playoff hunt, it has been fun watching the development of our younger players.

I also spent some time this month hunting for a new vehicle, since the lease on my truck is up on soon. Pickings are pretty slim right now, so I ended up having to order one. I went with Ford’s hybrid truck, the Maverick. While it will be a downgrade in size and space, it should be a load off my wallet. Hopefully I don’t have to wait too long for it to arrive.
Current Economic and Investment Information
HARD TO CATCH UP – A 30-year old who is investing $500 at the beginning of every month in a tax-deferred 401(k) will accumulate $588,032 by age 60 if the funds grow at +7% per year. If that individual was forced to suspend his/her monthly deferral for just 5 years from ages 35-39, he/she would have to earn +8.8% per year from ages 40-60 to accumulate $588,032 by age 60. This mathematical calculation ignores the impact of taxes on the account which are due upon withdrawal, is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to reflect any specific investment. Actual results will fluctuate with market conditions and will vary (source: BTN Research).

HIGH, LOW – For the 9 years from 1973-1981, inflation (using the “Consumer Price Index”) averaged +9.2% per year. For the 9 years from 2012 to 2020, inflation averaged +1.6% per year (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics).

BIG CHANGE Inflation, using the “Consumer Price Index” as the measurement, was up +8.5% for the 1-year ending 3/31/2022. That’s more inflation than the United States experienced over the 4 years of 2017-2020 when the CPI advanced +7.9% over the entire 4 years (source: Department of Labor).

DISAPPEARING ACT – 60% of American workers born in 1943 were employed by companies that provided a defined benefit pension plan. Just 6% of American workers born in 1964 were employed by companies that provided a defined benefit pension plan (source: Center for Retirement Research).

TIGHT CLUSTER – Less than 4% of the counties in the United States (112 counties out of 3,142 total counties nationwide) are home to 50% of all non-farm jobs in the country (source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis).

HOUSING SHORTAGE – The United States is an estimated 3.8 million homes short of the demand that exists in the country for single-family homes (source: Freddie Mac).

SUPPLY OF BONDS TO RISE After 2 years of adding $120 billion a month of bond purchases, aka “Quantitative Easing,” the Fed will begin “Quantitative Tightening” in May 2022 by allowing $95 billion a month of bonds to “roll-off” its $8.5 trillion balance sheet, i.e., the Fed will not reinvest $95 billion a month of maturing bonds back into newly issued bonds ($60 billion of Treasuries and $35 billion of mortgage-backed securities) (source: Federal Reserve).

MAKE IT SEVEN? Since payments on federal student loans were suspended for 6 months by the CARES Act on 3/27/2020, Presidents Trump and Biden have extended the original end date 6 times (twice by Trump and 4 times by Biden), most recently on 4/06/2022. The suspension is now good to 8/31/2022 (source: BTN Research).

NOT IN RUBLES Russia has until Wednesday 5/04/2022 to pay $2.2 billion of foreign debt that was originally due to be paid to an American bank on 4/04/2022. If Russia is unable to repay the debt in US dollars as it is required to do, the default on foreign debt would be Russia’s first since 1917 or 105 years ago (source: AP).
Visualizing All Electric Car Models Available in the U.S.

This graphic, using data from Car and Driver and the EPA, highlights every single electric vehicle that’s available for sale across America, showing the wide range of manufacturers, vehicle types, and prices.

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Money and Marriage
There Are 5 Types of Money Marriages: Which Do You Have?

By Rachel Bowie
Source: PureWow
When you said “I do,” you were thinking about marriage, growing old together, and perhaps a family, not whether or not you’d combine your checking accounts or argue over credit card payments. But since keeping tabs on your financial health is critical to your union, it’s important to understand the type of money marriage you’re in. We’ve identified five that all couples fall into, and we’re breaking each one down—along with its perks and pitfalls.

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Getting Back to Business
Social Security Administration to Resume In-Person Services at Local Offices

Source: Social Security Administration
As of April 12th, Social Security offices around the country have restored in-person services with no appointment required. This is another sign that things are getting back to business as usual as we learn to live with COVID.

The Social Security Department still encourages visitors to schedule appointments and use online services to avoid waiting in line. Historically, lines are at their longest first thing in the morning and also at the beginning of each month. These would be good times to avoid if you don’t make an appointment first.

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Passport Wait Times
Planning to travel internationally this year? Better turn in your passport application ASAP

By Bailey Schulz
Source: USA Today
The summer travel season is right around the corner, which means travelers itching to see the world should get a move on making sure they have an up-to-date passport in hand.

The State Department says routine passport processing times are estimated to be eight to 11 weeks – still above the pre-pandemic average of six to eight weeks but much better than the 18-week wait travelers faced last summer.

The State Department encourages U.S. citizens to apply for a passport "well in advance" of any expected travel and suggests applying for or renewing a passport at least six months ahead of planned travel to avoid any problems.

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- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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