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April 2022

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ALL Contact Information
The ALL Office at Cape Cod Community College is closed temporarily.

Feel free to contact us:
Telephone 774-330-4400 (please leave a message)
Unless the there is a change in Cape Cod Community College policy, we will have some classes in-person and some classes on Zoom for Fall 2022.

The course catalog listing in-person classes and Zoom classes will be available in early August on the ALL website. The course catalog will also be sent via e-mail to those on our e-mailing list.
President's Message

At a recent board meeting, due to personal reasons, Jim Lathrop stepped down from his role as ALL President. Vice President Dianne Tattersall assumed the role of President when Jim made this announcement. Dianne has served as Vice President for several terms and also serves as Chair of the Hospitality Committee.
As with so many things these past two years, sometimes the unexpected happens. With Jim Lathrop’s stepping away recently, I had to step up from the vice presidency to the presidency. Taking his place will not be easy; he has been a resourceful, dedicated president. This change got me thinking about a lot of things. We are about to emerge from the veil of COVID. Unless something drastic happens, we will be back on campus at Cape Cod Community College, offering in-person classes with updated mask and social distance protocols. For those who enjoy Zoom, not to worry, we will still offer Zoom classes. During the past two years, a core of dedicated coordinators kept ALL going, offering members a chance to continue to learn and interact with others through Zoom. Our board of directors has worked above and beyond to make ALL a success and overcome obstacles that were seemingly insurmountable at times. But we did it; We all persevered and ALL is still a strong, viable organization. We continue to be thankful for Jim Lathrop's leadership through those recent challenges and for his ongoing support of our mission.

Thinking about what it will involve to reestablish ALL in the physical sense, I need our membership to also step up. ALL doesn’t just happen; it takes effort and energy and people. We need YOU! We need more of our members to offer to coordinate a 6 or 12 week class; we need desk volunteers now more than ever, we need members to join our committees, we need you to encourage neighbors and friends to join ALL, and we need new members on the board of directors. So, I am asking you to step up, step out of your comfort zone, and help keep ALL the wonderful organization of volunteers who make things happen through enrichment classes, special events, and social functions. 
Dianne Tattersall
ALL President

We Invite You to Submit a Course
for the Fall 2022 Semester
We recently sent out an e-mail blast

And now we reiterate
That it would be great
If you came up to the plate
And offered a course
for ALL of us.
In the fall.

We’re ready to edit
And will give you much credit
For responding to our blast

With deepest appreciation and respect,

The Curriculum Committee

Veteran coordinators are invited to submit courses in the portal now.

If you’re interested in offering an ALL course for the first time, the first step is to discuss your course ideas with a member of the Curriculum Committee. Contact
Miriam Kronish
Chair, Curriculum Committee

Long Range Planning Committee Survey Results
Results of the Survey of our Members

You were asked, via a survey, to share your thoughts about how we should move forward as we, hopefully, recover from the cloud of the pandemic. Thanks to the many of you who responded.

You indicated that you take classes, first, to continue learning and, second, to participate in lively discussions about topics of interest. We were most interested to learn what formats you might like us to use to offer classes. There was great enthusiasm for returning to our classrooms on campus, but many of you mentioned that Zoom offered advantages for some members (who couldn’t make it to campus for one reason or another). There was also some interest in Zoom classes being offered after 4 p.m. Finally, a hybrid model of some members in the room and others on Zoom sounded promising to many members. You suggested using a variety of formats might be a good way to bring back, maintain, and increase our membership. We are planning to follow your advice.

Many of you said you first heard about ALL via a friend, so, please, you, too, tell your friends about us.

Marilyn Nouri
Chair, Long Range Planning Committee
Special Events
On Wednesday, March 23, 2022, ALL member and coordinator, June Calender, presented her program "Reflections Launch Celebration" to a Zoom audience of approximately 30 ALL members at 1:30 in the afternoon. June is the Editor of Reflections, the annual ALL publication of poems, short stories, and pictures by ALL members. She is assisted by Barbara Berelowitz, Catherine McMullen, Mary Nyman, and Rita Richardson, her Editorial Committee.

Various authors from the Reflections 2022 publication were present at the program and read their poems and short stories to the ALL Zoom audience. The following ALL members participated: Lawrence Brown read his poem "My Design". Mary Clare Casey read her poem "Weaver of Silk". Bill Holcombe read his poems "Being Released" and "The Once and No Longer American Pickup Truck". Miriam Kronish read her short story "Eugenia Fortes Beach". John McWilliam read his short story "Spider Tale". Wayne Miller read his poems "Yo No Tango", "Confrontation", and "Chixiculub". Havana Moss read her poem "Clothesline". Nancy Paslaski read her short story "Looking Back in Time". One of our deceased ALL members, Jack DeBenedetto, wrote a poem entitled "Shoulda Coulda Woulda", and it was read by Wayne Miller.

Thank you, June, for putting this delightful program together. Please click on the button below to find the 2022 copy of Reflections for a complete reading of poems and short stories, including pictures, by our ALL members.
At the present time, we do not have any more Special Events scheduled for the spring semester, but stay tuned for more events in the fall of 2022.

Diane Hoover
Chair, Special Events Committee

Zoom Works Just Fine
For Many Coordinators
This continues an ongoing series of stories about Academy for Lifelong Learning coordinators and classes. Please let us know if you have a course or coordinator you would like to see featured.
Andrea Plate has practiced origami for over 12 years and displays her work in local art shows. She has studied independently, by participating in online workshops and by attending origami conventions. Her passion is sharing the value, benefits, and joy of folding with others. She has been successfully teaching origami on Zoom for ALL and other South Shore organizations.

"Bringing People of the World a Little Closer through Origami and Zoom"

When the pandemic came, I was nervous about how the lockdown, and how using Zoom, would affect my teaching and Origami practice. In retrospect, I found that while Zoom has challenges, it also made many extraordinary things possible. In the last 2 years I attended conventions and workshops in California, New York, India, North Atlanta Georgia, Israel, New Mexico, and Costa Rica…and so many more were available! Through Zoom I have become a stronger folder, and have worked with creative teachers, and intriguing designers who have prompted me to share that growth with my ALL students.

This semester my ALL origami class learned to fold models from the book, Origami Journey, written by Dasa (pronounced Dasha) Severova. I’ve had the pleasure of taking several of her workshops, both in person and online. I found her to be creative, warm and personable and wondered if she would be willing to do a virtual guest visit to my class. I contacted her through Instagram, another virtual application I became familiar with during the lockdown. I explained the class was based on her text and invited her to visit and say hello to the students.

Dasa readily accepted the invitation and joined us on Monday, March 21st at 9 a.m. The class had the chance to ask Dasa, who lives in Geneva, how she creates her designs. She noted that she often starts from a model she knows then wonders “what can I change in this model?” Sometimes she gets what’s called a “snowball” in origami (imagine making a snowball and you get the idea) but sometimes she discovers something new and different.

I have included a screenshot of her visit to our class. Dasa is the 2nd person from the left in the top row. My picture is the 1st person from the left on the top row. 
As you can see from the smiles of the other students, her visit was a success.

I am not sure what part Zoom will play in my future ALL classes, but I do know that Zoom helped make this past semester a good one. Some of my students were brand new to origami, others have now taken several workshops with me over the years at ALL. Regardless of skill levels, by meeting together on Zoom, all of us found ourselves to be members of a group and sharing a joyful activity, and in these challenging times, we all need some joy.

Andrea Plate
ALL Coordinator
Text used for the Origami Class
Origami Journey: into the Fascinating World of Geometric Origami
by Dáša Ševerová (Author)
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