Newsletter - April 2022
Octane Wireless will be participating in some upcoming exhibitions and trade shows and we look forward to seeing you.  Contact us ahead of time to set up a meeting or just stop by our booth.
Next week we will be traveling to Orlando, FL for AUVSI XPONENTIAL. There we will be showcasing our latest developments in high performance antennas for integration on UAV/UAS/Drone platforms and UAV controller and ground station communication devices. Use this link for a free XPO Hall Pass and stop by our booth space 1646.
From 16 - 19 May we will be exhibiting at SOFIC in Tampa, FL in booth number 335. We will be displaying our latest MANET/MIMO antennas, our portfolio or tactical vehicle antennas, and our wearable antennas, among others.
Product Highlight: SA-1350-1390

Recently, we have continued to bolster the range of our electrically small antenna product portfolio for use with MANET/MIMO radio links to UAVs and Drones. Our new L-band stub antenna delivers groundplane-independent operation over 1350 - 1390 MHz.

This new antenna complements our extensive range of stub antennas that operate over the 433 MHz ISM and 900 MHz ISM bands as well as other models that support applications using LTE, 5G, WiFi, C-band and UWB frequencies.
MANET Antennas for Vehicles

With deployments of multiband MANET radios in military vehicles increasing, finding the right suite of vehicle antennas that maximize the use of these radios becomes a greater challenge. Octane Wireless has expanded our MANET antenna line to help simplify antenna selection for military vehicles. 

To support the limited number of mounting points available on vehicles, we now offer multi-band and multi-polarized antenna solutions. These new antennas maximize the capability of MANET radios by providing band diversity and polarization diversity while the antenna occupies only a single mounting location.
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