April 2022 Newsletter
The 2021 tax deadline is now history. Thank you to everyone that helped make it one of our smoothest ever. We are already working to ensure that next year is even better! 
We hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter.
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Now that this tax season has come to an end,
what advice do you have for the next tax season?
Charles Tzinberg

Provide your preparer with all your information at one time – wait until you have everything together. But – realize that the later you wait, the busier your preparer is, and the less likely they will have as much time to think about planning opportunities, etc. Be proactive!

Christi Geggus

Be aware of the items you need, watch your mail closely in January/February and get your information to your tax preparer asap - this is ideal for many reasons including the possibility of someone else filing under your SSN. 

Leslie Gvillo

Gather your information and send it to your preparer as early in the season as possible.
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Electric Vehicle Credits Phasing Out
If you are considering purchasing an electric vehicle and expect to receive a federal tax credit along with the purchase, you better do your homework first. There is a phaseout that is based on a manufacturer’s sales of electric vehicles that impacts the credit available to the purchasers of the vehicles. Read More
Tax Issues that Arise when Converting a Home into a Rental
With the current substantial appreciation in home values and demand for housing exceeding the available inventory, along with low home mortgage interest rates, more and more homeowners are converting their existing homes into rentals when they buy a new home.
Claiming Your Child as a Dependent after a Divorce
Can’t Pay Your Taxes?
Here Are Some Payment Options 
You filed your annual returns, but for one reason or another this year you owe. Find out what options you have if you are not able to pay your balance in full by the due date.
Inheritances Enjoy a Special Tax Benefit
You may hear people use the term “Stepped-Up Basis” which many believe is a tax provision that allows beneficiaries of an inheritance to reduce or even avoid taxes when and if they sell inherited property.
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Charles and his team are always there when I need help or have a question. They keep our accounting and payroll running smoothly without our involvement which gives us more time to focus on our customers. Their help is instrumental to our business and greatly appreciated. Christa Stiles, Genegraphics

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