Volume 28 | April 2022
Behind the Scenes at EMP, Custom Controls, Secure Updates for Zebra Devices, and More!
EMP - Behind the Scenes
One of our marketing initiatives for 2022 is to produce some behind-the-scenes videos. We have a great facility, we have great employees, we have incredible expertise and experience. But how do you convey that to our vendor partners, prospects, and customers? Well, hopefully, some good behind-the-scenes videos will help. If you want to learn more, click below!
Expanding our YouTube Channel
We know, we just talked about this in November. But more great stuff is coming to our YouTube page, and we wanted to be sure that we tell you about it! We continue to upload behind-the-scenes videos, unboxing videos, helpful tech tips, and so much more. Click on the article below to find out more!
Label Print & Apply for Garage Doors
A garage door manufacturer was looking to improve the labeling process on their garage door panels. Every garage door consists of multiple panels that are assembled to form one large door. Each of these panels is manufactured and then labeled. There are a variety of panels and each of them requires a unique label. If the incorrect label is placed, the garage door is assembled incorrectly. They reached out to the EMP team to ensure that every panel is labeled correctly. Click below to read the full story!
Easy & Secure OS Updates for Zebra Devices
Did you ever wish that your Zebra mobile computers could update their OS just like your iPhone does? One day you come in and find out that the device updated itself. Well, read below to find out some exciting updates for your Zebra devices!
Custom Controls
Our Newsletters tend to have themes from month to month. This month is no exception. Our articles on our YouTube videos and specifically our behind-the-scenes videos reference our work on custom controls. The glue that holds many of our project work together. In order to stay on theme, our featured product is also custom controls. Click below to learn more!
Make the Move to Advanced Printing Technology and Receive a Free Printhead
Printhead Incentive Program
Zebra printers are built to last—but if you haven’t upgraded your printers in many years, you’re missing out on the latest printer technologies. With Zebra soon phasing out support for printheads associated with our legacy XiIIIPlus industrial printers and PAX3 print engines, now’s the time to upgrade.

And when you replace select Zebra printers by April 30, 2022, you’ll receive a free printhead for each printer purchased through the Zebra Printhead Incentive Program. Contact us to get started!