Teamwork that makes the dream work!

This month we are excited to continue our longstanding annual HK tradition of celebrating Administrative Professionals Day! Our support team has certainly grown throughout the years and without their efforts, Hoover Krepelka, LLP would not be the firm it is today. We extend a massive round of applause and heartfelt appreciation for this team of rockstars who are integral to our operations.

Cheers to the teamwork that makes the dream work!
New Hire
Patricia M. Zerbini
Hoover Krepelka, LLP is delighted to welcome Patricia Mercedes Zerbini, Senior Associate Attorney. Ms. Zerbini earned her Juris Doctorate from Golden Gate University School of Law in 2009 and has been representing clients in complex divorce, high conflict child custody matters, and property division issues. She is fluent in Spanish and has successfully advocated for Spanish-speaking clients. Ms. Zerbini is actively involved in the Santa Clara County Bar Association and currently serves as Chair of the Family Law Section. Her 10+ years of family law and bankruptcy law experience make her a valuable addition to our diverse line up of family law attorneys.  
SCCBA & CCBA MCLE Seminar: Joint Ownership and Division of Property Issues in Superior Court, Family Court and Probate Court 
Thursday, April 28th 12pm – 1:30pm
 MCLE Credit: 1.5 hours General Substantive Law
Please join Julia P. McDowell and an esteemed panel of legal experts for the SCCBA Real Property & Business Section’s seminar on Joint Ownership and Property Division Issues. The panel will discuss a variety of methods of co-ownership of real estate and real estate business and the various methods of division of such property in Superior Court, Family Court and Estate/Probate Court.
National Internship Awareness Month 
April marks National Internship Awareness Month. This is an occasion to recognize and appreciate past and present interns for investing time and effort in launching their legal careers.

Every summer, Hoover Krepelka, LLP offers an internship program for students seeking a foundational and educational experience in family law. Interns and law clerks have the opportunity to assist our legal team in hands-on case management, organization and overall family law training. Every once in a while, they are able to catch an exciting hearing or trial to gain first-hand familiarity with the experiences of a family law attorney.

HK has several employees who began their careers working as interns, including Partners and Certified Family Law Specialists, James J. Hoover and Travis I. Krepelka! We took a poll and asked our past and present interns to share their thoughts about their interning experience:
Michelle Casillas, Office Manager
"My favorite memory from when I was an intern eleven years ago is Angie taking me out for lunch on my first day. 

Thanks, Angie, and Happy Birthday!"
Raechele Jang, Associate Attorney
"As a law clerk, I received associate-level training and had time to familiarize myself with HK’s protocols. I also had the opportunity to connect and work with the many attorneys at HK. I witnessed their different approaches to writing, oral advocacy, and case management. I’m grateful for my law clerk experience because it eased my transition into my role as an associate attorney."
Thomas Patterson, File Clerk
 "I have learned how to have a higher level of attention to detail when dealing with various things from my time at HK. Working at HK has helped me be quicker and more precise with my tasks and that extends to my personal
life as well."
Samantha Masters, Law Clerk
"I am immensely grateful to be working at HK. As a law student and new legal professional, working here has reaffirmed my desire to practice family law after passing the bar. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such intelligent, supportive, and kind individuals every day. In just my few short months here, I have learned so much and appreciate all the projects that I been able to assist with." 
April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. We encourage our community to spread awareness and seek ways to find support for children mentally and physically.

This month we spotlight Bay Area Crisis Nursery (BACN), a nonprofit that strives to support all children and prevent child abuse and neglect by providing supportive services to families. The Bay Area Crisis Nursery is the only crisis nursery in the San Francisco Bay Area. The nursery is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year and serves children from birth through 5 years. This nonprofit also provides programs that assist with emergency childcare services, overnight housing, and access to supplies like food, clothing, and diapers. Members of BACN offer support to families in need of social services, housing, medical care, dental care, employment assistance, job training, parenting classes, other educational services, and substance abuse treatment.

Would you like to show your support? Learn how here.
We wish you a happy Earth Day on April 22.

What are you doing to invest in our planet?  Drop us a line to let us know and take a peek at some of the magnificent earthly projects our employees are doing at home.
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