April 2022

Greetings to Our New Members
If you're reading a PTG member e-newsletter for the first time, welcome! If you need anything, please get in touch with your chapter president, Regional Vice President, or the PTG Home Office. Be sure to check out some of the great benefits of PTG membership. To all members, check out the list of new members in each month's Journal and see who's new in your area.
Database and Web Changes
The PTG Home Office continues the process of transitioning to a new member management system and this is affecting access and log in to the website. Our apologies for any problems you may be experiencing. We are doing our best to move as quickly as possible through the process. Tip: If you get an error message when you try to log in, try hitting the back arrow or refresh button at the top of your browser page.
  When we have completed the transition, you will be receiving a welcome message that prompts you to reset your password in the new system. By following instructions in that message, you will be able to create a new system login using the email address associated with your account.
Position Opening: Journal Editor
The Piano Technicians Journal is seeking a person to serve on its editorial staff. Here’s a short list of qualifications we’re looking for. A strong candidate will:
  • Be a Registered Piano Technician.
  • Possess intermediate to advanced technical skills and experience.
  • Be a capable writer.
  • Be a capable photographer.
  • Be a capable computer user (Microsoft Word/Excel and PDF editing).
  • Be an active team member with good communication skills.
  • Be able to meet deadlines consistently.
  • Be available to attend monthly virtual staff meetings.
  • Have adequate professional time to meet Journal responsibilities, 10-20 hours per month.
Experience with editing and publishing is a plus. This is a contracted and compensated position, open until filled. If you have questions or are interested, contact us at editor@ptg.org.
PTG Digital Written Exam
If you are a member interested in taking the exam, please get in touch with a local RPT who can then get the process started. The RPT sponsor should contact the Home Office (kathy@ptg.org) or the ETSC Written Exam Subcommittee (Robert Guenther, r.guenther.rpt@gmail.com or Greg Cheng, gchengrpt@gmail.com) to set up an exam and receive instructions for the examiner and examinee. Please be aware that the paper version of the exam is no longer valid.
2022 Convention Website
Check out these quick links to start planning your 2022 PTG Convention & Technical Institute experience.
What's in the April 2022 Journal?
  • Harpsichord Basics for Piano Technicians Part 2: How to Tune a Harpsichord
  • Developing Customer Loyalty
  • What to Buy - A Series for The Beginning Technician, Part 9: Business Aids and Miscellaneous Items
  • And much more.
The Piano Technicians Journal is always available 24-7. Read the April issue here.
Special NAMM Offer for PTG Members
NAMM and the PTG have again partnered to offer members a discounted registration to the June 3-5. 2022 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA. 
The rate will be $25 for PTG members.
A new registration system is in place. Here’s how it works:
You must be a PTG member.
You MUST send an e-mail to shawn@ptg.org with your complete name and e-mail address by May 9, 2022. Please include NAMM NAME BADGE REQUEST in the subject line. That e-mail address will be shared with NAMM. You will receive an e-mail invitation from NAMM with further instructions on how to complete the registration process. Once complete, you will receive confirmation from NAMM that your badge awaits you.
If you make it to the show, please make sure and say hello at the PTG Booth. More information about the NAMM show is available at www.namm.org/thenammshow/2022/attend.
Staffing Changes
Longtime PTG Staff Accountant Jason Hensley has left for a great opportunity after nearly 20 years of service. Many of you knew him as the “money-guy”, the “fill your form out correctly guy” or the one manning the PTG store booth. His diligence and dedication will be missed. We wish him well. The departure has left the PTG office extremely short staffed, especially at a time with many major projects underway. We appreciate your understanding and patience.
Deadlines for Bylaws Proposals, Reports and RFAs
The next meeting of the Board of Directors will take place in Anaheim, CA on July 31 and August 1, 2022. This is notice that all reports and Requests for Action (RFAs) forms (not sent to the Bylaws Committee) will be due on Thursday, June 16 to be included in the Board/Council book. A Committee Report form can be found with Committee Documents on www.ptg.org.
  It is not required that Organizational Policy amendments be sent to the Bylaws Committee but the committee will check for conflicts with Bylaws and assist in writing amendments. If desired, proposed amendments must be submitted in writing using the Request for Action (RFA) form with the revision date of 2022/01 with supporting arguments, to the chair of the Bylaws Committee no later than Friday, May 27.
  All proposed Bylaw amendments must be submitted to Allan Gilreath, Chair of the Bylaws Committee, no later than Friday, May 27. Email all proposals to allan@allangilreath.com with a copy to bylaws@ptg.org. Please use the current RFA form with a revision date of 2022/01 which can be found in the Forms and Documents section of www.ptg.org. All reports and RFAs should be submitted in WORD format for easy placement into the Board/Council book.
  The annual Council meeting will be held August 2. This is notice that all Delegate and Alternate names will be due by July 1 in order to participate in the Council meeting. Chapter presidents will be receiving a reminder with an attached Delegate Registration Form. If you have any questions about any Board or Council-related items, please feel free to contact Barbara Cassaday at Barbara@ptg.org or call 913-276-5207.
Upcoming Deadlines
April 30, 2022
Deadline for PTGF Convention & Exam Scholarship applications

May 27, 2022
Bylaws Proposals and RFA's due to Bylaws Committee

June 16, 2022
Board & Committee Reports due. RFA's not sent to Bylaws Committee due

July 1, 2022
Council Delegate and Alternate names due

For more deadline information visit the online Events page.
PTG Green Initiative
As adopted in 2005, the Council Book of Resolutions states, "Home Office and PTG membership shall be environmentally aware." Over the last year, the HO has been working towards eliminating the printing and mailing of such things as newsletters, supplements, invoices, and monthly statements. Please update your profile online or contact the HO if we do not have your current contact information. Click on Public Profile under your Contact Details to update your information.