April Updates
If April showers bring May flowers - what do Mayflowers bring?

It's a lovely day to be outside even if it's just to splash around in puddles. Here, we've opened up the windows and released the following development items into the world in exchange for fresh breezes. Oh, and the joke answer is somewhere below.
What's New
Requests & Reservations

  • An 'add facility' link is now on reservations to add dates at a new facility on the same permit group & invoice, including requirements.
  • Management side reservations require the completion of custom forms even if skipping most of the checkout with the no payment option.
  • Reservation bills generated from a reservation in an account now include balances owed for deposits.
  • A default buffer can be set on facilities, which will override any global buffer for reservations.
  • Reservation buffers are represented in availability charts and when viewing reservation dates (if selected).

Activities: Standard & Advanced

  • Seat tracking was added to the standard activity Registrations tab to view when seats were held and released for all attempts.
  • Program level age and single member adjustments now show a single day pricing option choice.
  • An issue where typo-ed dates (ex. 1/2/2) stuck on program/activity search was fixed and so has the resulting past activities showing issue.
  • An oddity in date display on advanced activities when setting end dates for questions has been corrected.
  • The repeating deposit setting has been disabled on single day pricing options as the two are incompatible.
  • Buffers can be seen on management-side activity schedules by clicking a checkbox from the schedule tab.


  • The most recent disclaimer is now held on checkout, regardless of page reload and button press.
  • The Mgmt Qty only setting has returned to allowing quantity guest selection for management checkout and not public checkout.

Email Blasts

  • Using the 'send to team' link in email blasts By Activity sends to just that team.
  • Selecting a team checkbox and including coaches in By Activity email blasts no longer results in an error.


  • Membership, activity, & adv activity balance reports can be viewed by program-level to aid in seeing membership/program balances at once.
  • The 1pm time slot on the Facility Schedule report no longer thinks it is 1am.
  • Bar graphs & pie charts were updated to more modern bar graphs in dashboard reports. Older financial report pie charts were deprecated.

Possible future items are in Misc > Upcoming Changes where you can vote on them.
A: Mayflowers bring pilgrims.
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