The Chapter Fund is a pot of cash available to AFP GLAC members to help cover chapter dues, National Philanthropy Day, in-person events and educational opportunities. The funds are important to sustain membership, open doors to learning, and to deepen the profession regionally. What the chapter offers improves fundraising skills across the region and builds networking. We all bring in additional cash, in-kind, and promotional support to find cures for cancer, homes for the homeless, new works of art, and countless other important things that make Los Angeles alive.

We invite you to contribute to this effort. We have reached out to all who gave last year during the first quarter to nudge them to give again and more. In 2021, 12% of you contributed cash to the Chapter Fund, and we were (and continue to be) very grateful. Gifts ranged from $5 to $1,200 Some members gave one time, and some gave monthly. The average gift was $50. The goal for 2022 is $4,000, and we are 27% of the way there.

We hope you can contribute to this fund. A link below is provided to help. Thank you.