April 2022 Edition
• We Need Your Feedback!

• Why Do We Do What We Do?

• Lighting the 94th Academy Awards: Gear List & Credits

• Exciting Things are Happening in the CD/TYA Division!

• Mandi Theatre presents an array of exclusive performances on the occasion of International Women's Day - IL

• Drama Club Fundraising Ideas


The ITA Board is looking to revamp our annual event in the hopes of making it more accessible to all our members. To accomplish this, there are so many questions:

  • One-day event or two?
  • August or September?
  • Award luncheon or dinner?
  • Workshop?
  • Round table discussions?
  • Key Note Speaker?
  • Theatre outing?


Please use the link below and complete the survey to
create an annual event that is appealing to all!


An Award of Excellence from each of the following divisions will be presented at the Annual Awards Ceremony.

  • Professional Theatre
  • Community Theatre
  • College & University Theatre
  • Secondary School Theatre
  • Creative Drama & Theatre for Young Audiences

In addition to the division awards, The ANNE THURMAN AWARD for mentorship and the AWARD OF HONOR will be presented.


Use the link below to submit a nomination.

The following positions are open:

  • Second Vice-President (Communication Director)
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Director

  • College & University Theatre Division Representative (1 year)
  • Secondary School Theatre Division Representative (2 year)
  • Creative Drama & Theatre for Young Audience Representative (2 years)


If you have any questions, feel free to email Carmel DeStefano at [email protected].

Use the link below to complete the self-nominating interest form.
We Need Your Feedback!

A Letter from Carmel DeStefano
of the Illinois Theatre Association
Board President

Dear Theatre Friends,

With the coming of spring, it seems we are emerging from the cold isolation of the pandemic, (I hope I haven’t jinxed us,) and into really connecting again. I’ve actually attended more live theatre this past month than I have in two years. As the virtual meetings and performances are becoming less and less, the ITA Board is asking how can we make our “in-person events” more appealing to our members. 

One such events is the annual awards celebration and membership meeting. For the past two years, the ceremony and meeting has been virtual. The few years before that, it was an evening Red Carpet Gala followed by a meeting the next day. Over the history of the organization, we’ve held, conferences, workshops, luncheons, and performances in various venues to meet, exchange ideas and celebrate theatre.

We want to make this year’s event the biggest and the best yet! To do that we need your input on what form the 2022’s get together should take. Please, take a few minutes to click on the link to the left and fill out the survey, so the ITA can create a celebration you’d be thrilled to attend.

While we are looking for inspiration on the Award Celebration, we are also looking for inspirational award recipients. Know someone or a company that is an inspirational example of excellence in theatre? Nominate them for the recognition they deserve! Nomination form link to the left.

It is also time for ITA Board nominations! If you'd like to become more involved with the ITA as it builds stronger and more focused in its advocacy for all forms of Theatre in Illinois, consider becoming a Board member. The open offices and nomination link is to the left of this letter.

Thank you for you passion and dedication to Theatre in Illinois.
Why Do We Do What We Do?
by Tracy Nunnally of the Illinois Theatre Association
ITA Professional Theatre Division Representative

In our everyday lives, we often encounter people who have never given much thought to what we do as professional storytellers. This week, while chatting with such a person, she asked why I do what I do. So often, we are being pushed by a crazy schedule, taking only the time we need to get our business done and then moving on to the next appointment, but every so often, we actually have the time to give a really good answer. When Megan asked me this question, we both had some time, so I asked her to sit down and I told her a short story.
GRAND News!! 

Sponsored by the Professional & College University Divisions


We have received a lot of feedback from applicants and reviewers that the timing of the live/virtual event on April 22 and 23 is happening at an awkward time for many and they would not be able to take advantage of the opportunity.

In the spirit of making this a welcoming place for all and the most useful tool we can provide, the ITA made the call today to cancel the live/virtual event itself this weekend and make this platform available with a Rolling Deadline. 

Applicants who are still looking for summer work or full-time work starting in the summer should apply in the next week or so. Applicants looking for full time work starting in the fall can wait a little longer. 

Please click the link below 
to register as an Applicant or Reviewer.
Lighting the 94th Academy Awards: Gear List & Credits
by Ellen Lampert-Greaux of LIVEDESIGN
Submitted by Steven House
ITA College Theatre Division Representative

Light Designers Bod Dickinson and Noah Mitz were the light designers for the 94th Academy Awards that were presented Sunday the 27th of March. If your lighting students are like mine the first thing they want to talk about the following Monday is all the gear. Here is a link to all the lighting instruments used in the design and a full list of the lighting crew.
Exciting Things are Happening in the CD/TYA Division!
by David Downing
ITA Creative Drama/Theatre for Young Audiences Division Representative

Exciting Ideas have been generated to reinvigorate the CD/TYA Division!
Mandi Theatre presents an array of exclusive performances on the occasion of International Women's Day - IL
by Sonali Srivastava of Mandi Theatre
Submitted by Alka Sharma
ITA Community Theatre Division Representative

Mandi Theater, in collaboration with the Consulate General of India, Chicago, hosted the International Women’s Day celebration at the Prairie Center for the Arts, Schaumburg, Illinois. With a theme of “Break the Bias,” the Mandi Theater brought local artists from the Chicagoland area for a live performance before an engaging audience of over several hundred people, along with members of the board of the organization.
Drama Club Fundraising Ideas
by Lindsey Baker, of DONORBOX
Submitted by Deena Cassady
ITA Secondary School Theatre Division Representative

Did the pandemic drain your school production budget bank account dry? Just because we had to limit our houses to 50 seats, or in some areas zero seats with a live-stream only, doesn't mean productions cost any less to produce these past two years. Now that we are back on stage and welcoming audiences into our spaces, we are all ready to produce those BIG get-butts-in-seats shows...but are our school drama club bank accounts? And let us not even discuss the price of lumber these days! In this DONORBOX article, "Drama Club Fundraising Ideas," by Lindsey Baker, discover some new-to-you fundraisers that can help offset some of the pandemic financial setbacks.
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