April 2022 | W968C3
Manufacturer Connectivity

To configure OASIS to connect to a manufacturer's data system, please follow the link below and select the manufacturer from the list. The link will redirect you to an article to help you set up that manufacturer.

If you haven't installed OASIS in over a year or two, it is helpful to uninstall and reinstall using the installer on our website. The link below will walk you through reinstalling OASIS.

Would it be beneficial to show manufacturer pricing to only certain distributors?
User Types
User types grant access to O4 and/or Legacy OASIS. User types can be changed at any time, but any changes made will affect billing. Click the link below to learn more.

Bearer Tokens
O4 allows users to generate bearer tokens for API. To learn more about how to generate a bearer token in O4 click the link below!

Webinar Rescheduled
The April webinar on submittals has been rescheduled for 10:00 AM CST on 4.8.22
Customer Web Portal
The customer web portal makes it easy for an agent to share account specific information with their customers. Click the link below to watch a short video of what the portal looks like from the customer's point of view.