APRIL 2023

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Spring in Bloom

We’ve finally reached the part of spring where the warm days outnumber the cold days! The longer days of sunlight are also a welcome change. Flowers are in bloom and trees are blossoming everywhere you look. We hope you’re able to take advantage of these nice spring days.


  • AFP Office Move – We will be making an announcement soon on where and when. However, at this point in time it would be premature to provide any additional information. As soon as we know, we will let you know so please stay tuned!

  • AFP April Financial Friday Webinar –  'Cybersecurity & 9 Ways to Protect Yourself' Next Friday, April 28th at noon via Zoom, AFP will be hosting this webinar with guest speaker Wendell Tucker, owner of Data Resolutions, an IT Services and IT Consulting firm . Would you like to attend? Let Erik know at [email protected]Webinar links will only be sent next Friday morning to those who confirm their attendance ahead of time. If you know anyone who would like to attend or could benefit from this information, please pass along the webinar email to them.

  • Short-Term Cash Alternative – Given the increase in short-term rates, Certificate of Deposits (CDs) have become attractive options again for cash. AFP has access to FDIC brokered CDs through TD Ameritrade & Charles Schwab at better rates than banks and credit unions. If you would like more information, give us a call.

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6 Ways You Can Thwart Check Washers

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+ Teri's World

April always seems to usher in a sense of renewal. The ability to get outside, plan some little trips here and there, work in the garden, take in outdoor events – just feels good. Earlier this month I spent some time visiting relatives in Shreve and hiking in Mohican State Park. The community garden is fenced in and ready for planting. I had some of my grandsons over to color Easter Eggs, and I went Easter Egg hunting with my other 2 grandsons. Earlier this week, Tracey and I went to see the musical, “Ain’t Too Proud” at the Ohio Theatre. An absolutely amazing performance. We had to laugh at our picture as it isn’t very flattering, but it has been a grueling last few weeks at work and it shows! 

+ Nathan's Notes

While Fall may be my favorite season, I think Spring is the one I anticipate and look forward to the most. Even though this past winter wasn’t too gloomy (by Ohio standards), I always look forward to the longer days and warmer temperatures. Spending time outdoors, even to mow the lawn or to fix the fence, is especially enjoyed. This month we’ve explored Franklin Park Conservatory for the first time, took our first hike of the season, and had our first ant in the house. We’ve also booked a couple of trips for the summer that we’re really looking forward to – Smokey Mountains and Rocky Mountains.

+ Tracey's Time

Things here are greening up and summer is just around the corner. We accomplished some outdoor tasks as the weather and our time allowed. Cayleigh has kept us busy as the school year nears its end. There are exams to prepare for and Prom, of course. Dress and shoe shopping was followed by a visit to the tailor for alterations. Hair and nails will be on the to do list soon. These tasks are much more enjoyable than filing tax returns so the distraction is as welcome as the sun’s warmth.

+ Erik's Exploits

Earlier this month I attended the last Jackets game on my ticket plan for the season. It was another loss in a season filled with them. Mercifully, their season has finally come to an end with the start of the playoffs. Hopefully they'll be able to land a top pick in the upcoming draft lottery. 

I did finally manage to get an update of sorts on the truck I ordered this past fall; and by update I mean they let me know they still have no idea when it’s supposed to arrive. While not the news I was hoping for, I was glad to see I haven’t been forgotten about.

Current Economic and Investment Information

EARNINGS SEASON BEGINS – The largest US banks kicked off earnings season last Friday (4/14/23). Analysts lowered earnings per-share (EPS) estimates for 22% of companies in the S&P 1500 on a net basis. (source: Bloomberg)

SOCIAL INSECURITY – The projected “exhaust date” for the Social Security Trust fund was moved up by one year to 2034 from 2035. At that point, annual revenues would only be sufficient to cover 80% of total benefits. (source: OASDI)

TIGHTER CREDIT – Following the failure of SVB Financial and Signature Bank in early March, consumers are reporting tighter credit conditions. (source: NY Fed Survey of Consumer Expectations)

BARE CARE: RECESSION – Citing higher inflation, higher interest rates, rising geopolitical concerns and now reduced credit availability, credit portfolio managers expect global economies to fall into recession. 84% expect the US to enter recession this year, and 61% expect a recession in Europe and the UK at some point this year. (source: IACPM)

EV TAX BREAKS – The U.S. Treasury Department released its list of plug-in models that qualify for a federal tax credit under the Inflation Reduction Act. Only 16 models are now eligible for a full or partial tax credit. The eligible vehicles are built by four car companies: Tesla Inc., Ford Motor Co., General Motors Co. and Stellantis NV, which owns Jeep and Chrysler. (source: The Wall Street Journal)

Bond Market Dynamics

Bond markets have been rattled given recent events in the banking industry.

The good news is that the Federal Reserve, U.S. Treasury, and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation are taking action to restore confidence and take the appropriate measures to help provide stability in the market.

With this in mind, the below infographic from New York Life Investments looks at the factors that impact bonds, how different types of bonds have historically performed across market environments, and the current bond market volatility in a broader context.

Click here to view the source.


Insurance Coverage

What is Personal Cyber Insurance

and Should You Buy It?

By Cheryl Winokur Munk

Source: The Wall Street Journal

With cybercrime spreading, insurers are offering a new kind of product to meet the threat: policies that protect individuals, as opposed to businesses. 

Here are answers to questions consumers may have about personal cyber insurance.

Who should consider coverage?

Everyone should consider it, says Lee W. McKnight, an associate professor in the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University, given the rise in data breaches, cyber threats and other internet security risks in recent years.

Over the past five years, the FBI’s internet Crime Complaint Center has received 3.26 million complaints about personal cyberattacks, with losses valued at $27.6 billion. In 2022 alone, the center received 800,944 complaints with losses totaling $10.3 billion.

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Banking Apps

How Bank Apps Know You're You

A lot goes on behind the scenes to keep you safe from hackers.

By Dalvin Brown

Source: The Wall Street Journal

If we’ve learned one thing from years of hacks and phishing, it’s this: A username and a password alone aren’t strong enough to protect our most precious accounts.

So why don’t our bank apps require us to pile on extra security settings?

Security experts (and our own columnists) have long urged people to turn on two-factor authentication or other tools to secure their apps. Banks, arguably the most sensitive apps on our smartphones, don’t often make you use any of that.

Instead, banks run a lot of software in the background to make sure you’re really you. Among several factors considered during logins are: the time of day, location, device IP address, mobile carrier, and if any links prompted users to open the app. If anything differs from your unique “fingerprint,” your bank might suspect a hacker or a phishing attempt, and prompt you to take more steps to verify your identity.

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“Our spring has come at last with the soft laughter of April suns and shadow of April showers.”

- Byron Caldwell

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