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“Resurrection calls us to become midwives to our world as we move from the various dimension of chaos, pain, and sorrow to a rebirth that fosters the buds of new life.”

Theologian Mark Clarke compares Easter to a midwifery process where “messy and often painful emotions are the passageways to the new, to a rebirth, a resurrection….Through perseverance and support, we can walk into a resurrected life.” That is also a great description of what happens at Bethany House!

There are indeed “messy and often painful emotions” in a house full of young women who have fled their homes and families under dire circumstances, only to find themselves on a dangerous and often life-threatening journey. Why do they undertake a journey that demeans their human dignity? Their reasons are as diverse as their lives. Several have been trafficked by those bearing empty promises of modeling careers or lucrative jobs that would allow them to support their poverty-stricken families at home. Some flee the violence of gangs and threats against their lives and those of their families. Others are fleeing family members who would sell them into early marriage or subject them to female genital mutilation. All carry hope for a better life for themselves and their children—a possibility that is elusive in their country of origin. Most set out knowing the journey will be difficult, but later admit they had no idea of the inhumane and dehumanizing experience that would follow. 

Through their own perseverance and resilience and the support of staff, volunteers and benefactors of Bethany House—and, perhaps as importantly, the mutual support they find in one another—the women here begin to “walk into a resurrected life.” 

“Resurrection calls us to become midwives to our world as we move from the various dimension of chaos, pain, and sorrow to a rebirth that fosters the buds of new life,” says Mark Clark.  You too can be midwives supporting new life for the women of Bethany House. We thank all of you who have become a part of the many lives we touch at Bethany House.

Congratulations to the new officers of the

Board of Bethany House

who recently assumed their new roles.

Sister Dolores Zemont, OSF


Sister Patricia Bergen, CSJ

Vice President

Sister Catherine Fedewa, CSFN

continues as Secretary

Sister Dorothy Pagosa, SSJ-TOSF

continues as Treasurer

Thank you to each of you and all our dedicated Board members

for your service to the women of Bethany House!

Gifts that Continue to Give Life

We are grateful to those who remember Bethany House in their wills. Last month we were notified that Bethany House is a beneficiary of the Dolores Leander Memorial Trust on the death of her daughter, Sister Cecilia Davis, OP. We extend our sympathy to family and friends of Dolores and Sister Cecilia. Their gift will support young women as they continue their journey into new life.

Would you like to become a mentor for a woman moving out on her own? Do you have time to share simply accompanying women (and children) at the house? Would you like to fix a meal or treat for our Bethany House family? Would you like to share a craft or art experience? Use our Contact Form to let us know!

Donations for food, personal items and household needs; transportation to and from school and work; and cell phones for safety and to maintain connections to family are always much needed and very much appreciated.

Monetary donations can be mailed to:

Bethany House of Hospitality

c/o Patricia Crowley OSB,

7430 N. Ridge Blvd.

Chicago, IL 60645

Online donations can be made through PayPal:

Donate to Bethany House

Gift Cards

Gift cards are always welcome for groceries or the women's personal needs. We frequently shop at Local Market Foods, Costco and Jewel. The women appreciate the opportunity for personalized selection at Ross, Amazon or Target.

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The Bethany House Wish List on Amazon includes personal and household items we regularly use.

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