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April 2023
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Modeling the Path to Self-Regulation for Students Through Me Moments
Watch this 30 minute on-demand webinar to learn about key strategies for implementing self-regulation strategies in your learning environment using the Taking a Me Moment Toolkit.
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The Diary Alliance - Dairy Training is Available Year-round for Staff
A 0.5 CEU credit will be awarded for each attendee. Trainings include: Milk Dispensers 101, Reimbursement to the Max, Bingo! Win with Fuel Up to Play 60, Milk it with Moo Brew, Strive for 35, and Dairy Delicious Smoothies.
Click here to request training and gain access to available recorded trainings. 
National Park Week is April 22-30 -
Explore The Great Smoky Mountains!
National Park Week comes together with the National Park Foundation, National Park Services, and parks across the country to celebrate our most treasured places. As the weather warms up this month, pick a day to explore our own National Park, The Great Smoky Mountains. From hiking trails, taking a picnic, or horseback riding in Cades Cove, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Entrance fees are waived on April 22nd to kick off the celebration!
Click here for details on the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.
Resource Highlights
BrainPOP: 186 Topics to Explore - Health and SEL, The Human Body and Social Emotional Learning

A wide range of topics are covered including: asthma, addiction, flu, body systems, bullying, conflict resolution, peer pressure, and more.
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High School Sports Nutrition - After Exercise

Developed by board-certified sports dietitians and aligned with the National Federation for High School Association’s position statements, these resources take the guesswork out of proper fueling for your high school athletes.
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Headspace - Bring Mindfulness into the Classroom

Whether you’re feeling inspired to connect more with your students or you’re looking for a new way to bring calm to your classroom, Headspace can help students build healthy habits that last a lifetime. Better focus, less stress, and happier thoughts are just a few minutes away.
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Meal or Fruit and Vegetable Snack Interventions Combined with Physical Activity Interventions in Schools

This one page handout summarizes the Community Preventive Services Task Force's (CPSTF) recommendation and systematic review evidence for school-based interventions that combine meal or fruit and vegetable snack interventions with physical activity interventions to improve health among elementary school students through grade six.
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Grant Opportunities
COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 County Check Find community levels and prevention steps by county. Data updated weekly (CDC).

One Stop Online for COVID Prevention and Treatment in Every County. Visitors to the site can enter their county and map nearby locations for masks, respirators, vaccines, boosters, and all testing and treatment options.

Help Prevent the Spread of Respiratory Viruses
An important step that parents and caregivers can take is to get vaccinated against flu and COVID-19 to help keep kids—especially those under 6 months, who can’t yet receive flu or COVID-19 vaccines—safe.
Booster Calculator Use this tool to determine when or if you (or your child) can get one or more COVID-19 boosters. Bookmark other CDC tools below.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) public education campaign, We Can Do This, recently launched the Pediatricians and Family Physicians Toolkit to help physicians increase confidence in and uptake of COVID-19 vaccines among their patients and in the communities they serve.
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