Appraisal Corner
As we get ready to figure out how much commercial properties are worth in Bannock County for 2024, we have two main goals: follow the rules set by the state and make sure things are fair for everyone who owns commercial property. Commercial property includes things like shops, restaurants, offices, and hotels. When we do our yearly assessment, we only look at how much the buildings and land are worth, not how well the businesses inside them are doing.
Even though the total value of commercial property in Bannock County has gone up, different types of businesses, like stores or restaurants, have seen varying levels of growth. To prepare for the 2024 assessment, we've been working hard to identify these changes in value for each type of business. We've also been checking different types of commercial properties within a category to make sure they're being valued fairly compared to others like them.
For instance, if two apartment buildings in Pocatello are both 40 years old and in similar condition, they should be valued about the same per apartment based on things like how much rent they bring in. And when new places are built in an area, the value of nearby land for businesses might go up, too.
We've been using our mass appraisal system (ProVal) for six years to help us better determine property values. Our team checks whole groups of similar properties to make sure none are being valued unfairly. These checks help us spot if any properties are being valued too low or too high, which could mean some property owners are paying too much or too little in taxes.
Making sure property values are fair and equitable is very important to us. Many topics can aid in finding fair and equitable assessments, including current rental/lease rates, building updates, needed facility repairs, etc. We view property owners as partners in the assessment process and welcome conversations with property owners any time of the year. If you have questions or concerns about your property, please feel free to reach out to us any time!
DMV Corner
Business in our office is picking up as the weather warms up, and we expect it to get even busier as summer quickly approaches. If you have an off-highway vehicle (ATV, UTV, etc.), stop by and get your permit before the summer begins. Or if you have a boat that you plan to use in Idaho waterways, you can get your invasive species tag from our office as well.

We will have our annual required spring training with the Idaho Transportation Department on Wednesday, April 10th, 2024. We are sending our entire team to this training session, which means our office will be closed for business that day.
Last month, we mentioned some legislative bills impacting county motor vehicle departments. I am pleased to inform you that Senate Bill 1317 – the 'Don’t Tread On Me' plates – has been passed and signed into law by the Governor. Senate Bill 1282 – Temporary Registration for private sale/purchase of vehicles and House Bill 0583changing residency definition from 90 days to 30 days – also passed and were signed. There have also been a few others that have been introduced regarding different changes to our armed forces (S1226 - passed), disabled veterans (S1321- on hold in the House), and Purple Heart recipient plates (HB547 – passed and signed). We are excited to see these new changes take effect July 1st this year.
Additional Housing and Support Resources
There are numerous housing resources and financial support programs available for qualifying renters and landlords in Bannock County and throughout Idaho. Support is available NOW, so please check out the resources below.
Property Tax Assistance Programs
Certain properties and property owners may be eligible to reduce what they owe on property taxes.
Housing Assistance Fund
The Homeowner Assistance Fund helps eligible Idaho homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments or other housing-related expenses because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Rural Development Programs
USDA Rural Development operates over fifty financial assistance programs for a variety of rural applications.
Affordable Rental and Homeownership Opportunities
SEICAA Housing programs offer both affordable rental housing and homeownership opportunities throughout southeast Idaho.
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