Dear Parents & Students of our LoMastro Performing Arts Academy Family,

Now that we've be active in our Virtual Academy for a few weeks I wanted to touch base and update you on our online classes and recital. Please watch the following video update and reach out with any feedback or questions.

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The Daily Live Class Schedule is posted on Instagram, Facebook, and the homepage of each morning! To follow us, click the links below.

You will also receive an email reminder the day your class is live.

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The Weekly Live Class Schedule for the current week and the following week is posted on the homepage of

We encourage you to download the schedule to help you plan ahead.


  • What Live Classes should my child take? We encourage dancers to take all live classes at the level in which they are enrolled. In addition, students have the opportunity to take Live classes beyond their level. No more than 1 level up or 1 level down is the recommended range.

  • How should my child practice the recital dance? All Recital Choreography videos are available to view at We encourage dancers to practice along with the video at least once per week.

  • Are the teachers working on Recital dances during Live classes? Teachers may do some minimal recital practice during the live classes but primarily we are encouraging the dancers to follow along with the Recital Choreography videos in teachable. It is more effective to do this, because students can follow along with the video easier and repeat at their own pace. Rehearsing recital dances is more difficult during a live-streamed class, because the teacher is facing the students (mirroring them) it would be difficult for the teacher to reverse all the choreography while facing the students in a live-stream class. In other words every movement choreographed on the right would have to be demonstrated by the teacher on the left.  

If you have any questions please respond to this email otherwise we will continue to be in touch with further details as they unfold.

My best,

Loren LoMastro Specht

LoMastro Performing Arts Academy

Ph: 847-615-5400

Additional information about LoMastro Performing Arts Academy is available at: