April 23, 2020 | Issue #38
Advocating, Educating, and Appreciating During COVID-19
We continue to advocate and appreciate this week! I want to point out two developments that are worth recognizing today. First, Congress is in the midst of finalizing the Stimulus 3.5 package.  It should achieve full passage shortly.

The Arc also appreciates the Baker Administration’s changes released on April 20 on the Crisis Standards of Care. The guidance goes further in guarding against discrimination. We are still working on ensuring case by case accommodation for those with disabilities who require surrogate support during hospitalization or key health decision points. Check the Health Care Advocacy section here to learn more.

Keep educating state and federal leaders with your advocacy: over 6,000 emails were set in on health care and our safety net over five days, and The Arc US tracked 44,000 emails/calls in relation to the recent stimulus package. We are working together!
Make A Gift and Double Your Impact
The Arc of Massachusetts staff has been doing all we can to assist families who are overwhelmed, struggling to meet the needs of their loved one with a disability, and searching for accurate information.

Equally important, we are keeping the needs of people with I/DD front and center with elected officials and decisionmakers and making sure that their struggles are heard, and resources are available to them.

If you are in a position help, please consider making a gift. You can keep our work going during this unprecedented time. While we all look forward to better days ahead, your support today will make advocacy for the most vulnerable people in our community and vital education programs possible.
COVID-19: Action Needed
The Disability Law Center and The Arc, along with others, have been working on addressing the need for the presence of a family member, guardian, or caregiver for those with I/DD entering triage, the emergency department, or ICU. Learn more and take action now.
The Arc and AFAM ask that you take our advocacy efforts regarding hazard pay equity one step further. After contacting your legislators, use this form to reach out to Governor Baker, Speaker DeLeo, and Senate President Spilka. Learn more and act now.
COVID-19: Policy Updates
In this week’s Federal Policy Update from Policy Officer Ellen Taverna, learn about the current interim COVID-19 3.5 Federal Package, the upcoming COVID-19 4 Federal Package, small business and nonprofit loans and grants, and more. Continue reading.
The Arc is pleased with revisions made in the Commonwealth’s Crisis Standards of Care released on April 20. But we still need to work together to address accommodations further with hospitals and/or a limited advisory. Continue reading.
COVID-19: Pathways to Friendship
COVID-19 is teaching us that the world as we know it can change overnight. No one is truly immune and that little things we’ve taken for granted are magnified when we can no longer easily have them. Read more about social lessons learned during COVID-19.
Looking for activities to do while practicing social distancing? Learn how people can connect with others, increase skills to support future face-to-face relationships, and develop building blocks for a valued role in the person’s community. Learn more.
COVID-19: Webinars
Join Brian Cusack for a webinar presentation aimed at agency leaders and senior staff. Learn key principles that can be applied as you lead your organization through this health crisis. Learn more and register.
Dan Burke and Nicole Jorwic will be joining Ellen's Friday webinar for a discussion of the role of current and future COVID1-19 packages to support the stability of The Arc Chapters and staff providing services to people with I/DD and autism. Register.
Be sure to register for our COVID-19 focused, half-hour webinars on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Registering for one session will sign you up for future sessions of the series.
Have you missed any COVID-19 webinars so far? Don't worry. Head on over to our YouTube channel and watch all three weeks of webinars on demand at any time.
Sponsor Spotlight

The work of The Arc of Massachusetts is made possible by generous donations from people like you, friend. None of our advocacy, education, and outreach would be possible without your continued support. Please consider giving today.