Fourth Sunday of Easter
April 25, 2021

Statement on Lifting Restrictions
for Public Worship
April 13, 2021
On April 12, Governor Newsom removed the mandatory capacity limits on worship in California. The Diocese of San Jose welcomes this development and notes that the protocols we have established were intended to collaborate with State and local public health officials, but were not undertaken solely due to the mandates of these entities.
Although the numbers have improved in our county and the percentage of our community that have now received the vaccine is increasing, this community is not anywhere near a level that experts refer to as “herd immunity.”
For these reasons, the Catholic Church in the Diocese of San José will not be making any changes at the present time to the protocols we have presently set in place. Our churches will continue to limit their indoor worship to a maximum of 50% of their capacity. Social distancing and masks will continue to be required in all church facilities.
Celebrating the Holy Mass together safely and as a community is a pressing priority for our parishes. It is our hope and prayer that the recent progress that has been made will continue and that, God willing, we will soon be able to relax these limitations in the coming weeks. For the time being, however, we must stay the course for the good of our parishioners and community members at large, especially those most vulnerable.

Most Reverend Oscar Cantú
Bishop of San José
As per Santa Clara County regulations, sign-ups are required for in-person Masses. Please sign-up using the links above. For assistance, call the parish office at 408-294-8953.
April 24 - April 30
To schedule a Mass intention, please email

Saturday 5:00pm - Ron DeMonner
and Leticia Baula †

Sunday 8:30am - James & Vincee Viso †
and Robert Gilmore †

Sunday 10:00am - JW Knapen

Sunday 11:30am - Isaias Perez †

Monday 8:00am - Sue Andrews †

Tuesday 8:00am - Eilio Firpo †

Wednesday 8:00am - Robert Lawrence †

Thursday 8:00am - St. Martin of Tours Parishioners

Friday 8:00am - Grace Squattrito †
and Souls in Purgatory
Mary Santos, Ron DeMonner, Hector Rodriguez, Maria Cruz Velasquez, Johnson Valcazar, Jere Fernandez, Mary Mancuso, Zeny Magpantay, Sandy Dias, Mary Harrington,
Sean Reed
Patti DeNevi, Mary Ann Ravissa, Jose Parasseril, Mary Beth Benham, Carol Barcelos, Rick Sage, Ramona Corona, Fr. Norman Segovia, Sherri Voisinet, Leticia Calsadillas, Sandy Crane, Brian Johst, Cita Estrella, Dr. Amy Irwin, Helena Knapen, Jennine Inghran
Please pray with us for our parishioners, family and friends.
Prayer Angels Ministry
Prayer is one of the greatest gifts you can give another. If you or someone you know is in need of prayers (sick, deceased, birthday, anniversary...), please email Therese Lehane at and let our Prayer Angels pray for you or someone you know.

Throughout the pandemic our community pulled together and found a safe way to continue distributing food every 3rd Friday of the month.

When there was an increased need for food, St. Martin of Tours parishioners stepped up and volunteered their time and made donations to help support Catholic Charities' efforts. Thank you letter from Catholic Charities, here.

During outside Mass, a family giving up one of their chairs so someone else would have a chair to sit.


“Racism is a virus that quickly mutates and, instead of disappearing, goes into hiding, and lurks in waiting.” Pope Francis 
Are we aware of how racism might lurk in our lives, in our church and in our society? St. Martin of Tours Peace and Justice group has been exploring the sin of racism and examining how we can strive to treat all people, no matter the color of their skin, with equality. This past fall, and again during Lent, 40 parishioners participated in a virtual Zoom book study on “America’s Original Sin: Racism, White Privilege and a Bridge to a New America” by Jim Wallis. In sharing our stories, we came to a better understanding of the pain and injustice of racism and discussed how we can begin to heal these wounds and work towards racial equity within our community.  Both groups offered many ideas for future events and learning opportunities as ways to proactively advance the work of creating a more just society.  Even if you were not able to participate in these study sessions, we welcome your involvement as we move forward in creating a beloved community here at St Martin’s and in the world. For more information, please contact Evelyn Ortiz: . 

We will be having a meeting in May to address how we can stand up to racism in our community and in our world. Please consider joining us in our continued work towards justice and equality for all. Watch the e-bulletin for more details.

ST. VINCENT DE PAUL (SVdP) is a lay ministry that reaches out to those in need both spiritually and financially. We need volunteers to help support our efforts. Even more so during these trying times. This is a ministry that is flexible and can fit in with your busy schedule. We’re seeking tech savvy phone monitor and phone visitors, sidewalk food drop visitors, data entry people, and web site developer and managers. For more information please call 408-439-0342.

Lectors proclaim the living Word of God at Mass. Ushers/Greeters are men, women & youth greeting the people at church, seating them, helping with the collection, and helping keep the church safe and in order. If you are able to help, please click HERE to sign up. Thank you and God Bless!

Thank you Tim Malone and Bob Gorini for purchasing and installing the Sneeze guards in the church, for the choir. The generosity of your time is a tremendous help to the St. Martin of Tours community. We are so grateful!! God Bless!


Make a difference.Every dollar makes a difference in covering the retirement and end-of-life expenses of our Diocesan priests who have faithfully served our communities. Your gift to the Diocesan Priests Retirement Appeal provides vital funding for medications, nursing care, and more to these priests who have been good shepherds and have kept their promises to the faithful of the Diocese. Our Second Collection this weekend, April 24/25th, will be for the Diocesan Priests' Retirement Fund. Please be generous. Thank you!
If you would like to make a secure one time donation and/or setup regular on line donations, click here. Donations for upcoming Second Collections can also be made online. Thank you for your continued financial support!!
Office open by appointment
Monday -Thursday 10 AM to 5 PM

If you or a loved one is in need of Sacramental care, such as anointing of the sick, last rites, confession, Fr. Gener & Fr. Saju are available. Please contact them directly. Staff Directory
Congratulations to the following children who received their First Holy Communion on April 18:

Marshall Bowen
Lucija Hathaway
Mateo Santos
Lucca Pezzia
Jackson Poolos
Sadie Vaughn (received at the Easter Vigil)

May God continue to bless them on their Christian journey.

April 25, 2021 4th Sunday of Easter 
Acts 4:8-12 • 1 John 3:1-2 • John 10:11-18 
He is the stone rejected by you, the builders, which has become the cornerstone. —Acts 4:11 

Life has a way of throwing us many curve balls. We think one thing is going to happen, and in the next moment it has gone exactly the opposite way. When we walk with the Lord these things can happen, too. Things look one way on the surface, but underneath God’s plan is bigger than what our own eyes can see. He often takes bad things and makes good out of them if we allow him to. Jesus was a great example of this. His life looked like a failure. He came to spread love and forgiveness and was killed for it. But his death and resurrection became the foundation of the Church we are a part of over 2000 years later. Our God is amazing! 

PRAYER: Lord, thank you for always having the “big picture,” beyond what our eyes can see. Give us the faith to always trust in your plan for our lives. 

REFLECTION: Can you remember a time when something seemed to turn out wrong, but later you realized that God’s plan was even better than what you had in mind? 
Web Link for this week - Children's Sunday Bulletin & Activities:
Thursday, April 22
Earth Day
In 2019, the Bishops of California, released a pastoral statement – God Calls Us All to Care for Our Common Home - with a two-fold vision: to animate and energize the implementation of what we are called to do as we face the current environmental crises in the world and to offer a teaching tool that energizes our Catholic faith community and beyond to respond. Visit for ways you can care for creation in thanksgiving to God for this great gift. 
Friday, April 23rd
6:30pm to 8:00pm
Asian American Pacific Islander Saint Presentation
Join a virtual event to familiarize yourself with AAPI Saints and each ethnic community starting in the Diocese of San José. Reflect on stories of pain, struggles and resilience. Visit for Virtual Event details. Please share the event images to your social media: FacebookInstagram.
Saturday, April 24, 10:00am
This year the Philippines marks half a millennium of Christianity 
Join the Diocesan Council of Filipino Catholics in San José in celebrating and giving thanks for the 500th Anniversary of the Christianization of the Philippines with a Mass of Thanksgiving at Our Lady of Peace Shrine in Santa Clara. Bishop Cantú will be the presider. Register to attend the outdoor Mass at
Sunday, April 25th, 12:00pm
Asian American Pacific Islander Mass
Join us at St. Victor’s Church for Mass. Mass will indoors and Live Streamed. To register for indoor Mass and for live stream information Please share the event images to your social media: Facebook,Instagram.
Monday, April 26, 5:30 pm
Social Media Documentary LIKE
We invite you to attend the free showing of LIKE, a documentary about the impact of social media on our lives. The screening will happen online and will be followed by an interactive Q&A panel discussion. This film is suitable for ages 10+. The film will include Spanish subtitles and there will be an interpreter available during the panel discussion. Register Here! for more information visit Share social media images:facebook/instagramflyerbanner.
Situation at the U.S. - Mexico Border
APRIL 1, 2021
WASHINGTON - The bishops along the border of the United States and Northern Mexico have issued a joint statement on the situation at the border of the two countries.
Visit the Diocese of San Jose Year of St. Joseph Webpage
We hope that through using these resources you will grow in love and devotion St. Joseph as the guardian and protector of God’s people, the Church. May Saint Joseph and the Holy Family intercede for us in this work of rededicating ourselves to the mission of Jesus Christ. 
Covid-19 Vaccines Explained Ethics
As a faith community concerned about the sanctity of human life, the Diocese of San Jose encourages everyone to strongly consider getting vaccinated, after consulting their physicians or health care providers, for the sake of their own health and the common good of our community. The vaccines are safe and free. Health insurance and immigration status will not affect your eligibility. You can learn more about the moral and ethical issues regarding COVID-19 vaccines and why they have been deemed morally acceptable by the Church by visiting:

Vaccine Informational Handouts: Please share with your communities this double-sided flyer covering the basics on the ethics and science of vaccines. English | Spanish | Vietnamese

Please email the Parish Office.