Track & Field 2022

May 2, 2022

Congrats to all our Moms that ran the 50 meter race! It was so fun seeing all the athletes cheering for their moms!  

I would like thank to our Staging crew, especially Heather Kuck for keeping the meet running smooth! All of our volunteers are so awesome.

It is hard to believe we are near the end of our season!

This week we will have a little less duties at the meet, as there will be 6 teams present! Please read the information about the next 2 weeks carefully! 

Thursday we will have a special treat for all Coaches and athletes! The Kona Ice Truck will be at practice and all athletes and Coaches will be treated to one. Parents and siblings are able to purchase one for $4.00 a cup if they want!! Athletes and coaches are paid for by Storm!! 

Championship meets. All athletes will go to a championship meet on either May 7th or May 14th.  All Sub-Gremlins will got to the May 7th meet, and all non qualifiers will go to the May 17th race

Athlete's that are close to the (Q) time may be invited to go to the May 14th meet. Athletes will not be allowed to attend both of those meets. these are such fun meets because the top 6 in each age group will be awarded a medal at the meets. 

There will be special event T-Shirts at all Championship meets for purchase! 

Most asked questions about thede meets!

Who Goes to the Open Championship May 7th? - All athletes that did not hit a qualifying time  AND all Sub- Gremlins 

Who goes to the League Championship meet May 14th ?- All qualified athletes and those who are invited from the top 8 of the Western League standings ( you can find these results on our 2022 records page under Track and Field) Coaches will be verifying this with those athletes today and tomorrow. I will be available  before and after practice to answer your questions 

Who goes to the The Individual Events Championship (I.E.C.) meet? - Those May 14th athletes that are top 9 (12 for distance events) between the 2 Leagues after May 14th meet. 

Congratulations to our Sub Gremlin River Sequin for breaking our 800 record on April 23rd !! 

Please Sign Up to Volunteer This week we have setup and clean up duties, Timing duties, data input, finish line, relay judges, and escorts from staging. Please help us make this Championship meet fantastic for the Open athletes

  Save the Date - BBQ and Awards Picnic - May22 nd

End of season BBQ and Awards Banquet. Mark your calendars for Sunday May 22th for our end of season awards picnic at Newhall Park 11:30 pm. 

We need cooks with barbecues, We are on our own this year, and we need to have some cooks help. If you like to grill, let us know by volunteering to cook at the picnic. We need grills also, if you have a BBQ grill, we will need some people to bring their grills to the BBQ so we can cook all the food and feed everyone.

We will be sending out more about this potluck BBQ. All athletes will receive a trophy and some will receive a few special awards! Lets celebrate or 2022 Season with our Storm Family!!  

Weekly Schedule
Monday - Castaic High School -6:00-7:45 (Sub and Gremlins 7:15)
Tuesday - C.O.C. 6:00-7:45 (Gremlins 7:15)
Thursday - Castaic H.S. -6:00 pm - 7:45 pm (Sub and Gremlins 7:15)
Saturday - Valencia High School All day meet 8:00 am
Jelly Beans and Jolly Ranchers!

We have plenty now

Lost and found- Please Check the Fence!!!

We again have a lot of items that will be on the fence at Castaic tonight and Thursday, I also have 2 of the new Storm Jackets, one size youth med and one youth Lrg. Please look to see if yours is missing. All items will be up for grabs or donated after Thursday.

Championship Meets
Western League Open Final Meet (May 7th)  The open final meet is for all athletes who did not get a qualifying mark in any of the individual events, OR ranked top 8 in the Western league. It will be held on May 7th @ Valencia HS. This is the final meet of the season for those athletes. If an athlete has a qualifying mark in any event they may not attend this meet. ALL SUB-GREMLINS ATTEND THIS MEET!! This is their final competition of the year. there will be medals awarded for the top 6 places at the meets. and special ribbons for all others after the meet. If you child has a Q next to their name in any event they can not come to this meet for any event ! 

Western League Championship Meet (May 14th) All qualified athletes and a select few athletes in the top 8 of the league will be invited to the Western League Championship meet to be held on May 14th at Valencia H.S. . The coaches will attend a seeding meeting of the League to finalize the seeding of this championship meet. Non-qualified athletes will fill any open positions in any events by the top 20 list of the league. If you are interested in being advanced to this meet, please let your coach knowOnly the top 8 will be invited unless a qualifying mark is made. 

Individual Event Championship Meet (I.E.C.) May 21st. This is the final event of the year at the conference level. The top two (2) finishers in each event from both leagues (East & West) and the next 7, (12 for distance events) fastest time/mark will be invited to compete in this Conference wide Championship meet to be held this year at Simi Valley High School on May 21st. This is a 9 lane track, so in the sprint events we will advance up to 9 athletes. The distance events advance 12 athletes, and the field events 9. All advancements to this meet come from the meet on the 14th from the Western League Championship meet. There are no pass-through athletes, you must attend the meet on May 14th. This is the best of the best Conference Championship meet. If you need more information please be sure to ask your coach.

You can go on our website and click on the Track and Field Page you will be able to see the Qualifying standards for your reference.
Team Fundraiser Opportunity
The STORM team has been met with unexpected expenses this spring and we have been reluctant to request any fundraising, but an opportunity is available that can benefit you and your family and the STORM family.
A local swim school with participants in STORM has offered to help fund-raise with a profit-sharing opportunity. The Swim Ranch is a private learn-to-swim and performance swim instruction service. The results are unmatched in the region. If you have your own pool, go to the ocean … there is no doubt that swimming is very important for basic safety.
We consider this option especially beneficial because the skill of knowing how to swim correctly promotes fitness and safety across all ages.
Let them know that you are members of STORM and they will donate 20% directly to the team.
Lessons are private or semiprivate (when applicable). Please visit their website for more information at or contact Dave and Heather directly at
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Santa Clarita Track Club
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