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Order for Worship - 3nd Sunday of Easter
April 26, 2020
Christ is risen! Gather with everyone in your household. Take a deep breath as you bring yourself into a place of worship. Leave behind the worries and responsibilities you face today and come into the presence of the Lord. Invite God into this space by praying the following:
One: Christ is alive, bringing us love!
All: Come, Lord Jesus!
One: Christ is alive, bringing us light!
All:: Come, Lord Jesus!
One: Christ is alive, bringing us forgiveness!
All:: Come, Lord Jesus!
One: Christ is alive, bringing us peace!
All:: Come, Lord Jesus!
One: Let us gather to worship Christ, who is alive and brings us life!
All: Come, Lord Jesus! Alleluia!
Sing aloud the wonderful love of Jesus Christ! Lyrics are provided in the description on the YouTube page.
Easter is a moment for us to proclaim victory. With Christ’s resurrection, we are assured that God’s love, grace, and forgiveness is more powerful than our brokenness…and is more powerful than death itself. With that confidence, let us confess our ways of death so that Christ can bring us to life again!
Pray aloud in unison with others who are gathered, both in body and spirit.
Lord, your presence is all around us, but sometimes we don’t see you. Your love gives us life, but we don’t notice you. Your words give us direction, but sometimes we don’t hear you. Too often, Lord, our brokenness gets in the way of embracing you completely.
Forgive us when we don’t trust in you completely. Have mercy on us when we choose to go our own way instead of following you. Help us to recognize you when you walk with us, so that we may be strengthened for the journey ahead.
Family, receive this Good News. Easter is real, and so is God’s love and grace. Be at peace what God and one another, for in Christ, we are all forgiven.
If you would like to share a joy or prayer concern, please email Pastor Dan at and your request will be shared in next week’s worship packet. Prayer requests will remain for 3 weeks unless updated.
  • For all impacted by the COVID-19 virus. For our medical professionals, paramedics, firefighters, and police officers. For those suffering from illness or facing treatment.
  • Our leaders at every level, for wisdom and discernment as they make difficult decisions, for our Session and deacons.
  • For those burdened with stress and anxiety during this time, as well as those who facing financial uncertainty.
  • For all of our students, teachers, and parents who transitioned into virtual learning this week.
  • Mia Villegas, Ginny Willoughby, Linda Frank, Joan and Ken Stuart, Families who have lost loved ones; Adrian Salsman (cousin of Candace Morgan), Matt and Virginia Rippe and their son Amos, Mack Westbrook.
Gwen Eyeington - Apr 26, Charlie McClain - Apr 26, Mary Chandler - Apr 28, Beverly Mayer - Apr 28, Vennie Soaves - Apr 28, Vicky Putnam - May 1, Gloria Willer - May 1
Isaiah 43:15-19
Luke 24:13-25

How does Easter change our lives, our relationships, and the world in which we live? For four weeks beginning Easter Sunday, we will explore what it means to embrace the new life Jesus gives us on Easter Morning.
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Thank you to everyone who has responded to this crisis with generosity! Together, we will endure this temporary season of physical separation. In the meantime, please know that your giving makes our ministry possible. With gratitude, let us return a portion of what God has given us. You can give by clicking the “give online” button or by mailing a check to our church office at:

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God is here! We can be assured that God continues to provide peace, strength, comfort, guidance, and healing at all times. Let us make steps today to see God working around us and in us so that we can then allow God to work through us.
As we embrace the miracle of Easter every day of our lives, may the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit guide and sustain us until the day Christ comes again. Amen!
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