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April 27 Mt. Nebo Campus Weekly Update
  • ECA Remote Learning
  • ECA's Upper School Online Chapel
  • Important ECA Calendar Updates & Announcements
ECA Remote Learning
Eden Christian Academy is engaging all students in Remote Learning while the school is closed.

  • Remote Learning for students will continue through the remainder of the year. Our daily class schedule is:

Period 1 - 8:30-9:15
Period 2 - 9:20-10:05
Period 3 - 10:10-10:55
Period 4 - 11:00-11:45
Lunch - 11:50-12:35
Period 5 - 12:40-1:25
Period 6 - 1:30-2:15
Period 7 - 2:20-3:05

  • Students should attend Zoom Classrooms for direct instruction, person to person interaction, question and answer time, and review for upcoming assessments (tests and quizzes).

  • To allow the time necessary to continue progression through curriculum during Remote Learning, Final Exam Testing has been canceled.

  • We are fully committed to our students and families as we all adjust and journey through this unprecedented situation. Please reach out to your building principal or classroom teacher if your family is having difficulties with technology or remote learning. We will do what we can to help!

ECA's Online Upper School Chapel
Last week was our second week of online chapel and we talked about the power and importance of prayer ! Be sure to stick around till the very end where senior Eli Gross leads us in a powerful faith-filled prayer on the character quality of patience. 

Next week, we will have even more surprises for you like a guest alumni appearance, a message from a staff member, and worship from one of our worship leader's rooms! You won't want to miss that.

So grab the family, sit back, and join the chapel experience. I encourage everyone to turn up the worship music and sing along, as well as pray with Eli Gross at the end and agree with him in prayer!

When all of Eden prays, there is power! 
Important ECA Calendar Updates & Announcements

May 1 - Tutoring & Study Day
May 12 - Tutoring & Study Day
May 12 - AP Calculus Test at 2:00
May 13 - AP English Literature Test at 2:00
May 15 - AP US History Test at 2:00
May 15 - AP Computer Science Test at 4:00
May 18 - AP Biology Test at 2:00
May 19 - AP Psychology Test at 2:00
May 20 - AP English Test at 2:00
May 21 - Tutoring & Study Day
May 22 - AP Statistics Test at 2:00
May 25 - NO SCHOOL, Memorial Day | No Remote Learning today

June 3 - Last Day of Remote Learning instruction
June 4 - Quarter 4 ends
Week of June 8 - Upper School Report Cards will be distributed

It will soon be time to celebrate with our senior and annual awards.

Watch for details coming soon!
End of Year Drop-Off & Locker Clean Out

We are finalizing plans for Drop-Off & Locker Clean Out at the Mt. Nebo Campus.

Please watch for details in the weekly update.
We are thankful for strong faith and unity in the Eden Family.