April 27th, 2021
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This week's list features an eclectic mix of items. The first half of the list consists of recently acquired photo albums. Click the link below to view Catalogue 23 which features more vernacular, industrial and family photo albums. Other selections this week include railroad and travel pamphlets and some books from the collection of the late Pete Plastow.

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Vernacular Illinois and Ohio Photo Album with Witty Captions
Condition: Good. This album contains great photos of a family living in Urbana, Illinois and Columbus, Ohio in the late 19th century. 1894-1898. Album contains 153 silver gel photos; 16 are laid in and most of these are duplicates. Photos generally measure 3 ½” x 4 ½” and many have been shaped by the compiler in creative ways. Most of photos are dated and captioned. Pebbled maroon cloth with gilt lettering on front; covers measure 10” x 13”; only about half of the album leaves were used. Album covers have light soiling and binding is destroyed; all of the album leaves are detached from binding; a few album leaves have moderate soiling; photos are in very good condition.

This is a sweet family album that also contains some photos that document important and interesting events in Illinois and Ohio. The compiler’s captions are witty and endearing and really add to the album. The album shows town life in Urbana, Illinois and in Columbus, Ohio, and vacationing on Lake Erie near the towns of Marblehead and Sandusky, Ohio. There are photos of steamers and lighthouses on Lake Erie and the family playing on the beach. There are some nicely composed scenes along the Olentangy River as well. The compiler of this album photographs two little girls playing with toys at Christmas, unenthusiastically raking leaves, taking medicine, terrorizing cats, while providing lighthearted comments for all images. Scenes also show the 1898 “Great Flood” in Hamilton, Ohio with houses submerged in water; the eclipse of the moon on Sept. 14th, 1894; a reception for Governor McKinley, Nov. 1st, 1894 at a railway station. With great content and captions this album would be an excellent addition to collections of Illinois and Ohio history. #1, 022304. $425
Southern Africa Travel Scrapbook
Condition: Good. This scrapbook follows the travels of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Langwill, likely Americans, living in Cape Town and Paarl, South Africa. Scrapbook includes 55 b&w photos that measure 2 ¼” x 2 ¼” (some are from pre-printed souvenir sets); 13 b&w photos that measure 2 ½” x 4 ½”; 15 real photo postcards; 79 b&w and color clippings from magazine (photos, illustrations from photos, maps); 2 pamphlets; 1 folding map; 2 newspaper clippings; 8 pages of typed journal entries. Photos are corner mounted and ephemera is tipped or taped in. Album covers are brown cloth and have a world map tipped onto the front; covers measure 10” x 13”. Covers have light wear; magazine and newspaper clippings have light to moderate toning; ephemera has light soiling; photos are clean.

Photos and ephemera in this album show that Mr. and Mrs. Langwill traveled to Cape Town in 1941 (when they moved to the city), a trip to Victoria Falls in Zambia and Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in 1944, Oudtshoorn, South Africa in 1946 and another trip to Victoria Falls in 1952. There are also magazine clippings depicting scenes from London and the Grand Canyon. The first typed journal is titled: “Trip to Victoria Falls and Southern Rhodesia - July 2 to 25, 1944.” It starts out: “Month after month we had postponed our long-planned trip because of war restrictions on travel. At last, however, we decided to go in spite of everything.” The journal describes the travelers “celebrating” 4th of July in Mafeking (now Mahikeng), South Africa, traveling through the Bechuanaland Protectorate (now Botswana), getting a glimpse of “the queer looking baobab trees”, their arrival at the luxurious Victoria Falls Hotel, descending 250 steps to see Victoria Falls, the “lunar rainbow” seen at the Falls when in moonlight, visits to Salisbury and Bulawayo in Southern Rhodesia, and the gold mines of Johannsburg. Photos and postcards depict scenery from their trips. A detailed travel scrapbook from the WWII era. #5, 022340. $225

Europa Photo Album

Condition: Very Good. Album contains 46 albumen prints depicting Southern Europe and Northern Africa in the late 19th century. Circa 1880s. Thirty-four of the albumen prints measure 7” x 9 ½” and twelve measure 3 ½” x 5. Five are hand-tinted and one is a photograph of an illustration. Photographic prints are tipped in and only 4 have titles in the margin or negative. Brown pebbled cloth with gilt lettering on front board; blue album leaves. Album covers have light wear; leaves have a slight wave; photos have light yellowing.

This album highlights the beautiful architecture of southern Europe and Northern Africa. The only location identified in the album was “Napoli” or Naples, Italy, the photos showing the Castello del’ Ovo, an illustration of the Piedigrotta neighborhood, and the port of Santa Lucia. These three photos are attributed to G. Sommer of Napoli. This cataloguer couldn’t identify any other sites in the album but someone with more knowledge of the Mediterranean region could glean more information. Photos depict Greek architecture, possibly at the Acropolis in Athens, Moroccan architecture, churches, cathedrals and mosques. There are also photos of towns on the outskirts of cities in North Africa, showing archaeological sites. There are 15 portraits, one of which is titled “Bédouine". These portraits show some excellent examples of fashions in the late 19th century of Muslim women, southeastern Europe and North Africa. The photographs in this album are detailed and stunning. #13, 022348. $750
Saxonville, Massachusetts Cyanotype Photo Album 
Condition: Fair. 188 cyanotype photographs (4 x 5 inches) pasted in a re-purposed album once used as an album for a stamp collection. Album measures approximately 14 x 11 1/2 inches and is in fair only condition. Much wear to exterior and binding is barely holding. The album itself was patented in 1876; we suspect the photo collection dates to late 1880's. The name Leslie Buckingham is written inside front board. 188 cyanotype photos and 6 silver gel photos. Photos are pasted in at corners; many have loose corners. No annotations found on verso of photos or in album itself. Identification based on one legible sign; further research needed but views seem consistent to a rural area in the eastern United States. A number of prominent houses and churches may help pinpoint the exact location. Photo quality ranges from very good to poor. At least 75 percent of the views are of better quality. 10-15 are underexposed to the point of being useless. Various forms of soiling to scattered photos. Most carry that typical cyanotype fuzziness.

The cyanotype process was developed in the 1840s and became popular with naturalists for printing out plant images and by tradesmen for blueprint drawings. Photographers began using the process in the late 19th century for its simplicity and low cost but the technique never gained much popularity. Full albums of cyanotype photographs seem to be uncommon. More often we see typical silver gel/snapshot albums with scattered cyanotype photos within. More commonly I see small sets of cyanotypes on the market.This album concentrates mostly on the leisure activities of a family in the northeast. We find many examples of kids, dogs, cats, lake scenes, boating, and swimming. Some of the best views are horse-drawn carriages, area homes plus several churches in addition to rural scenes winter scenes and a couple harvest views. There is one set of charming images with girls dressed up in beautiful Asian clothing, plus another couple photos of two women taking tea. While the content is of mostly average content (see additional photo link), the album is very desirable for the 188 relatively rare cyanotype photo process. 022615. $1,350
Album No. 2 - Romer's Pictures of New Zealand & South Sea Trip -
Dec 28 1926 - Aug 11 1927
Grey, Romer Zane
Condition: Very Good. From the estate of Zane Grey, photo album depicting images of New Zealand and Tahiti taken by Romer Grey (Zane Grey's eldest son). Leather bound photo album with 402 b&w photographs mounted on recto and verso of black leaves; labeled "New Zealand and Tahiti" on front of album in white ink; title of this item is from label tipped onto inside of front cover written in purple ink. Most photographs measure 3 ¼" x 4 ¼". Album covers have moderate wear and front cover is cracked; photos are in fine condition.

Large photo album compiling Romer Grey's photographs from a fishing expedition to the South Pacific seas in 1926-27. Images depict the expedition party fishing on the Waihoro and Tongariro Rivers in New Zealand, boating in rivers and at sea in small dories and on Zane Grey's boat "The Fisherman." Both Zane and Romer Grey wrote fishing books praising the uniqueness of fishing in the South Pacific, and are pictured in this album numerous times, along with images of locals, seascapes, landscapes and, of course, fish. An excellent album demonstrating the family's passion for sport and the outdoors. #35, 018215. $4,250
USS Wyoming and Sailor Dean Dickson Circa 1919
Condition: Very Good. Black pebbled string-tied photo album (7 1/8 x 11 ¾ inches) with gilt title"Photographs" on front. Generally in very good condition. Light rubbing to edges. First page is detached; several photos missing. Photos are corner mounted and range in size from 1 ½ x 2 ¾ inches to 4 x 3 inches. About half of the 147 photos measure 2 ½ x 3 ½ inches. First half of the album is annotated using white ink. Last third of the pages unused.

147 snapshots likely taken by sailor Dean Dickson of the USS Wyoming, likely just after the end of World War One. The first half of the album provides annotations. Identified locations range from Hawaii to Panama, Mexico and along the equator, most likely in the Pacific. We also find photos from Texas, Washington State and California. The USS Wyoming was completed in 1912 and was assigned to Battleship Division Nine, which was attached to the British Grand Fleet. During World War One, she primarily patrolled the North Sea and provided escort cover for convoys to Norway. After the war she was assigned to both the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets.  According to a label on the inside of back board, this album was supplied by the" Pacific Photo Supply Company-Owned by Navy Men" of San Francisco, California. World War One was likely the first conflict so well documented by soldiers using cheap, lightweight cameras. This album, just after the war, is fairly typical of amateur soldier efforts. Some war games are documented, lively soldier games on board are featured, ship mascots apparently included a dog, pig and deer. Humorous views mixed with a day in the life views. We suspect the terrestrial views document leave. We find one very intriguing hand-colored real photo postcard which sure looks like flowing lava to us. #42, 022632. $175
Burt Family Album Featuring New Mexico and California
Condition: Very Good. Photo album containing 18 photographs of New Mexico and California, taken by members of the Burt family. 10 photographs depict scenes of Aztec, New Mexico, 6 depict scenes of Los Angeles, Covina, and possibly Riverside, California, and 2 depict scenes of unknown locals. Early 20th century, c. 1900-1915. Black album covers with gilt imprint on front; black paper leaves with photos corner mounted. Overall very good with minor creasing, silvering and yellowing to photos. The album is comprised of RPPCs, albumens, and gelatin silvers (some printed on textured paper). Almost all photos have manuscript notes on verso, describing the scene and sometimes providing the name of the photographer.

Burton O. Burt, Charles S. Burt and Mrs. L. S. Burt are mentioned as being photographers (at this time it is unknown how they are all related). It seems that most of the photographs in this album were taken by Burton O. Burt, and some have the imprint "Burt" or "Burt, Frisco" ("Frisco" likely referring to "San Francisco") in the negative. Mrs. L. S. Burt's photos can be found at Cal. State Fresno and Fresno State; Burton O. Burt Collection is found at the Seaver Center for Western History Research (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County). Burton O. Burt was engaged in photography throughout his life, working first out of Los Angeles and then out of Covina. He is also known to have worked as a linotype operator for the Covina Citizen throughout the 1920s, and the Pomona Valley Citizen in the 1940s (Online Archive of California). Little is known about Mrs. L. S. Burt except that she operated out of Fresno in 1891-92 (Mautz p.110). She is credited with taking the first shot found in this album and it's a nice one: the image depicts a late 19th/ early 20th century street view of Aztec, New Mexico showing Charles S. Burt and a pup riding in a horse and buggy. Other images of Aztec, New Mexico include: a young woman sketching "Mr. and Mrs. Burt May 1912" onto a rock wall (annotation on verso reads "photographer's wife, Aztec, New Mexico, 1912."), and six images of W. S. Dalton's Indian Trading Post and Native Americans of Aztec, New Mexico (attributed to Burton O. Burt). Images of California include: an RPPC of the Burt family, posing in front of palm trees; an image of the "Clune-Brown Talking Electric Sign" taken in 1915 by Burton O. Burt or his brother (likely in Los Angeles); 37th Street Cash Grocery, Ernie's 5 cent Café, and 716 Copper Front swap shop in Covina. There are two images of children pretending to run a grocery (young boy playing the salesman, young girl the customer); the locations of these images are unknown. Overall a great album attributed to a talented family of photographers. #53, 021426. $825
Wisconsin Vernacular Photo Album
Condition: Good. A family album with scenes near and around Wisconsin. Most images were taken circa 1915 or earlier. Black cloth album covers; 50 pages with 6 to 10 photos per page; photos are tipped onto black leaves. Covers have heavy wear, front cover is starting to detach; a couple photos are detached and a few have minor tears or creasing; some photos have light silvering or yellowing.

This album contains portraits and group photos with common themes of picnicking, boating, hunting and fishing. There are some fun shots of a group of men being ridiculous, and many photos of road tripping and modes of transportation (automobiles, horse and buggy). There are a few photos with nice signage (road tripping on the State Trunk Highway, a sign on a building "Canadian Information Office"). Other photos of note include an image of a collapsed bridge, a barge on a lake (likely Lake Superior), a man shooting at fish in a stream, and a few images of sweet pups. #54, 021357. $295
Snapshots from the New York Central Rail Road
Condition: Good. Dated between 1921 and 1929, this photo album depicts 137 photographs of the New York Central Rail Road and the Selkirk Yards near Albany, New York. Album covers with "Snapshots" handwritten on front cover and bound with metal brads. Photographs measure between 4 ½" x 2 ½" to 8" x 10", with most photographs being a smaller size; 112 are pasted onto paper in album while 25 are laid in. Album covers measure 9" x 14". Album has heavy wear and chipping to all edges; album leaves are creased, wavy and have minor tears; some photographs have soiling and are faded, and all have a slight wave due to adhesive.

In front of the first leaf in the album is a glassine-like leaf that states "Albany N. Y. - Nov. 15th, 1929 - File K - All Supervisors: Herewith with compliments of Division Engineer Winchester print of the inspection party at Albany October 25th. - A. R. Jones." With annotations in red ink underneath most images, this album tells a narrative of life working at a rail yard in the 1920s. Images depict scenes of crews laboring on the tracks, plowing and shoveling snow, and filling of a sinkhole, as well as images of trains and yard offices. Also laid in are six newspaper clippings. Clippings praise the Selkirk Yards and their supervisor "F. J. Dailey", discuss the shift in the tracks caused by an earthquake and the work involved to fill depressions and fix the rails. Images of sinkholes, laying of new rail tracks and four photos annotated "Vermont Flood district" may be showing damage done by the earthquake. Other notable photographs depict rail tracks "cleared of snow by electric heaters," the inspection party in Montreal, and cheerful shots of the rail crews. Valuable for its historical and cultural record this album would be great for the railroad enthusiast or avid historian. #56, 014429. $250
Muir Woods Photo Album
Condition: Very Good. Photo album with 25 silver-gel photographic prints of Muir Woods, California taken in 1909. Album covers are brown burlap with title label on front; covers measures 11 ½" x 7 ¼"; black album leaves, all have been used. Photos measure between 3 ½" x 3 ½" and 6 ½" x 4 ¼"; a few have captions on the photograph or underneath it in pencil; most have good contrast and detail, but a few have poor contrast and focus. Album covers have light wear to edges; photos have light silvering to moderate silvering or deterioration.

This album belonged to Virginia and Thomas Palmer-Mitchell. Most of the images depict a group of young men and women posing in Muir Woods, all looking carefree and happy among the iconic Redwood trees. Noteworthy images depict the party on the "Gravity Train" up Mount Tamalpais, and another shows a cabin in the woods. The log cabin was built in 1905 and was located near the north end of the redwood forest. Although the photo is captioned "A cabin, Muir Woods - John Muir's" the nicely situated cabin was likely built for William Kent, who donated the land to make Muir Woods National Monument. It is said that John Muir stayed at the cabin at one time (Historic Resource Study for Muir Woods National Monument). A nice grouping of early photographs of this popular national monument. #59, 018493. $475
Lead, South Dakota Views Circa 1912
Condition: Good. Twelve views depicting "Susie's girls," a group of women mostly all teachers, in the Lead, South Dakota area . Dated to 1912. Album covers are made of black album paper and measure 5 ½" x 7"; silver gel photos are tipped in and measure 3 ¼" x 5 ¼". All photos have been captioned in white ink, in a clear hand. Album leaves have a slight wave and light soiling; photos have light to moderate silvering and soiling.

This small album depicts a trip made by a group of women, "Susie's girls," around Lead, Deadwood and Pluma, South Dakota. The Black Hills gold rush of South Dakota began in 1874; at Deadwood prospectors would find large amounts of placer gold, and hard rock deposits were found in Lead in 1876. Thousands flocked to the area in search of riches and the mining towns flourished. The town of Lead was founded at the site of the Homestake Mine, and would become South Dakota's largest city in 1899. Images depict the women in front of a home (2 group shots), at Deadwood Gulch, in front of "a prospector's hole", on the road to Terra peak and on the summit of Terra peak. Scenic images include the town of Lead in the snow, the "south side Main St, Ellison Hoist in distance, School in nearer distance", "on the outskirts, coal shoot leads down to cyanide plant," and views on the way to Deadwood from a road.  
#61, 022013. $195
Red Celluloid Music Box Cabinet Card Album 
Condition: Very Good. Red celluloid embossed cover with painted gold leaves and petals. Album measures 11 x 9 x 3 1/2 inches. Red and black felt binding with working spring loaded clasp. Sits on red paper covered wood box with metal corners. Celluloid has two very small chips at corners. Interior of album appears new. Contains 23 cabinet cards of women and babies. One photo window is uncut hence no photo. Photos slip into the windows via a pre-cut slit below the window. Photo studio locations include Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Massachusetts, New York, Michigan and Iowa. Album is apparently refurbished. We inserted the selection of cabinet cards.

Nice somewhat common selection of cabinet card of women and children. The star of the album is the music box which includes three tunes: Creole Ballad, Ragtime March and Country Girl. Likely created for the United States market, the music box was manufactured in Switzerland. More sophisticated music box photo albums would begin playing upon opening the album. This one plays upon winding the key on back. In good working condition and a wonderful example of an album suited perfectly for the parlor in early 20th century America. #72, 022630. $250
El Paso Texas -- Metropolis of the Great Southwest
and Main Gateway to Mexico
Cummin, Hart
Condition: Very Good. View Book; 1925. Tan string-tied photographic wrappers. Edge wear, light creasing and light soiling to wrappers. One inch closed tear top edge. Interior mostly clean. Last leaf has insect damage to top corner.

Introduction to the city by Hart Cummin of the El Paso Chamber of Commerce followed by 15 printed photographic views on printed on recto only. View of front wrapper of the El Paso Train Station; Elephant Dam on back. Interior views of prominent El Paso buildings, parks, hospitals and industry. We find eight copies in OCLC as of April 2021.  Oblong 8vo; 32 pages. 022692. $225
City of Denver and the State of Colorado [Engelhardt Series]
Morrison, Andrew (editor)
Condition: Good. Softcover; 1890. Tan wraps with blue lettering and illustrations on front and rear wraps; ticket agent's stamp on front and rear wraps. Includes many engravings. Wraps have heavy toning and moderate dampstaining; 1 ½" loss on bottom edge of rear wrap; ½" loss along spine; the first 10 and last 3 leaves have minor dampstaining.

A nicely illustrated 19th century promotional for Denver, Colorado. The promotional contains a general index, a Colorado index and most pages have engravings showing local businesses and government buildings. Descriptions of Denver as a railroad, financial, real estate, manufacturing and trade center (along with its beauty and climate) would have made it an enticing place to settle. 11 copies on OCLC as of April 2021. Large 8vo 9" - 11" tall; 148 pages. 022681. $195
Album of Denver, Col.
Condition: Good. View Book of Denver, Colorado; 1888. One sheet of illustrations accordion folded into 13 plates with 7pp of text and 1pp advertisements at rear. Light blue wraps have decorative border and lettering. Tipped in leaf from the Kenwood Park Land and Development Company; they have a 1pp advertisement on the last leaf of album and they advertise on the rear wrap. Wraps have minor chipping and loss along top edge and light soiling; the sheet with the illustrations is starting to tear along the folds and one illustration has ½" tear that affects the content.

The illustrations show views of important government, commercial and residential buildings in Denver. A nice 19th century view book. Two copies from this year on OCLC as of April 2021. 24mo 5" - 6" tall; 7 pages. 022689. $150
Souvenir of San Francisco-Photo View Book
Condition: Fair. View Book; circa 1885. Blue coated-paper wrappers with gilt-lettering on front wrapper within elaborate gilt border. Advertisement for M. J. Flavin & Co. of San Francisco gilt-lettered on rear wrapper with matching border. Rubbing to edges and soiling to front and back. 1/2 x 1/8 inch chip missing from bottom edge. 1/4 x 3/8 inch pigment absent on front almost entirely removing the "f" within "of". Twelve accordion-folded pages with 14 sepia-toned photogravure images of San Francisco landmarks. Interior is mostly clean.

Likely a promotional piece created for the M. J. Flavin & Co. Clothiers as their building is included as one of the 14 views. Not the most stunning copy, yet we find no record of this issue in OCLC, making it at least an obscure view book of Californiana. One much nicer copy at a much higher price found in commerce as of April 2021. 022690. $125
Travelers Guide - Chicago, Burlington and Quincy and Hannibal and St. Joseph Rail Roads - Summer Edition 1881
Condition: Good. Pamphlet; 1881. Map title: Correct map of the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Rail Road and its principal connecting lines. Timetable for the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy and Hannibal and St. Joseph Rail Roads. When unfolded the timetable measures 26" x 36 ½" and when folded it measures 4 ½" x 8 ½". Fragile at folds with ¼" -1" closed tears at 8 intersections, a 2" fold line tear and a 4" tear along a fold line repaired with archival tape by previous owner. Moderate chipping and toning to edges.

The time table has nice promotional essays for Colorado and the Southwest including essays on the Stage Line in New Mexico and the Mines of Colorado. It also has great advertisements including "4 & 6 Horse Concord Coaches going to all points in the Gunnison, San Juan and all Mining Camps of Colorado, New Mexico and Utah." The map depicts the U.S. with state boundaries printed in yellow and the railroad network overprinted in red. Heavy red lines indicate the main line of the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad. One copy at Denver Public Library as of April 2021. 022688. $350
Missouri Pacific Railway. St. Louis to all Points West.
Chair Cars Free Fast Mail Route
Condition: Very Good. Pamphlet; 1892. Yellow and black folded pamphlet. Light wear to edges. Stamp from the Christian Union Recreation Department in upper right corner. Interior is a striking 30 3/4 x 17 1/4 inch map of the Missouri Pacific and St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern Railway and Connections.

Ironically two-thirds of the map show no rail lines connecting the Missouri Pacific network. Nonetheless, a pleasing map with hand-colored outlines of states. Map stretches from Alabama, Tennessee and Illinois in the east to the Pacific Ocean along the California coast. Our little town of Moab is sadly left off the map. Verso contains various timetables. Much better condition than often seen in these 19th century timetables. One copy of this particular timetable held in Germany as of April 2021. 8vo 8" - 9" tall. 022686. $295
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - An Inquiry Into Values
Pirsig, Robert M.
First Edition
Condition: Good. Dust Jacket Condition: Very Good. Hardcover; First Edition; 1974. Quarter cloth over grey paper boards with silver, black and green dust jacket. Dust jacket has Mylar cover. Dust jacket is price clipped, has light toning and has ¼ inch loss at head of spine. Boards have light sunning to the top edge; moderate foxing to all edges and endpapers.

As stated on the DJ, this book "speaks directly to the confusions and agonies of existence. In the intimate detailing of real life odyssey - personal, philosophical - Robert M. Prisig has written a touching, painful, and ultimately transcendent book of life." 8vo 8" - 9" tall; 412 pages. 022697. $235
Charles M. Russell: the Life and Legend of America's Cowboy Artist
Taliaferro, John
Signed First Edition
Condition: Very Good. Dust Jacket Condition: Very Good. Hardcover; First Edition, First Printing; 1996. Signed by author on half title page. Orange paper covered boards quarter bound in black with orange lettering on spine. Light shelf wear along bottom edge. Pictorial dust jacket wrapped in Mylar with white lettering on spine. Jacket has light shelf wear and rubbing. Text block has some mild soiling on edges. Tight binding and clean interior. Name of previous owner, artist Pete Plastow, in pencil on first end paper.

This biography describes the life of Charles M. Russell, a cowboy artist who played a major role in fixing the cowboy's place in American culture. Large 8vo 9" - 10" tall; 318 pages. 022637. $60
Cowboyin': A Legend Lives On
McQuarrie, John
Signed First Edition
Condition: Very Good. Dust Jacket Condition: Good. Hardcover; First Edition; 1995. Author/photographer signature on first end paper. White boards with gilt lettering on cover and spine. Mild soiling, with dust darkening along top and bottom edges. Pictorial dust jacket is not price clipped. Jacket has creasing along edges, scuffing and scratching, and soiling. Tight binding and clean, glossy interior. Name of previous owner, artist Pete Plastow, in pen on dedication page. Color photography throughout.

This photography book celebrates the cowboys of Canada with eye-catching photos showing wranglers at work through all four seasons. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall; 192 pages. 022645. $40
Frederic Remington: The American West
St. Clair, Philip R.
First Edition in Slipcase
Condition: Fine. Hardcover; First Edition; 1978. Beige cloth boards with brown lettering on cover. No notable defects to boards. Housed in matching clam shell case. Case has mild soiling and shelf wear, otherwise near fine condition. Tight binding and clean interior. Name of previous owner, artist Pete Plastow, in pencil on second free end paper. Includes laid-in card noting this is copy number 438 out of 10,000.

This book showcases the illustrations of famed western artist Frederic Remington. His drawings feature Indians, trappers, cowboys, soldiers, and outlaws and are accompanied by the artist's anecdotes about life in the West. Oblong 4to 11" - 13" tall; 329 pages. 022672. $24
Old Santa Fe Trail: the Story of a Great Highway
Inman, Colonel Henry
Condition: Good. Hardcover; First Edition, Third Printing; 1898. Brown boards with gilt lettering and illustration of cactus and sunset stamped on cover. Gilt lettering and steer skull on spine. Significant wear along edges and hinges; head and tail of spine and corners starting to fray. Some scuffing and scratching to boards. Gutters are cracked, but binding is still fairly tight. Interior is clean except for some mild toning. Features author portrait frontispiece, 8 b&w plates by Frederick Remington, initials and tail pieces by Thomson Willing, and a folding map of the Santa Fe Trail. Map is slightly wrinkled and has small tear on fold, but is still overall in good condition. Howes I-57.

Written by a U. S. Army officer who served under Custer, this history of the Santa Fe Trail was called "truthful" and "thrilling" in the preface by W. F. Cody, who was better known as Buffalo Bill.  8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall; 493 pages. 022638. $25
The Pinto Horse
Perkins, Charles Elliott
Condition: Good. Hardcover; 1937. Tan boards with red lettering and illustration of horse on cover. Faded red lettering on spine. Moderate soiling. Some edge wear, especially on head and tail of spine and corners. Binding is tight. Deckle edges on bottom and fore edge of text block. Interior has some mild foxing and toning. Name of previous owner on first end paper. Features illustrations by Edward Borein, including a color frontispiece and black and white illustrations throughout. Also includes a foreword by Owen Wister, an American writer known as the father of Western Fiction.

Set in Montana and Wyoming in the 1880s, Wister called this novel "the best western story about a horse that I have ever read." 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall; 76 pages. 022636. $35
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