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April 28, 2020
Lunch & Learn: The Psychology of Persuasion
Wednesday, May 6, Noon - 1pm
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The Psychology of Persuasion:
Understanding the Secrets to Motivating Ourselves & Others 

Presented by:    Jennifer Webb

Description:   Influencing ourselves and others to stay inspired and motivated despite constant change and chaos can mean the difference between a successful thriving business or just getting by, between loving work or just enduring it. Research indicates people vote for, buy from and hire based on an intangible essence, they like or trust the person they are dealing with…it’s the chemistry! Effective communication coupled with emotional intelligence is the key ingredient that generates credibility, changes perception and fosters allegiance. And it increases profits, peak performance and helps outperform the competition.

Learning Objectives
Participants will learn techniques to:
  • Build rapport through targeted, insightful questions
  • Create great first impressions while understanding others’ needs
  • Communicate using the power of non-verbal language
  • Build trust and credibility through specific demeanor
  • Handle potential conflict through empathy and dialogue

Target Audience:  business owners, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, managers, professionals, and leadership teams.

About Lunch & Learns
Small business is the strength of our local economy and Chamber. The Chamber is committed to helping ensure business growth for our members and community. These workshops are dedicated to assist in developing and educating our small business owners and their employees on topics such as wellness, social media, strategic planning, websites, career development and more.
Presented by Carr, Riggs & Ingram CPAs
The following is our latest on coronavirus response and news:

  • GIVE YOUR REOPENING FEEDBACK: Last week, Gov. Ron DeSantis charged the Re-Open Florida Task force with providing recommendations on a multi-phased, industry-specific plan for reopening the state for business. The Task Force is delaying submitting the report to the Governor in order to solicit input from Floridians on when and how they think the state should reopen. To that end, the Task Force has created an online portal where it will collect public feedback.

  • DEO REEMPLOYMENT APPLICATION: The DEO has released a new portal to file for Reemployment Assistance (RA). If someone has not completed a paper application, nor completed the online RA application, using the portal is the best way for new RA applicants to apply.

  • LATEST INFECTION RATES: Alachua County now has 254 confirmed positive cases. For more information, visit the City's COVID-19 Dashboard.

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  • See what current policies in place are, including stay-at-home orders and ordinances on restaurant operations.

  • Find out how to be tested for COVID-19.

  • Review economic indicators from this past week to get perspective on the economy.

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The Amazing Power of Kindness—Creating its own New Norm
Jennifer Webb, Magic Communications

Kindness can never be overrated. In fact, it’s contagious both neurologically and emotionally and helps us live from a place of calm and compassion. Yet it’s really easy to get caught up in the frenzy of fear that’s going on all around us isn’t it? All we have to do is stay tuned to any channel longer than three minutes to hear more bad news. 
Here’s what we know too, with research backing this up. When we only focus on the bad news, we’ll simply give ourselves more stress and make it difficult to live with any kind of normalcy or any degree of peace. In order to keep ourselves resilient and healthy (and model that example for family, colleagues and friends) we need to create a different focus, and taking the time to look for examples of kindness all around us is a great way to start.  

Have you seen the school children sewing masks? Strangers shopping for strangers?  What I’ve noticed is people sharing ideas and resources, and reaching out to folks they don’t know that well, just to make sure they’re OK. There’s a great need for kindness right now, whether it’s picking up the phone, smiling at the mail man or shopping for someone who can’t leave home. Kindness really helps kick in the feel-good chemicals that enable us to endure the hardships with a little less stress.

For many, kindness has already kicked in and is creating its own epidemic; seems there is another story emerging from all that we’re going through. People are rethinking how they’ve lived their lives and are reexamining what’s really important, and appreciation, kindness and purpose seem to be the new norm we’re seeing everywhere. If we find one redeeming quality in this virus that has caused so much heartache, this new sense of caring for each other is a beautiful example of all the possibilities to come.

Stay safe, healthy and positive. Helen Keller reminded us Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. And right now we can use all the optimism we can create, don’t you agree?”