Monroe Christian School Society Meeting - Date Change!
Monroe Christian School's annual business (society) meeting has been changed to Tuesday, May 28, at 7:00 p.m. at New Hope Fellowship. 
Current 5 th and 6 th grade parents, we have 8 tickets left to see the Diary of Anne Frank on Thursday at the Seattle Children’s Theater. Tickets are $20.00 each. Please contact Elaine Obbink at by Tuesday, May 7, if you are interested in attending or driving.  

We have ponies, police and fire vehicles, and much more on the way to MCS on June 1st! It is going to be a day of friends, family, and fun! We are looking for additional volunteers and vendors. Do you know someone? Contact:

Meg VandenHeuvel at 
Riley Anderson at
Janet Gjerde at
Elaine Obbink at  
Appointments were e-mailed to you today.
Please reply to Laurie Fielder at as soon as possible. Thanks!
Thank you, Sofia Moro Valdez, for refreshing the planters by the entry way of the school. They are so beautiful!

Thank you TAPP and the parents who support TAPP through purchase of pizza and popcorn. TAPP, on behalf of the students and parents, is acknowledging Teacher/ Staff Appreciation with the following:
  • Monday- flowers
  • Tuesday- coffee from Pilot House
  • Wednesday- popcorn
  • Thursday-an apple and a gift card from Starbucks
  • Friday- Lunch

We appreciate your support! We are fortunate to work in a place that values our work and strives to partner with us to provide the students with a great place to learn and grow!

Thank you, Joe Rodriguez, for teaching the CPR and First Aid training for our staff on Saturday. Your patience and expertise are sincerely appreciated. The MCS staff is re-certified for 2 more years.

Thank you to each of the parents who will be driving on field trips throughout this month. May is a busy time for field trips. Your time and willingness to drive makes field trips possible. Thank you! 
If your child loves art and cares about taking care of God’s creation, this contest might be something to enter. All the information to enter is included in the link below. Have fun! 


"Does Love and Logic work with kids who have special needs?"
My answer to this immensely broad and complicated query typically has two parts.
Yes! Love and Logic works in a wide variety of situations with many types of kids… and adults… because the primary focus is on helping the user remain healthy.
The healthier we remain, the healthier our children and students will become. All kids need positive and calm role models.
The second part of my answer deals with this fact:
Great parents and educators are great scientists.
Successful people use the following steps to determine what will work best with each special child:
1. Make an educated guess (i.e., "develop a hypothesis").
Based on their intuition about what might work best, they begin by experimenting with just one Love and Logic skill. To repeat, they start with implementing JUST ONE SKILL. Perhaps they start with staying calm and repeating, "I love you too much to argue" when their child begins to argue or starts a meltdown.
2. Observe how things go (i.e., "collect data").
As they observe, wise parents and educators remember that things will often look worse when they begin to use an effective skill. Oftentimes, there is a limited period of greater acting out as kids begin to get used to our new style. Please give this observation period at least a week or two to evaluate the effectiveness of this skill.
3. Evaluate the results (i.e., "analyze the data").
Let's say that a parent notices an interesting trend in the data: Her child, who is on the autism spectrum, responds better when she whispers, "I love you too much to argue," than when she says it just slightly louder.
Maybe another parent with a child on the autism spectrum sees that his child responds better when he says no words at all.
Maybe another parent with a child on the same spectrum sees that this technique doesn't work at all.
4. Implement the skill, modify it a bit, or go back to step one.
I humbly submit that no one knows for sure what will work with each unique child with special needs… without running plenty of small and safe experiments.
All in all, Love and Logic has a great track record of working with all kids with special needs. Why?
Because they need lots of loving patience just like the rest of us.
-Dr. Charles Fay