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CFSA Board Approves Resolution to Keep 2018 Workers' Compensation Pool Fees the Same as in 2017 

One of the most important responsibilities of CFSA's board of directors is setting the annual base rates for the fairs' risk-sharing pools.  
This year, during their April board meeting, CFSA's board members were tasked with setting 2018 rates for the Workers' Compensation pool program. (The 2018 rate for the General Liability pool program was set in December 2017.) 

The board asked in-depth questions throughout the presentation of the pool's 2017 actuarial study report and during the presentation of CFSA's 2017 financial audit. After much discussion, the board voted unanimously to keep the rates for the Workers' Compensation pool the same as they were in 2017.  2018 is the third consecutive year for the 5.8% rate, which was reduced from 6% for members of both the Workers' Compensation and General Liability pool programs in 2016, and the seventh consecutive year for the 6% rate that now applies to fairs participating in only the Workers' Compensation pool.  

* Your fair's annual Workers' Compensation pool fees may increase or decrease due to any changes in your fair's gross payroll.

Y o u r  C F S A  P o o l  M e m b e r  B e n e f i t s  a t  W o r k:

CFSA's Proactive, Year-round  Risk Control Program  

More than 38 million people attend fairs and events on California's fairgrounds every year. And, as fairgrounds become more and more engaged with their communities, and as the public's involvement in fairtime and interim event activities increases, so does the potential for risk and risk exposure. In other words: accidents.

As a responsible steward of the fairs' pools and a long-time advocate of the California Network of Fairs, CFSA works diligently to help fairgrounds identify and correct health and safety risks through a comprehensive accident prevention program developed from more than 30 years of on-the-job experience. Best of all, as a pool member, your fair has full access to CFSA's risk control program at no additional cost - saving you thousands of dollars a year! 

Serving as advisors, consultants and educators, CFSA's team of risk control specialists develops customized risk control programs based on your fair's loss/claims history and past facility inspection reports. They have emerging trends covered as well! The specialists spend more than 600 hours each year working on-site with pool member fairs on everything from contract reviews to staff training to premises inspections. They also provide training to help members meet state-mandated training requirements and safety protocols, and award an average of 500 CPR/First Aid and heavy equipment operator certifications a year.  
In addition, CFSA coordinates with other public agencies that regulate public and employee safety on California's fairgrounds, including the State Fire Marshal and the California Department of Industrial Relations Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA). 

Want to know more about the risk control services available to your pool member fair? Please visit CFSA's website at www.cfsa.org and contact your fairground's risk control specialist or Tom Amberson, CFSA's risk department manager, at tamberson@cfsa.org, 916/263-6180.

Use CFSA's Easy Pay Credit Card Program When Signing Up Fair Facility Users for Special Events Coverage 

Did you know that CFSA accepts credit cards for Special Events coverage payments? Your first step is to call Lianne Lewellen, CFSA's risk analyst for a fair ID number. Then, when a vendor or client wishes to pay with their credit card, simply log into the online banking site, input the credit card information and print out a payment receipt. When you go through CFSA's portal, there are no fees for your fair or for the person purchasing the coverage. 
No time to sign into the online banking site during rush periods? Call Lianne at 916/263-6145 and she will take the credit card information over the phone. Again, there are no fees! It's easy, fast and a great convenience to offer your fair's special events clients.

NEW! Now fair staff can fill out and submit a Special Events Receipt directly from CFSA's website. Visit:  www.cfsa.org/cms/special-events-coverage-receipt/. Remember to always provide the purchaser with a copy of the Special Events Program's Evidence of Coverage - there's a link to a printable copy on the online Receipt. If you don't use the credit card program, please remember to send the coverage payment -  before the event takes place -  to Lianne at CFSA, 1776 Tribute Road, Suite 100, Sacramento, CA  95815.   

Kris King, CFSA's Information Specialist Has Retired 

When our printers wouldn't print, our computers stopped computing, or our software shut us out, we all called on Kris King, CFSA's Information Specialist, to get us up and running. Sadly, for us, but happily for her, Kris has retired - her last day in the office was Friday, April 13. 
Kris joined CFSA in March 2003 and all of us who worked with her will definitely miss her knowledge, friendship and sense of humor! In the weeks since Kris informed CFSA of her retirement plans, staff has worked closely with her to develop a plan on the best ways to handle technical support going forward. We want to assure all of the fairs that have worked with Kris in the past that we will be able to help you going forward as well. 

If you have any questions or if you need assistance with your Activity software, please contact Kevin Wright, kwright@cfsa.org or 916/263-6187. 

Priced to Sell!
Hussey Telescopic Riser System 
at the San Mateo County Event Center

Here's your opportunity to get a great sale price on a portable telescopic seating platform with extruded aluminum decking!

Minimum bid $25,000. Originally purchased in 2004 for more than $550,000. 

 Model 9300 features include:
* 11 Seating Rows - 33" row spacing, 9 5/8" rise per row
* Integral Lift Beams and Shelf Dollies for transportation
* Six - 18'0" wide sections without aisle steps
* 12 - 18'0" wide sections with aisle steps
* Steel End Rails, Aisle Rails and Rear Rails
* Eight additional Rail Ends and Sockets
* Marquesa Lana End Curtains added to eight Section Ends
* Rubber Gap Closures between all sections

All risers will need inspection and recertification before use
* Purchaser is responsible for all transportation
* Available for buyer inspection; email Rachael Bruins for an appointment
* For sale by the San Mateo County Event Center

For more information, please contact Rachael Bruins at rbruins@smcec.co
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