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Friday, April 3, 2020
Beloved of God,

I saw a meme on Facebook recently that said: This is the Lentiest Lent I ever Lented. I giggled at it. But in someways it's true. We've been forced to spend time alone, contemplating our own mortality and the mortality of others, relying on God to carry the whole world.

On Sunday we enter what may be the strangest Holy Week any of us have ever experienced. Instead of gathering on Palm Sunday to triumphantly welcome Jesus, to share the Lord's Supper on Maundy Thursday, to solemnly remember Christ's death on the Cross on Good Friday, we will worship from home. We will not be with our community of faith for the most foundational week of our faith lives. This week is why we gather at all - the death and resurrection of Jesus is our center and our purpose. 

And yet, maybe we need a stripped-down Holy Week. Without any of the pomp and ceremony, maybe we can focus only on what really matters: Our Lord, crucified and risen. 

The first Holy Week was one of uncertainty, fear, and anxiety. The disciples didn't know what the future held. They leaned on their faith in God's promises, and they leaned on Jesus' love for them. 

So, we are invited to do the same. Let yourself live Holy Week. Experience it deeply. Let the profundity of Jesus' last days sink into your mind and heart and soul. 

Pastor Sarah 
On our website, we will also have a link (later this weekend) to YouTube. 
DIY Palms 
Use the pattern to the right to create your own palms to wave on Sunday morning. 

Or...there is a long history of Christians waving branches of local flora on Palm Sunday. So head outside and cut a bit of green to wave as you shout, "Hosanna!" 

Due to Governor Walz's "Stay at Home" order, the office is temporarily closed. Our office administrator, Melissa, and Pastor Sarah are working from home.  

We will check messages frequently, so please leave a message at 651-462-5212, and we will get back to you.  You can also email us at or

Check our  website or Facebook for daily updates. 

The building remains closed and all gatherings are temporarily suspended. 

Please take this time to take care of you and your family, and know we are always here for you. 

I'm so grateful to so many of you who have acted - while keeping appropriate boundaries - to make worship and ministry happen for this congregation during the pandemic. I see God at work in you!


Birds are chirping and the sun is out more. Yes!! God is good


Neighbor randomly left 2 loaves of cranberry bread on my doorstep.


Darlene was missing her husband Larry (she lost him 6 years ago).  A friend she had not heard from called her out of the blue, and it was exactly what she needed at that time.  A wonderful example of the Holy Spirit at work.  


Recording "Were You There" with our children for Palm Sunday online worship.


Melissa being willing and able to become a offering counter extraordinaire 

Call for Prayers
Our relationship with the Iringa Diocese is built on the pillars of Prayer, Presence, and Projects.  The practice of mutual prayer, done with and for one another, is an important part of our Bega Kwa Bega companion synod relationship with the Iringa Diocese of the ELCT. As communities of faith around the world grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, let us join our hearts and voices in prayer.
Click here  to submit prayer requests and to read a letter from Bishop  Gaville
ELCT- Iringa Diocese. 

Birthdays and Anniversaries
Staying connected in our church is very important for our congregation.  We are compiling a birthday and anniversary list for all members. Melissa (our office administrator) will be reaching out to you if any of your information is needed. If you have any questions about this project, please email Melissa at

Easter Flowers

We have been in touch with the florist, and we will have a decision this week about the Easter Flowers.  We will make sure that we update everyone at that time.  

Thank you for your patience! 

  • Share your prayers and God sightings here or by email
  • Opt into a once-a-week phone tree or video conference group. 
  • Join in the At Home Faith Formation. Learn more.


More information available under the "News and Events" tab on our website


Flat Jesus: we are inviting you to bring Flat Jesus into your home. We want to see the adventures of Flat Jesus in your home. Click here  to download Flat Jesus. 

We will be watching the adventures of everyone's Flat Jesus here.


We encourage everyone to participate and we look forward to seeing what your Flat Jesus is doing at your house.
At Home Faith Formation

Each week that we are unable to have traditional worship service in the sanctuary, we will have At Home Bible study materials and family activities. 


You will find links to age appropriate materials (Sunday School through Adult), the bible verses, a video of the children's story, and other fun activities on our At Home Faith Formation page


This site will be continuously updated.

At this year's Rocky Railway VBS the message kids will learn  each day is that through life's ups and downs...
Jesus' Power Pulls 
Us Through.

July 27 - 31, 2020
Click here for more information
Building & Grounds 
Spring Cleanup!

Spring Cleanup has been
postponed until further notice.
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Sunday, April 5 (Palm Sunday)
9:00 am      In home worship
Sunday, April 12 (EASTER)
9:00 am      In home worship