Updates for April 3, 2020
Update on Tracking Worship Attendance During COVID-19

Update from the Office of the Secretary: Planning, Research and Evaluation, staff will be working on questions for the 2020 congregational report that will take into account virtual worship “numbers” during this COVID-19 period. We encourage congregations to keep track of the numbers of people who are joining online, separate from their “regular” worship throughout the year, and we’ll hope to find ways to appropriately and consistently capture that data.

New Paycheck Protection Loan Application Released

Last night, the Treasury Department released an updated application for the Paycheck Protection Loan . It’s changed from the one they released earlier in the week. You’ll notice they added a new box for 501(c)3 organizations.

Also, a webinar from the Jewish Federations of North America today indicates that the place to start the process is with the bank that you normally do business.

Your Brain Won’t Work As Well: Tips for Spiritual Leaders during Covid-19

Pastor Emily M.D. Scott, one of our speakers at last year's Rostered Ministers Equipping Event, shares her experience from ministering in New York City during Hurricane Sandy. It's an excellent read on managing our energy and focus.

April Update from Portico Benefit Services

People of God, these are interesting times to be in ministry. As you master many new skills and carry concerns about your people, your church’s finances, and your own family, please know that Portico is here to walk with you. Portico plan members, sign in to myPortico for these timely resources:  

A new hub on myPortico details financial and health resources specifically related to COVID-19, including:
  • updates on how the CARES Act can provide financial relief for congregations
  • telemedicine and emotional health support options for ELCA-Primary and ELCA Medicare-Primary plan members
  • answers about managing or adjusting flexible spending accounts
  • financial resources from the ELCA Retirement Plan Recordkeeping Services Provider, Fidelity

This 16-minute video (filmed March 26) offers:
  • perspective on the investment markets and how we navigate volatility
  • ways to remain emotionally grounded as retirement account balances fluctuate
  • resources Portico offers to help you through these uncertain times

Assistance from Mission Investment Fund/ELCA Credit Union

As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mission Investment Fund ahas resources that can provide much-needed help for customers that may be experiencing financial hardship at this time—the congregations and ministries that have MIF loans as well as individual and congregation investors. The ELCA Federal Credit Union, too, is able to provide similar assistance to its members—ELCA pastors, members, congregations and ministries.

LAMPa Provides Ongoing COVID-19 Updates

LAMPa will share updates as they are received. LAMPa staff continues to work with partners addressing the needs of all Commonwealth people, especially our most vulnerable residents. We hold all of your communities in prayer as we endeavor to respond faithfully to the presence of COVID-19.

Gov. Wolf Signs COVID-19 Relief Bills

Gov. Tom Wolf signed four bills to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in Pennsylvania that bolster the health care system, benefit workers and schools, and reschedule the 2020 primary election for June 2. These bills were passed by the General Assembly following their first-ever remote voting.

FEMA Procurement Training for Houses of Worship

This 1-hour training will help participants understand how to properly contract during emergency or exigent circumstances when using federal funds.

April 7, 9:30 am. Phone Number: 1-888-270-9936 Access Code: 101-7496

Target Audience: State, local, and tribal emergency management personnel, houses of worship, and private nonprofit entities; Public Assistance applicants

Topics include: Sole sourcing under Emergency or Exigency (E&E); additional procurement under grant requirements under E&E; use of pre-existing contracts during E&E

Delivery Format: Online training through Adobe Connect. If you have never used this platform, test your connection in advance: https://fema.connectsolutions.com/common/help/en/support/meeting_test.htm
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