Dear Parents & Students of our LoMastro Performing Arts Academy Family,

Please watch the following video update and reach out with any feedback or questions.

Video Update from Loren - April 20.jpg

Costume Pick-up

Contactless Costume Pick-up is available the following dates and times:

  • Friday, May 1 9:30-12:30
  • Saturday, May 2 9:30-12:30
  • Monday, May 4 9:30-12:30
  • Tuesday, May 5 9:30-12:30
  • Wednesday, May 6 9:30-12:30

To reserve a costume pick-up time, please login to your account. Click on Enroll and enroll your child in a pick-up time slot. The pick-up process will be as follows:

  1. Please arrive in the backlot near the train tracks and park in a designated spot (marked with an orange cone).
  2. Once you've parked, text your child's first and last name and the number of the spot in which you are parked, to 847-687-8131.
  3. Open your trunk and we will place the costumes in your trunk. You will then need to close your trunk.

Digital Recital Opt-in

We are thrilled to offer the option of a Digital Recital! It is our hope that everyone will want to participate but it is OPTIONAL. It is still our intention to hold an in-person Recital when gathering is permitted, however a Digital Recital is a wonderful option to celebrate the culmination of the season during the time of year we would normally do so. Be sure to watch the video message for details. We have contracted a production company to edit and live-stream the event. LoMastro is covering the costs of production however in order to be able to offer a Digital Download to all families the production company requires a $26 media fee per dancer. You will receive an email tomorrow with instructions to opt-in or out of the Digital Recital.

I am looking forward to this opportunity to celebrate our year of dance and hope you will be too!

My best,

Loren LoMastro Specht

LoMastro Performing Arts Academy

Ph: 847-615-5400

Additional information about LoMastro Performing Arts Academy is available at: