KHC April Lender Content Winners

Lender Photo Contest Winner!
Thanks to everyone who participated in Kentucky Housing Corporation's (KHC) Home Office Photo Contest! As always, KHC's lending partners rose to the occasion and the results are in:
Kenneth Prost
Click to enlarge image.
The Winner:
 Ken Prost, Polaris Home Funding Corporation (Pictured to the Right)
Ken won a $50 virtual gift card to Jeff Ruby's  Precinct for his photo with that awesome coffee cup, the Rocky poster, and inspirational quotes.
Honorable Mentions:
  • Best Paper Weight: Rusty Brown, CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC
  • Best Office Assistant: Darrell Devore, Supreme Lending
  • Best View: Jason Justice, First Commonwealth Mortgage
  • Best Pregnancy Announcement: Daniela Brenko, Casa Financial, LLC - Congratulations to you!
  • Best Happy Hour: Phyllis Block, Stockton Mortgage Corporation
Everyone who participated demonstrated what KHC already knew: our partners will continue to provide the best service possible, no matter what obstacle is in your path. Great job to everyone!
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