Response to the Martin Holy Land Trip has been amazing! Our trip website is now active if you wish to register online for this "bucket list" pilgrimage. You may also register over the phone by calling EO at 1-800- 247-0017.

If you are holding off on a final decision for any reason but intend to make the journey, please send me an email for trip planning purposes and so I can include you as study materials are shared.

Your "Vicar"

Tour: HL22 Code: J
Date: 011022
Host ID: 49779
The Way class will NOT meet in person 5/2.
From the Desk of Chris Galloway:
I am currently sending out quarterly giving statements. If you receive giving statements by email, please check your junk box to ensure that your statement did not go there. We have had to change how we are sending emails out of Church Windows (our financial and donation software) and since there is a disparity between the email server domain and the Martin Methodist domain, the mail may sometimes be identified as spam by your email provider. This has happened since the last email distribution of giving statements, so even if you received the last giving statement without issue, you might still have a problem with the new email domain. Please mark the message as “Not Junk” and it should hopefully keep this from happening again.
Thanx for your patience!
Prayer Concerns & Sympathy
Please continue to check the Facebook Prayer Page for daily updates or concerns. To be redirected to the Martin UMC Care Team Prayer Ministry page, click here:

Martin Community:
Jay Bradford, Virginia Browning, Rosemary Dawes, Kristi Easterling, Doris Fash, Rev. Travis Franklin, John Longyear, Susan & Mitch McCumber, Marcie Smith, Suzie Smith, Aaron Stark, Catherine Yoro

Family & Friends:
Ryan Campanaro, Jill Davis, Tanya Deaton, Lee Erickson, Nora Finn, Bonnie Fuller, Rita Morris, D.J. & Lona Rater, Deb Viney, Glendora Waldrup, Jessica Walker, Kathy Walton, Landon Wren and family, Seth Woods

COVID specific prayers:
Joe and Donna Kempf and their son Cliff; Christi Bentley-Jerry Galloway's daughter and Chris Galloway's niece; Denise Foley's stepdaughter, Lisa.

Names remain for two weeks
unless otherwise requested.

Please remember to notify Deanna
regarding any changes to the prayer list.