Tax Decrease Referendum Information

Glen Ellyn School District 41 is seeking voter support of a $24.2 million referendum to eliminate portable classrooms at Hadley Junior High by building an addition, make restroom improvements for ADA accessibility at all schools, create a secure entrance at Churchill School, complete major infrastructure work at all schools, and add a bus lane for the 18 buses at Hadley Junior High School.

Click Here for the Referendum Information website, including FAQs and financial impact information.

Information Sessions
All are welcome to come learn more about the referendum and facilities needs at one of the following information sessions at Hadley Junior High School:

Wednesday, February 22, 7 p.m.
Monday, February 27, 7 p.m.
Tuesday, March 7, 7 p.m.

Tours of Hadley (including portable classrooms) will be available.

Why do we need to replace the 10 portable classrooms at Hadley?

Portable classrooms began arriving in District 41 in 2001. In 2014, the Board of Education voted to invest $14 million to remove portable classrooms at the elementary schools due to safety concerns and loss of academic time when students leave the portables to go to another classroom or to the restroom.

Ten portable classrooms are currently in use at Hadley Junior High School and are deemed a temporary solution by the State of Illinois, create a safety issue, do not include restrooms or running water, are detached from the school building, and will soon be at the end of their useful life.  

With the 10 portable classrooms in place, the functional capacity of Hadley Junior High School is 1,060; current enrollment is 1,187. Even with portables Hadley is currently over capacity.

The district owns the four pack portable classrooms.  The portables were purchased in 2004 and they were built in 1997.  They do not have restrooms/running water.  The district leases the six pack for $55,000 per year; they were installed in 2008.  The district is currently investigating the cost of replacement for the units. If the community does not support the referendum, we will need to continue using portable classrooms at Hadley.

Financial Impact
In 2018, the District will pay off bonds that funded past building projects. This reduction of debt payments gives the community an opportunity to invest the $24.2 million to address some facilities needs at our schools and have a tax decrease  over the taxes paid in 2016.

For example: If a community member pays $8,000 in 2016,
the District 41 debt portion of their tax bill would decrease by approximately $85.

If the referendum does not pass, for a community member who pays $8,000 in 2016, the District 41 debt portion of their tax bill would decrease by approximately $199 on the District 41 debt portion of their tax bill.  

Note: This information is based off of the average tax bill of the five communities District 41 serves (Carol Stream, Glendale Heights, Glen Ellyn, Lombard, Wheaton).

Click Here  for more information about the financial impact as presented by William Blair, Co.