City Council Meeting Including
Peoria COVID-19 Update
Mayor Carlat's opening remarks at April 7, 2020 Council Meeting:

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we continue to maintain our high standards of transparency. Although City Hall has been closed to members of the public, public comment on this agenda has been facilitated thanks to the use of a variety of methods and technology platforms.

Your six Council Representatives are present at this meeting via teleconference.

While it seems - to me at least - that a lot time has passed since we have been entrenched in our new-normal, it has only been about a month. But during this time, we have come to realize what living in a state of emergency means to each of us, on a personal level.

Americans embody a culture on the move. We have always worked hard, played hard and moved fast. Which makes the response of Americans to the corona virus all the more astonishing.

We have gone from moving forward at 100 miles an hour to a full stop. 
It’s incredible! 

Our collective response reflects the intensity of our resilience. It’s all about the choices we make when times are tough. And times are tough right now. Our actions during this time could equate to life or death, and I am thankful for the dedicated and disciplined actions of Peoria residents.

To the families currently dealing with this virus, and those who have lost a loved one, our prayers are with you for strength and healing.

Our courageous first responders and medical personnel - plus all those keeping the food and supplies moving, are true heroes – doing what needs to be done in spite of personal risk. We owe them a huge debt, and we can express our gratitude by continuing to be relentless about doing everything within our power to slow the transmission of this dangerous virus. 

I realize that fighting this pandemic has caused economic hardship to individuals, families and businesses. There are many resources that have been put in place to offer some relief during this time. The City’s website: is a good place to start to learn how to access the resources on both the State and Federal levels. 

I am confident in the strength of our unified dedication to the goal of stopping the spread of Covid-19. I will never underestimate the power of the American spirit.

Together we can - and will - stay strong.
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