April 8 - Yard Debris Pick-up Begins
6 April 2019

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GCA Board of Directors
Spring Yard Debris Pick-up Starts on 8 April
For the yard debris pickup, all branches should be placed at the curb by  7 a.m. on 8 April  with the cut end toward the street. No stumps, dirt, trash, or other yard debris will be collected. Anyone living near a GCA Common Area is invited to bring fallen branches to the curb. 

If your material is not picked up on day one, not to worry, it will take about a week to finish the Glenmore circuit. Remember, there is only one pass per residence and Common Area by the contractor. Please be ready!
GCA Dues Are Past Due
If you have already paid your 1 March 2019 GCA dues, do not respond.

However, if you have not paid ... the GCA spring assessment is now past due. If you haven't received the dues notice or lost it, contact Thelma Washington (of Associa) at 434-984-0700 ext 1 or click email  here.

The GCA assessments are paid in two installments of $510 each. The first installment is due on 1 March, and the second installment is due on 1 September. Assessments paid after 31 March and 30 Sept are late.
Change to the GCA Late Assessments Fee Rate
At the 21 March GCA Board Meeting, the Board approved a resolution and an updated Regulation (2019-01) that increases the assessment late fee rate from 1% to 5%. This rate change is in accordance with the VA Property Owners Association Ac t § 55-513.3. The late fee is applied to delinquent accounts if not paid by day 60 after the due date. Click Here for the Regulation 2019-01 Procedure for Collection of Late Assessments.
GCA Submission Process for Property Modifications
All modifications which impact the exterior of your property, including changes in color schemes, landscaping and tree removal, must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for approval in advance of work commencing.
​If you wish to submit an electronic proposal for modifications to your property, please go to our GCA Web Page and click on the "Property Modifications" tab (click Here). Please allow time for a response from the ARC before starting.
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GCA Concert at the Fields
We're planning a spring music event at the Sports Field. On Friday evening, 10 May, the GCA will provide the music (and sports equipment) at the sports field, and residents will provide lawn chairs, wine, and other beverages for your personal consumption. Just a nice spring outdoor music event with friends and neighbors.

Please mark it on your calendar.
Property Sale Disclosure Packet Inspections - VA State Law
The Virginia Property Owners Association Act (the Act) provides rights to buyers for property that is controlled by a community association. The buyer is entitled to GCA information called out in the Act, and if the information is not received, the buyer has the legal right to cancel the contract (§ 55-509.4) . The Act requires that the GCA provide a physical inspection of the property and the preparation and issuance of a GCA Disclosure Packet as required by § 55-509.5 which states the disclosure packet should contain “A statement that any improvement or alteration made to the lot, or uses made of the lot or common area assigned thereto are or are not in violation of the declaration, bylaws, rules and regulations, architectural guidelines and articles of incorporation of the association.”  Upon request by the seller or the seller’s agent, Associa conducts an inspection of the property, provides a report, and delivers the Disclosure Packet in accordance with the Act. 
To ensure all property exterior issues are considered during the GCA Disclosure Packet Inspection, the GCA is providing an updated checklist for Associa property inspectors which ensures: the property complies with the GCA Covenants & Restrictions and other governance documents; and there are no outstanding actions against the property owner for late assessment payments and liens, architectural issues (e.g., fences around HVAC units), or infractions regarding the GCA common property (e.g., colonization of common areas).

This is an excellent advance checklist for those considering selling their homes. Associa will implement the new disclosure checklist starting 1 June 2019. To view the Disclosure Packet checklist, click Here.
VA Code
Volunteers Needed for the GCA
The new Board is looking for volunteers with special skills such as: landscape architects, architects, civil engineers, communications specialists, deed and title analysts, IT specialists, master gardeners, real estate experts, emergency preparedness planner, and strategic planners .

If you have these skills and want to volunteer, contact Associa's Thelma Washington by clicking Here . Place the words "GCA Volunteers" in the subject line, and state your area of expertise in the body of the email. We'll contact you soon after.
Bocce Ball at the GCA Sports Field
We have a  Bocce Ball court and equipment at the GCA Sports Field. If interested in establishing a tournament, here are the  rules . If you need equipment, its in the equipment shed at the Sports Field. Contact Art Peters at 561-309-9839 for the combination to the sports equipment shed.
House Under Construction
News of Possible "Breezy Hill Development"
Our Scottsville Supervisor, Rick Randolph, notified us that Breezy Hill developers advised the county last month of their intent to apply for a zoning change. The process will involve two public hearings, one with the Planning Commission and then one with the Board of Supervisors. 

Breezy Hill is located east of Glenmore, just past Palmer’s Auto on Richmond Road. The development plans about 195 units. Preliminary site plans are available.
Breezy Hill developers have not submitted their application or final site plan yet. It is unclear if they will wait to see if the election in November might yield a more pro-development Scottsville Supervisor and Planning Commissioner. We will keep you informed of any hearings that are scheduled. 
Watch These Dates
Apr 8: Yard debris collection begins
Apr 18: GCA Board Meeting at 7 PM
May 10: Glenmore Concert at the Fields
May 16: GCA Board Meeting at 7 PM
May 27: Memorial Day