April 2019 - Volume 124
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YOU Could Be Part of the Capital Campaign Video Project
Do YOU Want to Present a Seminar at the 2020 AACA Annual Convention?
Let's Get Social!
Automotive Restoration Summer Camp
AACA Library & Research Center Update: The Antique Road Test
AACA Library & Research Center SALE: Automobile Quarterly Blowout!
Steve Rossi's Old Car Quiz
Hershey Summer Registration Information
Hershey Update on the Red Field South Situation
Member Story: Do You Remember When You First Learned to Drive a Straight Drive
Famous Concept Cars to be at The Elegance at Hershey
Grand Nationals Comes to Auburn - NEW HOTEL!
AACA Zenith Award to be Presented in Auburn
Explore Nebraska During the Founders Tour
Early Tours & Special Activities Lead Up to NJ Nationals
Welcome to Canada, EH
Rolling Through History in the Olde English District and the Carolinas
Congratulations to Our Winners From the Charlotte Show
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It's the Little Surprises
By Stacy Zimmerman, Speedster editor, szimmerman@aaca.org

Spring has finally sprung here in Hershey! The grass is green again, the flowers are blooming and the sun is shining. I don't know about you, but I also get the itch to travel this time of year. I feel like we've been cozy in the garage for the winter and now the garage door is up and it's time to get out and do stuff.
Earlier this month, my husband and I took a trip to San Antonio, TX. We had a great time exploring the city, as well as taking a few day trips. One of the trips we took was to the hill country, which is northwest of the city. It's an area of rolling hills, farms and forests. It's best known for its wineries and German heritage - go figure, in Texas?!
Anyway, one of the things I love about traveling are the little surprises. No, I am not referring to being told that we must valet our car for $22 a day because that is the only parking available at the resort or being delayed 6 hours at the airport because of a freak April snowstorm. (Both happened on this trip.) No, I would consider those BIG surprises! The little surprise that happened on this trip was a winery we found called the Wine Garage. After your wine tasting at the Wine Garage, you got to take a tour of the owner's private collection of collectible cars. (Insert happy dance here.) The photos below are some of my favorites.

Hopefully, you have some trips planned in your near future and you get to encounter some little surprises of your own. If you do and feel like other AACA members would enjoy hearing/seeing them, please feel free to share them with me and I will include them in an upcoming issue of Speedster.
Exclusive to AACA Members, Limited Time, Limited Number

Are you in the midst of a restoration? Do you need a part you just cannot find? Were you thinking of having one cast, machined, 3-D printed or the like? Is the cost prohibitive? Could we talk you into getting this part for FREE? Yes, FREE, NO CHARGE, NO COST, NOTHING, NADA! No, you do not have to do anything illegal to get this deal! You MUST however be a paid, up-to-date member of AACA to participate.

The rest is pretty simple... You must be willing to honestly evaluate the part and report back. There's a little more to it, but essentially this is the idea! If this intrigues you, then standby for a special email blast from AACA and watch our forums for more information. There is a strict time limit to get this opportunity and only 100 members will be selected. We think this is one, if not the most, amazing offers to the car hobby in history, so please do not let it pass you by.

If you are interested in participating, please send an email to parts@aaca.org before May 1, 2019, to receive detailed program information. Please include AMP in the subject line and your AACA membership number, email address and no more in the message. You will be contacted later with further information.

There is no catch! This is a real, legitimate deal backed by nationally known companies and individuals that want feedback from a new manufacturing process that may revolutionize the impossible-to-find parts segment for hobbyists.

YOU Could Be Part of the Capital Campaign Video Project

As you read in the last issue of Speedster, we now own the building and property on Hersheypark Drive that will become our new home sometime next year. Things have continued moving forward - lots of phone calls and meetings with contractors, the project architects and the construction company. There's a little more tweaking and revamping to do regarding the final design and then the renovations will begin.
In the meantime, we are continuing to raise the funds needed to pay for the building facelift. We introduced you to our new capital campaign website last month. We plan to use this site to share information about the project and updates on the progress of the renovations. The site also includes an explanation of why we need a new home and offers easy ways to make a donation.
As part of this capital campaign, we've decided to roll out several videos about why this is so important to AACA and this hobby. We think the videos add a more personal touch to the project. Here are the first two - it will only take you about 5 minutes to watch both videos, so check them out now...

Thanks to the videography and editing skills of Mike Reilly in the AACA Library, we have several more videos planned. Here's where we would like to ask for your assistance... We would love to include as many AACA members in a special video as we can. You can simply shoot your video with your phone or a video camera. And, your video doesn't have to be long - under 5 minutes would be perfect!
Make sure to introduce yourself first (name and city, state) and think about answering any or all of these questions in your video:
1. How did your love of cars begin?
2. When and how did you first get involved with AACA?
3. Why do you love AACA?
4. What does AACA mean to you?
Preferred video format: horizontal/wide screen - NOT vertical; full HD
Video hints/ideas: sit inside or stand next to your antique car while shooting your video; stand in front of your wall of awards/plaques or your trailer that has an AACA logo decal on it; maybe shoot your video at a cruise-in event or car show; make sure you  stand close enough to the camera so that the audio is picked up well enough.
Region/Chapter project: if you have someone who is good with shooting videos on their phone/camera, have them record videos for your members at your next meeting or event.
If you would like to participate, please send a quick email to Stacy or  Mike and we can provide any assistance you need. 

We can't wait to see your videos!

Do YOU Want to Present a Seminar at the 2020 AACA Annual Convention?

Have you ever thought about speaking or putting on a seminar at the Annual Convention? Well, now's your chance! We are looking for unique, new, different seminars to add to the schedule for 2020. If you would like to be a possible speaker, please fill out this form and send it in no later than August 10.
Have an idea for a hands-on workshop? What topics would you like to hear a panel of experts discuss? This is YOUR Annual Convention and we want to know what you want to learn about. Please email Stacy with your seminar ideas and/or speakers (membership, leadership, chapters/regions, marketing, cars, technical, fun, historical, ladies-focused, etc.).

Let's Get Social!
By Megan Boyd, AACA National VP of Social Media, aacameg@gmail.com

I am currently working on a project to identify and link all regions' and chapters' social media pages. If your region or chapter has a Facebook page, Instagram account, Snapchat, YouTube channel or Twitter account, please send me an email ( aacameg@gmail.com) with a link to each of them. Your assistance with this project is greatly appreciated!
If your region or chapter does not have social media pages but would like to, please reach out to me for information on how to get started! My goal is to help every AACA region and chapter "get online" and "be social."

Automotive Restoration Summer Camp
Pennsylvania College of Technology will once again be hosting its Automotive Restoration Summer Camp from June 16-19 for students entering grades 10-12. Space is limited, so make sure to register as soon as possible.
The deadline to register is May 31.
Participants will discover what it takes to return vintage cars and trucks to their former glory while they immerse themselves in the world of automotive restoration. Workshops include sheet metal forming, upholstery, pin striping, paint simulation and more! Participants will get to keep what they create in the metal forming and upholstery workshops. Also included is a field trip to the Eagles Mere Auto Museum, where over 75 cars from the 1950's and 1960's are on display.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email precollegeprograms@pct.edu or call 570-327-4510.

From the AACA Library & Research Center

The Antique Road Test
Talk Show for Antique Car Enthusiasts Utilizes AACA Library
By Matthew Hocker, Assistant Librarian, mhocker@aaca.org 
We can't get enough of automotive history here at the AACA Library. If you are looking for an enjoyable auto history talk show, you might be interested in The Antique Road Test. Hosts Walter Gosden and John Salemmo discuss various topics, from station wagons to mascots and everything in-between.
Several facets of automotive history are discussed in each episode, including styling, innovations and even the perspective from period dealers. Visual examples are provided for context, including examples from the hosts' collections. There are also test drives with cars like a 1939 Packard and 1948 Tucker.
Occasionally, the team consults the AACA Library for resources to help them with their show. Such was the case with a recent episode on legendary designer Amos Northup. The library had a file on Northup consisting of period articles and biographical write-ups. We were glad to help!

While the show airs on TV in Long Island, NY, episodes are available online for anyone to view and free-of-charge. Click here for the full list of available episodes.

The Antique Road Test is created and hosted by Walter Gosden, and it is produced by Jimmy Green for Four Village Studio, a noncommercial "Government Access" television facility. John Salemmo serves as the show's co-producer and co-host.

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 Interested in doing research with the AACA Library?
More information is available on our website.  Visit AACA Library  
or  contact our library director,  Chris Ritter, at  critter@aaca.org  or 717-534-2082.

From the AACA Library & Research Center

AACA Library Epic Automobile Quarterly Blowout Sale!
By Matthew Hocker, Assistant Librarian, mhocker@aaca.org 
Despite being no longer in print, Automobile Quarterly still remains one of the finest automotive publications out there. We have a complete set in our permanent collection and are big fans of Automobile Quarterly's well-researched, in-depth content. Coupled with the indexes, it's a strong reference tool.
The AACA Library also has a surplus of duplicate Automobile Quarterlies from Volume 2 through Volume 41 (and some executive planners), and we are in "spring cleaning" mode. We are selling them for $3.00 each OR 5 for $10.00, plus shipping.
This would be a great way to fill in the gaps for your personal AQ library. Just send us a list of the issues you are looking for and we will pull any remaining issues for you. Quantities are limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. No long-term holds please, as we aim to move these quickly and they are already selling fast!
If you would like to buy issues with specific content, please refer to the indexes available online here.

Buy one or buy them all. If you choose to do in-person pick-up, you can avoid shipping charges. Shipping within the U.S. will be handled via USPS Media Mail, with sample costs outlined as followed:
  • In-Person Pick-Up: FREE
  • 1 book:    $4.27
  • 2 books:   $4.79
  • 3 books:   $5.83
  • 4 books:   $6.35
  • 5 books:   $6.87
  • 15 books: $16.00
  • 29 books: $28.00 (This is the maximum number of Quarterlies we are able to ship in a single box.)
Condition varies from good condition with some wear along the edges to excellent condition. As a general rule of thumb, the later volumes tend to be in the best shape. Due to our pricing, we are not able to respond to condition description requests for specific issues. 
Here at the library, Automobile Quarterly is one of our favorite resources, and we hope to find a good home for every issue. Will it be yours?
For more information, contact Assistant Librarian Matthew Hocker at mhocker@aaca.org or 717-534-2082.

Trivia Question

What is the routinely overlooked, common thread between the City of Detroit and the world's first automobile industry, which was situated in Paris?


or scroll all the way to the end of the 
Speedster to find the answer.

Hershey Summer Registration Information
By R. J. "Mac" MacAdam, Flea Market/Car Corral Registration Chairman,
Hershey Region AACA, fallmeet@hersheyaaca.org

Summer registration is almost upon us for Hershey Flea Market, Car Corral and show vehicles. To acquire space(s), you MUST request a registration card from AACA National Headquarters by using the Activity Card enclosed in the plastic covering of the May/June issue of Antique Automobile magazine. All requested registration cards will be mailed out by the AACA staff the first week of July.

With a show as big as Hershey, there are a lot of moving parts for our region volunteers to coordinate. Please help us by reviewing this important information:

1. You can also request Awards Banquet tickets, Ladies' Luncheon tickets and antique car trailer parking by submitting the Show Car/Special Events registration card.

2. You must return the completed registration card and check to Hershey Region. There will be a pre-addressed envelope enclosed in the packet that you request from National Headquarters. PLEASE read all of the information that accompanies your registration card(s).

3. Cards/Checks not signed will be returned for signatures and could jeopardize your request for space(s).

4. If you have a special location request, you should send a note along with your Flea Market/Car Corral registration card. Spaces are assigned by the postmark on the envelope. You can ask for your check to be returned in the event we cannot fulfill your request. If you will accept spaces anywhere, you need not send any note. (Please DO NOT write notes on the registration cards).

5. Please read ALL accompanying information that will be enclosed with the registration card(s) you receive from National Headquarters. Your signature on the card confirms you have read, understand and will obey AACA and Hershey Region rules and regulations.

6. Please pay close attention to the firm postmark deadline of August 15th on the registration card. We need ample time to make assignments, enter the data and send the information to our printer. There is a very short lead time to accomplish this task.

7. FOR SHOW CAR REGISTRATION ONLY: You may register online at www.aaca.org after July 1. You must print the registration form and submit it along with your check to Hershey Region AACA, PO Box 305, Hershey, PA 17033.

8. TO RESERVE & RENT A SCOOTER OR GOLF CART: ScooterBug has been contracted for the 2019 Eastern Fall Nationals to provide pre-reserved, single passenger ECVs and double passenger golf carts for those guests who have a valid, state-issued handicapped placard in the state in which you reside. Guests can pre-reserve this mobility equipment starting on June 1st at 9:30 a.m. Please log on to www.scooterbugmobilityrentals.com/AACA or call 800-726-8284 option 1 for details on how to pre-reserve your mobility equipment. Limited number of scooters and carts available!

9. YES, YOU CAN BRING YOUR OWN SCOOTER: Personal electric mobility vehicles are authorized, however they must be registered on site at one of the three registration areas. More information will be available in the literature you receive with your registration card. NOTE: Personal mobility vehicles are NOT registered by ScooterBug personnel.

10. SALES TAX LICENSE: If you do not have a sales tax license, you can apply online here or call 717-783-1405. IMPORTANT: Do not wait for your tax license number to arrive. Send your flea market registration card and check to us at the Hershey Region and simply write "applied for" above the Tax ID spaces on the registration card.

Hershey Update on the Red Field South Situation
By R. J. "Mac" MacAdam, Flea Market/Car Corral Registration Chairman, 
Hershey Region AACA, fallmeet@hersheyaaca.org

As many of you know, the Red Field South will be closed for the 2019 Eastern Fall Nationals in order to accommodate the staging of the construction equipment for the Hersheypark expansion project. We have just completed all the relocation assignments. 

Due to the many back-to-back spaces involved, we are using 80 car corral spaces (which will be designated PTA thru PTE) and part of the tram spine starting at Tram Circle (which will be designated TTA) in order to accommodate everyone. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, vendors in those areas will return to their previously-held spaces in the Red Field South for the 2020 Eastern Fall Nationals. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at fallmeet@hersheyaaca.org .

Promote AACA Membership at Your Spring Events 
With These FREE Marketing Pieces

These fun 1964 Mustang car cutouts were especially designed for AACA Regions and Chapters. They list membership benefits on the front and the back has a short message with plenty of space for Regions and Chapters to put their local contact information and website. 
These brochures focus on all of the benefits of belonging to a local AACA Region or Chapter. The photos are engaging, the text clear and concise, and the design professional. The front of the brochure contains an area specifically for you to adhere a label with your local region or chapter's contact information.
These two items make great handouts at cruise nights, car shows, touring events or when any opportunity arises to promote your club. Keep some in your glove box and when you see someone with an AACA eligible car, talk to them about joining. Leave one on their windshield or seat. Help us get the word out about the best value in the car club kingdom!
These cutouts and brochures are FREE and available from AACA National Headquarters. Ask your region president or membership secretary to order some today. Call us at 717-534-1910 or email Karen.
Thank you to all of our members for 
continually promoting AACA!  

Member Submitted Story 

Do You Remember When You First Learned to 
Drive a Straight Drive (Manual Shift Automobile)?
By Sharon Lee, Travelers Rest, SC, sllee@mindspring.com

With all the talk about how we can get youth involved in the antique automobile hobby, I was wondering if you remember the first time you drove a car that was not an automatic? My father, a truck driver, thought all of us needed to know how to drive a manual shift with a clutch before we took our driver's license test.
Last July, my sister, her daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter Marie came to visit us from St. Charles, Missouri. My niece had always told me that she wanted one of our antique cars if we ever decided to part with them. Her daughter, Marie, (my great niece) entered into the conversation while looking at the cars. She immediately chose one that she was interested in, but the only trouble was she could not drive a manual transmission.
Leonard had already allowed her father to take a drive in the 1940 Ford 4-door and upon returning from a short drive, he told Marie to hop in and he would take her for a spin. We all drove to a local school parking lot. Leonard then asked me and Marie's father to step out of the car and for Marie to get under the wheel. He was going to teach her to drive a straight drive!
One lap around the parking lot and she quickly was able to "feather the clutch," stop and start again and maneuver through all the gears. It was amazing to see her learn so quickly, as she had only gotten her driver's license two months earlier in an automatic.
You can see by the pictures we took that she was excited to have this experience and said now she could pick an antique vehicle as her favorite and would be able to drive it.
Everyone keeps saying let a young person sit in your car. Many articles have been written about how we first became interested in antique automobiles and when we first joined AACA. If you have the patience and ability to work with young people as Leonard does, we may just get a few more young people to join in the fun of driving our cars from yesteryear.

Share Your Stories in Speedster

We want to hear from you! We are always looking to feature articles from AACA members in Speedster. We'd love to share your personal accounts of tours and shows you have attended, restoration projects, unique vehicle stories and history, and any other stories you think other AACA members would enjoy hearing about.
Stories should average about 500 words or less. And, we love photos, so make sure to include some! Please send your photos and stories to Stacy Zimmerman at szimmerman@aaca.org.

Famous Concept Cars to be at The Elegance at Hershey
Photos courtesy of GM Design Archive & Special Collections, General Motors LLC

The Elegance at Hershey, a world-famous Concours d'Elegance, proudly announces the first-ever showing at our event of two very famous and important concept cars from the collection of General Motors. Through the courtesy of the General Motors Heritage Center and GM Design, these two magnificent automobiles will be on full display Sunday, June 9, in the Italian Gardens in the rear of the equally famous Hotel Hershey in Hershey, Pennsylvania. This will be a rare opportunity for car aficionados to get an up close and personal look at two of the cars that have influenced designers over the years.
The 1951 General Motors LeSabre show car wowed audiences when introduced as it was the first concept car produced by the GM Styling Section following WWII. Combining functional styling and advanced engineering, it has been a favorite of car buffs from the beginning and still is today.
The LeSabre reflected GM Styling Vice President Harley Earl's fascination with the sleek designs found in high-performance aircraft of the day. Lightweight materials were used throughout the car and the 201.87 inch long car was carried by a supercharged V-8 engine.
A unique feature of this car is the two rubberized 20 gallon gas tanks - one to hold gasoline, while the other held methyl-alcohol. The alcohol gave the car additional power after the accelerator pedal was pushed beyond the half-way position. The engine is only 215cid supercharge, but puts out 330hp with the help of the alcohol. Another unique feature and an industry first is the wrap-around windshield, which became very popular in subsequent GM models. When introduced, electric windows and a built-in hydraulic system enabled the car to be lifted to change a tire! This car has to be seen as the list of other notable features is extensive and, of course, the design of the car could not be more dramatic!
The second car to join us at The Elegance is the 1959 Cadillac Cyclone, which must have influenced a lot of "far-out" designs and one could almost see this car being used in a TV show like the Jetsons, minus the wheels! Its canopy is also reflective of airplanes as both the driver and passenger have a 360 degree view of the surroundings. The canopy is stored under the rear hatch and flips 180 degrees to cover the passenger compartment. It is no longer power-operated, due to safety concerns.
The Cyclone was a major engineering achievement, as well as being a dramatic styling exercise. It not only had the power canopy, but a device that would scan the road and let the driver know if there was a foreign object on the road. The doors would open electronically, allowing them to be slid back for easy entrance. (The doors are no longer power-operated.) There is an intercom system for the driver and passenger to talk with people outside of the car when the canopy is up, and the instruments are designed very similar to an aircraft.
A 325hp V-8 engine is nestled in the nose of the car with an unusual feature of the exhaust routed just ahead of the front wheels. It also has a transaxle. Another feature to note is that the headlights are power and flip up 180 degrees from under the front grille to sit out in front of the front cowl facing forward. This car made its debut in February 1959 to much acclaim.
A unique feature of The Elegance at Hershey is that this show does not rope cars off. You will have a fascinating opportunity to really get to see these 2 special cars and an expected 73 other magnificent automobiles up close and personal.

Join us for one day or the entire weekend! Here's a quick list of the weekend's events so you can plan your visit:
  • The Grand Ascent - June 7 & 8, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.; $10 tickets per person, vintage race car hill climb & ride-alongs!
  • Cars & Coffee - June 8, starting at 8 a.m.; $10 per person, no pre-registration required, bring YOUR car!
  • Concours d'Elegance - June 9, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.; $40 tickets per person, garden party with the finest cars you will ever see!
(Children 15 and under are free to all events.)
The  Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), the  AACA Library & Research Center and the  AACA Museum are the beneficiaries of this extraordinary automotive event weekend. Tickets for all events are available onsite or can be purchased ahead of time online. 

Member/Region/Chapter Spotlight

Does your Region or Chapter have a member 
that deserves the spotlight?
Has your Region or Chapter done something 
special or unique lately?
If so, we want to hear about it! Simply  email Stacy  150 words or less describing why or what and include 1-2 photos. We will then share them with everyone in Speedster.
Grand Nationals Comes to Auburn
Annual Grand Nationals
Auburn, IN
May 30-June 1, 2019
Registration Deadline: May 10
We are back in Auburn again and this year there is much to talk about! First, we are excited to join forces with the Rolls-Royce Owners Club (RROC) in our first ever joint national show. The leadership of RROC and AACA are offering members a great opportunity to experience more classic cars and allowing those who are members of both clubs to be judged by both clubs on the same day! This should be a real treat for everyone and expand the size and breadth of the show.

There is a flea market and car corral at this event as well. And, you will definitely not go hungry as there are plenty of food vendors onsite.

Both Friday and Saturday, the 16 vehicles vying for the Zenith Award will be on display in the Cord Building. Do not miss seeing these best-of-the-best cars! Special judges for this year include editors from Hemmings, Old Cars Weekly and Autoweek!

Friday night we will have a terrific concert FREE to all members of RROC and AACA.The  Van-Dells show band is a well-known show band that has performed throughout the country and on cruise ships! 

Thanks to RM Auctions we will be again treated to FREE entrance and bidder passes to their spring auction during our show.  This auction will be four days long beginning on Wednesday and includes two days of memorabilia and signs through Thursday.

Parking for trailers will start on WEDNESDAY. It will be across the street again on a hard surface and you will be able to drive underneath the highway to get to RM.
Many hotels in the area are at capacity already, so you will want to make your reservations ASAP! Rooms are now available here:
Hilton Fort Wayne (downtown, only 20 minutes away)
1020 S. Calhoun St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802
260-420-1100, reference AACA and code "AGN"
$129 per night (until May 8)
AACA Zenith Award to be Presented in Auburn
The second year of competition for the AACA Zenith Award has concluded. As many of you know, three years ago we inaugurated a new award designed to pick the best of the best cars in a similar fashion as the street rod hobby does with the Ridler Award. Trying to find one car out of thousands as a winner is a very tough job, but we felt it was important for our hobby to get a car recognized universally in this fashion.
This year, the selection process at each of the eight national shows was typically very competitive. To accomplish this task, two nominations from each 2018 AACA national show were brought forward for a total of 16 vehicles that will be on display in Auburn, Indiana, during our 2019 Grand Nationals. On Friday, May 31, these cars will be judged beginning at 10:00 a.m.
A team of AACA Senior Master Judges, along with four guest judges, will spend a day evaluating all of the vehicles. The four extra judges were brought into the mix to provide a greater spectrum of thought and include Mark Lizewskie, Executive Director of the Rolls-Royce Owner's Club; Richard Lentinello, editor of Hemmings Classic Car; Graham Kozak, Autoweek magazine features editor; and Angelo Van Bogart, editor of Old Cars Weekly. Because of the combined years of experience and background of these judges, we believe we will offer our finalists the most complete and fair judging possible.
The cars will be on display beginning Friday morning in the Cord Building at Auburn Auction Park. The award ceremony is still being finalized, but we expect it will happen Friday at some point late in the day. Please feel free to view the cars (which will also remain inside on Saturday), but give the judging teams a wide-berth so they can complete their assignments.
Good luck to the 16 nominated vehicles and their owners!

Explore Nebraska During the Founders Tour
Founders Tour
Seward, NE
June 2-7, 2019
Registration Deadline: May 10
Join the Nebraska Region as they host this year's Founders Tour!  Highlights include:
  • Genoa Indian Industrial School
  • Horn T Zoo
  • Andrew Jackson Higgins National Memorial
  • Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center
  • Nebraska City Museum of Firefighting
  • Arbor Lodge Home of J. Sterling Morton
  • Freighter Museum
  • Kregel Windmill Factory Museum
  • Museum of Firefighting
  • Wyuka Cemetery
  • Mayhew Cabin & John Brown's Cave
  • Crete Benne Museum
  • Homestead National Monument
  • Clayton Museum of Ancient History
  • Reinke Manufacturing, Deshler
  • Speedway Museum of American Speed
  • Final Banquet
  Questions? Contact Tour Chairman Myron Smith at 402-475-5563 or nebraaca@gmail.com.

Early Tours & Special Activities Lead Up to NJ Nationals
Eastern Spring Nationals
Parsippany, NJ
June 26-29, 2019
Registration Deadline: May 26
The New Jersey Region AACA, host of the 2019 Eastern Spring Nationals, welcomes you to "Cats & Dogs 2019." 

You will want to arrive early for this one! While the car show, judging and awards banquet all fall on Saturday, there are so many great tours and activities planned in the days leading up to Saturday that you will not want to miss a minute of it!

Wednesday: Early Bird Tour to Washington's Headquarters & Jockey Hollow
Thursday: Gary Mahan Collection Tour
Friday: Membership roundtable, Judging School, buffet dinner and tour of the Herb Singe Museum Collection
Saturday: Show Day!

EASY ACCESS TO SHOW FIELD: Located within a large corporate park, the host hotel is surrounded by parking lots to service the adjacent office buildings. The show field is located just across the parking lot in a beautifully landscaped parking lot with attractive separations between rows. All areas are paved and clearly marked. Wide spacing is being provided with one and one half parking spaces for each car.
TRAILER PARKING: All within sight of the hotel, all trailer parking is located on paved parking lots with 24 hour security provided by the corporate park. Entry to the corporate park can be made from any of three sides, all wide roads, two of them being highways Route 10 and 202.

Questions? Contact Event Chairman Wayne Tuck at 609-240-1561 or rwtuck@comcast.net.

If you have requested registration materials for this event and have not received them yet, please call us immediately at 717-534-1910.

Welcome to Canada, EH!
Vintage Tour
Kingston, Ontario
August 4-9, 2019
Registration Deadline: May 31
Come join us for six days of touring through Canada. The tour will be based in the historic city of Kingston at the head of the St. Lawrence River on Lake Ontario.

All profits raised will go to the AACA Library & Headquarters building fund.

This tour is limited to the first 55 historically correct vehicles from 1931 or earlier.

All American citizens will need a passport or passport card to cross the border. Click here for more information on this.

Questions?  Contact Tour Chairman Joe Konarowski at 905-987-5552 or Joe_trucks@yahoo.com OR Registration Chair Lynne Konarowski at 905-987-5552 or lynnekonarowski@yahoo.com.

Rolling Through History in the Olde English District and the Carolinas
Revival AAA Glidden Tour
Rock Hill, SC
September 22-27, 2019
Registration Deadline: June 30
The Hornets Nest Region AACA will host the 2019 Revival AAA Glidden Tour in the Rock Hill, SC/Charlotte, NC, area. 

This tour is limited to 125 pre-1943 historically correct vehicles. 

There will be many attractions of the Old English District of upper South Carolina. More Revolutionary War battles were fought in South Carolina than any other colony and many of them were in the seven counties (Chester, Chesterfield, Fairfield, Kershaw, Lancaster, Union and York) known as the Olde English District. The battles and the similarity to English town names give the north central area of the state its name. 

Touring will include Kings Mountain National Military Park, living history sites, exploring our country's past and present, Stowe Botanical Gardens and a restored mill in Lincolnton, North Carolina. Also planned is a visit with the Anderson automobiles originally made in Rock Hill.

Questions?  Contact Tour Chairman Phillip Cole at lakeholme@att.net or 704-577-8576.

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May 30-June 1, 2019
Grand Nationals - Auburn, IN
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Trivia Answer TriviaAnswer

Coincidentally, the common thread between Detroit and Paris is that they were both founded by the French! 

Detroit, of course, would go on to ultimately take over Paris's early position as the world's "Motor City."

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