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April 2022
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A Whole New Field of Opportunity
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April is Here!
Spring is here, and we are so excited to share what’s blooming at Limoneira! Hint: it’s all things citrus! Plus, we have a lot of other things that are blossoming to share with you – including new DIY tricks, a whole new innovative way of farming (sustainably!), and ways you can be sustainable at home with citrus from Limoneira. So many fun tips, tricks, videos and behind-the-scenes scoop to share – especially important as Earth Day is just around the corner. Let’s dig in!
Limoneira's Latest
Limoneira’s John Carter, Vice President of Sales, has just returned from Southeast Produce Council’s annual Southern Exposure where he was showcasing all of Limoneira’s One World of Citrus items. He was thrilled to talk about specialty citrus—Pink, Meyer, and Seedless lemons – and excited to report that the citrus category has seen a big increase in shopper interest. He attributes this excitement to health awareness and adventurous home-cooks who are seeking new and creative ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into their meals.

John said how great it was to be in person once again, also sharing ideas on how Limoneira helps consumers with unique programs such as Limoneira’s The Produce Department is Nature’s Pharmacy.

John explains, “Our free app shows shoppers how easy and inexpensive it can be to turn your produce aisles into a pharmacy by identifying fruits and vegetables that can then turn into healthy and delicious meals for their lifestyles.” Sounds like something you might enjoy, too, so download the Nature’s Pharmacy app here now!
Speaking of tradeshows, be sure to come say hi and check out our booth at these upcoming April shows:
April 5th-7th | Montreal, Quebec
Booth #219
April 6th – Anaheim, California
Booth #526

Viva Fresh Produce Expo
April 21st-23rd | Grapevine, Texas
Booth #910
A Whole New Field of Opportunity
Wait just a minute – lemons in a field of trellises? YES! Edgar Gutierrez, VP of Farming Operations, takes Living Local through the fields of Limoneira and explains how Limoneira is breaking barriers and trying new sustainable methods that are rare and innovative. Limoneira is testing out a new way to grow sustainably, while maximizing its space in its orchards by growing lemons on trellises – creating a fruit wall! This is an innovative way to conserve space, maximize all resources, and create new ways to produce healthy lemons sustainably. Lemons will be growing in one full vertical axel until they grow horizontally across a designated line, with the lemons creating a hanging wall of lemons across the field. Edgar explains how it’s important to test new scenarios to conserve the environment and maximize natural resources. So, we’ll keep checking back to see how this is going, and these trees will start bearing fruit in a couple of years. Hear and see what this looks like in this new video above!
Peel the Power - Sustainable Power!
Megan Roosevelt, aka Healthy Grocery Girl, talks about sustainability, giving us THREE amazing and easy tips to make our lives a bit more ‘sustainable!’ But first, did you know that Limoneira has 7 solar installations across the company? This is creating efficient energy for the ranch, packing house and continues to put Limoneira at the forefront of being a sustainable agribusiness. But that’s not all that makes Limoneira a leader in sustainability! Limoneira has a natural gravity-fed Wastewater Treatment System that processes over 30 million gallons of water annually! The recycled water is currently used for landscape irrigation.

But what can you do to be more sustainable at home? Check out this video that shares how! See how easy adding citrus peels to your garden soil will enrich your flowers or plants by adding potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus to the soil – not to mention keep the bugs and pests away naturally! Also, see how citrus and salt can clean your ceramic bakeware, kitchen counters, and so much more. Plus, add lemon halves to a boiling pot of water, add in those dingy white clothes, and let them soak overnight. VOILA! You’ll have brighter whites in the morning – sustainably! For these details see the video from Megan above! 
Green Waste Recycling Facility
Did you know Limoneira has a Green Waste Recycling Facility that turns green-waste into nutrient rich mulch?!⁠ Our 10-acre facility on Limoneira property receives over 200 tons a day of organic green waste that would otherwise be transported to landfills.⁠ Landfill gases, such as CO2 & methane influence climate change, and we recognize that we have an important role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, so we are rolling up our sleeves to make a difference! We use this mulch to then reduce the use of water, herbicides, and fertilizers. We love doing our part! Check out the facility in this video that we made for Global Recycling Day, which was on March 18th. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to make sure you see our latest videos the moment they are released!
DIY for Spring!
What’s up, Doc? The perfect adorable DIY spring gift for any “bunny” or just because! Grab those sweet Clementines and roll them up into these adorable “carrots” for a healthy and festive sweet snack this spring! Tuck ‘em in an Easter basket or just have them out on display, your little bunnies will love ‘em, and you will, too! Check out this video for the scoop.
Featured Recipe
Grapefruit has never tasted so sweet! These slices of citrus heaven are the perfect snack or topper to satisfy a sweet ‘n sour craving. Check out this easy recipe that offers fresh, delicious citrus in every bite!
Baa-Baa Cute Sheep!
Say hello to these adorable six Shetland Sheep and awesome Miniature Ram!⁠ We are thrilled to report that more babies are on the way this spring! The sheep provide a sustainable means of controlling vegetation in the solar orchard. So, while these beloved sheep munch on vegetation and have the happiest days here, they are also helping to sustainably maintain Limoneira’s ranch!⁠ You can’t say baaaaaaah to that! 
What in the World?
WHO’S EGG-CITED about the Easter Bunny?! If you are, then we have the scoop for you! The Easter Bunny is getting ready to hop all over the world and you can watch it on this Easter Bunny Tracker! Delivering eggs, chocolates and special little goodies, this energetic bunny might be heading right to you, too! You can see his trail from one part of the globe to the other, and your kiddos might enjoy knowing where he’s hopping to next! Check it out on the Easter Bunny Tracker, play Easter Games, see the Candy-Meter, and learn all about Easter Island and more! So, if you want to know where he is, and when you’ll see your house on his path, then hop on over to the website now! 
Winner of the Month
Nice to meet you, Norma Bancroft from Moravia, New York! We have selected you as our Subscriber of the Month and want to thank you for being here with us! We hope you’re staying warm and that spring is coming ‘round out East soon! In fact, we hope you all are ready for some sunshine and warmth, and we’d love for you to include Limoneira in your spring season. We are always here for all of your citrus needs, and especially just to keep a smile on your face. Happy Spring! 
See you next month.
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