News from Monona Public Library — March 25, 2021
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Take a look at our calendar to see all the great things we have planned for National Library Week at Monona Public Library!
Browse the fantastic books about books and libraries that we have in our special National Library Week digital book display! Click on a book and place a hold to pick up some of these, or others by the same author or on the same subject. Need help placing holds? Email or call the library for assistance.
Online event: Register here
Learn about and develop skills in self-compassion and mindfulness through guided exercises and dialog with certified therapist, Cedarose Keeley of My Kindness Therapy. Using self-compassion and mindfulness skills in daily life can increase feelings of care, warmth, and joy. 
Online event: Register here
Celebrate National Library week with a very book-ish Creative Quarantine! Learn about bookbinding and create your very own book!
Online event: Register here
Allison Stoffel of Copper Ridge Dog Training will be leading us in a fun, interactive program for the entire family! You’ll learn all about body language and how to build your dog’s confidence. Then you’ll learn some fun new tricks that both you and your dog will love showing off in no time.
Friday Morning Book Group
The Friday Morning Book Group is online! The program focuses on thought-provoking and enjoyable reads in a variety of genres, including both fiction and non-fiction. This is a casual, drop-in group, so please join us when you can! This book discussion will take place on Zoom. Regular print, large print, and book on CD copies will be available at the library one month before the book discussion.

Every Third Friday, 10-11:30 am
Tax Forms
The Monona Public Library will begin having tax forms available for the public via curbside pickup starting Monday, February 1. Forms available are listed below. Those forms that are listed without “print” next to them will be available on a cart under the overhang during the library’s curbside hours. Forms with “print” next to them are available but you will need to call the library and ask staff to put them out on the table for you when you arrive. 

Not all forms are available for order. Forms that are not generally used will not be made immediately available. Please contact the library to see when you can receive one of those forms for pick-up. This will take time to do, so please call ahead before leaving your home to make these requests. 

Please note: We will put out the forms that have shipped and we have received starting February 1, but some forms will arrive later. We ask that you call ahead and see if we have the forms you need available ahead of time. 

The forms available:
  • Federal
  • Federal Packet 1040 and 1040-SR
  • Instructions for above
  • Spanish version Packet 1040 and 1040-SR
  • Instructions for Spanish version
  • Reproducible copies binder (This will include the supplemental forms that we will print ahead of time)
  • Schedule 1 (Print)
  • Schedule 2 (Print)
  • Schedule 3 (Print)
  • Schedule 8812 (Print)
  • Schedule A (Print)
  • Schedule B (Print)
  • Schedule C 
  • Schedule D (Print)
  • Schedule E (Print)
  • Schedule EIC (Print)
  • Schedule F
  • Schedule H  
  • Schedule R (Print) 
  • Schedule SE  (Print) 
  • State
  • Form 1 - Form - Resident Income Tax
  • Form 1 - Instructions - Resident Income Tax
  • Schedule AD - Additions to Income
  • Schedule AD - Instr - Additions to Income
  • Schedule SB - Subtractions from Income
  • Schedule SB - Instr - Subtractions from Income
  • Schedule H/H-EZ - Booklet - Homestead Credit (incl Rent Certificate)
  • Rent Certificate for Homestead Credit Claims
  • Schedule WD - Schedule - Capital Gains and Losses
  • Schedule WD - Instructions - Capital Gains and Losses
Online event: Register here
Join our Virtual Roblox Club to bring your friends to a virtual space to play, or meet new friends during the program!

Roblox is a free, online game that teaches kids STEM skills and also encourages collaboration among friends.
Online event: Register here
Freeplay of Minecraft with fellow library-goers! Our server already has a lot of really cool creations--join us to build your own!
Online event: Register here
Learn about the origins of Bubble Tea (Boba Tea) that originated in the 1980s in Taiwan, and make your own! Kits with video instructions can be picked up via curbside pickup on April 27.

Ingredients will include some milk-based products for those who are allergic/sensitive!
Teen Virtual Hangout - Every Tuesday @ 3:30 - 4:30
Connect to Discord and hang out with Tiffany, the Teen Librarian. Let’s play a game online together (I've got a few up my sleeve...) If you don't have access to our Discord channel, please email Tiffany at:
National Library Week: Author Visit with Mistofer Christopher!
Online eventRegister here
A Book Calls: How did Mistofer Christopher's book “Talk About The Monster” come to life? The actual process and mechanics of creating a book. Behind the scenes presentation from the start to the completion of a book. Rough drafts, pictures, sketches, includes a reading of the book and interactive exercises for kids. Facebook Live event for Monona Public Library!
Online eventRegister here
Each month we have ideas for self-directed activities with a visit from a local nature activity center. This month we will discover fishing around Monona/Madison with Noah Humfeld.
Monday, April 19
Read with Me!
Read out loud to a real dog. One to one reading experience. Register here for a
15 minute slot, 4:30 - 5:30PM
Ask for a craft bag, first come, first served, when you drive up for Curbside Pickup. Bag includes online links to project suggestions.
Free! No checkout needed.
Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 10:30
Via Facebook Live on Monona Public Library's main Facebook Page. Enjoy storytimes with Angelika as she reads books, sings songs, and shares early literacy tips.
The Online Version
April 17th and May 15th at 10:30am
Fun Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math tailored activities for children in Kindergarten - 5th Grade! Pick up supply kits the week before the program during curbside pick up hours on a first come, first served basis. Check the Monona Library YouTube page for STEAM ideas.
Kids Naturally Newsletter Deborah Proctor, Wisconsin Master Naturalist, shares tips and ideas in a monthly newsletter on how to unplug your children and grandchildren and get them into the great outdoors where they can learn naturally. Check "Kids Naturally" on the Children's webpage.
Take a look at our Digital Story Room! There are lots of treasures. Click on some of the things in the room and see what you can find! Click on Big Bear for a book reading by a kid!
Adults, Children, Tweens, Teens, and Families! Our service model has shifted to provide virtual programming for all ages. Here are ways to connect with us online:

You do not need a FB account to watch FB videos on the Monona Library page. Hover over and click on the "Following" button. Under "Notifications" click the edit button. Under "Live Videos", select "All Live Posts."

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